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Medical Cannabis

“Imagine if the [MMJ] medicine killed people and never worked, we’d have to advertise it like ‘they’ do!”

Don’t Bong with Tap Water (by Leaf)

Greetings greetings this is Leaf. Hope I find you well and stoned, and well and stoned, and well and stoned, and well . I’m filled with joy to turn you on to a more pleasurable, and healthful, bong experience. But this is all just my opinion, man.

Before we get to our beloved bong. You can still sit there and hold it if you like. Ever notice how terrible coffee and tea taste when you use tap water to make them? Well if you think about it, that’s what supposed to happen when you boil fluoride, chlorine and all the other drugs and poisons, toxins and God knows what else in our tap water. Oh yea, the taste of hose is in there too, I remember. Our tap water is way better for our teeth (supposedly) than for our bodies, then to be actually swallowed by us humans. Or like smoked through a bong, man. Check out this from the EPA!

If you have never experienced water that wasn’t from the tap, or the hose, I
wouldn’t stop now. Because when you do ‘make the shift’ you’ll be pissed at yourself for not doing it sooner. After real change, not only will you marvel at the better taste, you’ll also know and be reassured that you’re treating your body better and more healthful. And it’s the same with smoking a bong or any bubbler, gravity, hookah or water pipe.

At one party in my life, at the Art Institute, I was shown, by a med student, that using warm water in a bong is better on the throat and lungs than cold water. As they said, as the smoke cleared some, our throat and lungs are naturally warm, roughly 98.6 degrees, so the cold smoke will irritate the organs. They were right. Anything real cold isn’t good for our organs. Ever hear about people getting headaches from eating ice cream or something that cold? Allot of people won’t use ice or drink anything that cold, for the same healthful reasons.

And I could only be reminded by my 21st New Years Eve birthday party, thirty years ago. My friend Tony thought it was a good idea at the time to put ice in my bamboo bong. Remember bamboo bongs, man? I dare say that it started out to be a pretty cool idea, and a remembrance for me watching my bong, packed with ice, was passed around, with the smiles, to my friends. The bong even had a lighter holster on the side. Takes me back. But the smiles and grins faded fast. Everybody in our circle couldn’t handle another ripp after the first one. All that partook of my birthday bamboo bong had a ‘cough jag’ on and had gone out side for fresh air, snow or not. I was out in the yard already. It was like it was the first time we smoked pot, we were coughing so much. My pigeons were disturbed and fluttering in the coup, with all the coughing goin on out side. For me it was a lesson well learned. Funny, the cold outside air was better for us than the air through my bong? Would it have been better if the ice cubes weren’t tap water? I haven’t the balls to try it again and see. You can though, knock yourself out, make a video.

Talk about a ‘brain storm’. During a bong session, reminiscing, I got the idea to do one better, I thought, to use steaming hot tap water in my bong. The water was so hot that a little steam was escaping over the lip of the bong when I brought it to my mouth. And when I did spark a bowl the first ripp went down real smooth like there wasn’t any smoke at all. But then in about ten seconds my herbal taste was slaughtered by the chlorine gas that I had sucked up with my herb. It was like I just had taken a long, sloppy gulp of a ‘nice’ tall glass of swimming pool water. And brother, I never coughed so much in my life. It irritated the hell out of my lungs and throat. I thought I was going to choke and die of suffocation. I lost my buzz and couldn’t even smoke for the rest of the day. Bummer. The dude and I went bowling.

What I inhaled, what I think it tasted like I inhaled, was almost pure chlorine gas / vapor. My chest hurt in the morning. Needless to say that was the last time I ever used tap water in my bong. And ya know, hot steaming showers gave me a dull headache, until I got a shower filter. Same thing here, should have known. The last things tap water touches in my world is my car, brush my teeth and wash the dog, my hands and face with it, that’s it. Oh yea, between you and me, my plants still get it. On special occasions I’ll be able to give them rain water, but not daily. I wish, but don’t tell my plant friends that or they’ll know the difference. Then, you bet your stoner ass, I’ll have some explaining to do.

Test it for yourself if you like. Make sure your bong is clean first. Put tap water in your bong, don’t spark anything, just do a ‘dry run,’ as it were. Inhale the air through your bong a few times to fully catch that vapor taste of the water I’m talkin about. Or warm it up if you want to really clarify or increase that awful taste, like I ‘accidentally’ did. Ya taste that, man? Now remember the taste, and put spring or filtered water in your bong next and do the same test. See what I mean? Now you taste nothing. Even with the cold water you can taste that damn chlorine and ‘what not’ vapors in the water. That shit is going in your lungs on a regular basis, man. I couldn’t abide by that.

Now load up your bong or gear with spring or filtered water, and then spark a bowl, or dab it, and see what I mean. Old stoner proverb that say, “Ya don’t cough, ya don’t get off’ is poetic and sounds cool in movies, but it is a bunch a ‘bull squeeze’ by the first order. I very, very rarely cough anymore with my bong since using spring water in it. But when I do it’s more of a clearing of my throat than a full-throttle cough or hack. To keep it warm I just save the leftover water after I make my tea. I just let it cool some so it is on the warm side of cool. Oh loved-ones, if you come across any additives to make your bong taste sweet or some shit like that, please beware. Natural is natural, period. It is not natural when a factory tells you it’s natural, or their factory name has the word ‘natural’ in it. If it’s from a seed, or produces a seed, it’s natural. If it doesn’t, it aint. Simple.

I think there’s something with this bong water business, man, or I wouldn’t have the need to turn you on to it. But still don’t take everything this stoner ass says as the gospel truth, by any means, please. This has worked for me, it may not work for you. Bodies are different and your water situation is probably different than mine here in Eastern Ohio, usa.

Hopefully you live next to, or close to, a spring were you can stop and have a drink and fill your jug, or fill your bong and spark a few. That would be cool. Or, like the rest of us stoners who arn’t close to a spring and have to resort to the ‘plastic stream’ at ‘Wally World’ – Here are maps to where natural springs can be found in the United States. And in Europe. Careful with sparkin the bong at these locations, now, K !

Stay well, safe and stoned loved-ones.

Medical Cannabis “Imagine if the [MMJ] medicine killed people and never worked, we’d have to advertise it like ‘they’ do!” Don’t Bong with Tap Water (by Leaf) Greetings greetings this is