incredibowl bubbler

Incredibowl bubbler

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The Incredibowl m420 Bubbler Attachment is a must-have accessory for any fan of the extremely popular m420 pipe from Incredibowl. This bubbler attachment takes the place of the glass bowl found in the m420 and replaces it with an enlarged bowl with micro bubbler for a much smoother and cleaner quality of smoke. Not only does this attachment offer a cleaner smoking experience it also makes using the Incredibowl m420 much more convenient as the bowl sits on a 90° angle, this gives you a full view of the bowl while you are smoking rather than the original straight bowl that cannot be seen when lighting the device. Note: The Incredibowl m420 and Bubbler attachment are sold separately. Here you can purchase both the pipe and water tool attachment together. Included: – 1 x Incredibowl m420 Bubbler Attachment