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Boveda Humidipak 62

Say goodbye to fluctuating humidity inside your storage containers and the CVault containers in particular. The Boveda Humidipak 62 keeps the relative humidity of the air at 62% by adding or removing moisture. There are no chemicals in the Boveda humidity packs; the contained elements are completely natural and food-safe: Salt and purified water. No maintenance or refilling required.

Boveda Humidipak 62
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62% comme jamais
Je m’en sert pour une cave à “cigare 😉 ” est j’ai toujours 62 % d’humidité ça fait 1 mois 1/2 que je m’en sert, je suis actuellement satisfait.

Très utile pour garder une grande partie de sa consommation au placard.

Werkt perfect
Deze humidipaks maken het vuren een stuk makkelijker. Perfecte resultaten!

Awesome for people who are looking for a guarantee for their herbs to kept fresh for a long time

Cave à weed
Et oui, j’utilise le boveda humidipak 62 avec le conteneur de stockage cvault et cela me donne l’effet d’avoir une cave à weed. Elle est un peu plus humide que dans un bocal mais quand même fumable. C’est le goût qui est vraiment différent, plus riche, plus complexe. C’est génial .

Amazing product !
Love it

Klasse Produkt
Ideal für die Vorratshaltung..

A must have for all

The essential product for curing stage!
Every serious grower should have a surplus of these, they work better when you use them more than min. amount recommended. MUST HAVE for curing. In case they start feeling rough around the edges eventually, you can refill them with distilled water at your own discretion, take care not to overfill them since that can result in an inaccurate performance of humidipak at 66-67% RH as it happened to me or anything above advertised 62%. Of course this may take a bit of a practice but once you master the refilling of your bovedas you are good to go for some time. Make sure you measure RH with your humidor sensor every time you refill your boveda. (you can’t refill them indefinitely though) The essential product for every passionate grower!

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As a cannabis enthusiast, you know that nothing is worse than smoking old, dry, and brittle herb. Improperly stored weed loses flavour and potency, and will often make for an outright awful smoke over time. But how can you keep your weed fresh for a longer period? Find out about the best ways to store your stash!

The Boveda Humidipak 62 keeps the relative humidity of the air at 62% by adding or removing moisture. No maintenance or refilling required.