illadelph ash catchers for sale

Illadelph Micro Mini Ash Catcher


Check out the miniest of the accessories now available from Illadelph Glass, the micro ash catcher for micro series beakers and straight tubes. This little accessory is a big deal, now you can add extra perc power for even smoother hits, and what’s best is the bonus of keeping your micro tube free of ash! Available in a variety of color labels (please specify if you have a preference at checkout) FunkyPiece is an authorized Illadelph retailer. Shop online or come visit any one of our brick and mortar locations to check out our entire Illy lineup.

How To Use: Ashcatcher fits in place of Illadelph 19/14mm micro removable downstem – To use, remove the downstem on your micro beaker or straight and replace with micro ash catcher. Fill with desired water level. Fill and attach bowl. Enjoy your clean micro tube with each pre-cooled, splash-free, optimally diffused hit after glorious hit.

What To Expect: Cooler & Filtrated Smoke, Splash Protection, Clean & Ash-Free Waterpipe

Available in a variety of colors and labels. A random selection will be chosen at time of shipping. If you have a preference please include this in the order notes section on the checkout page or email us prior to purchasing.

Illadelph's micro mini ash catcher will add extra filtration to any Illadelph Mini beaker or straight tube. FunkyPiece is an authorized Illadelph distributor. Add the ash catcher for extra cooling and a cleaner bong.