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Vaporous J-PEN II Review

When the market for any product is as saturated as the vape pen market is becoming, there is only one surefire way to rise above the competition, the combination of R&D and consumer specific design found in the J-PEN II from Vaporous. From battery to mouthpiece and all the tiny bits inbetween, this is the most carefully thought out mini-vape we have come across, and it shows with its user experience.

In a world of long, bulky, heavy vape pens, it is a breath of fresh air to be able to use such a portable product. Fitting in the palm of my hand and completely hidden except for the mouthpiece when in use, it is the definition of discrete, and the J-PEN’s short body size and light weight means it easily fits in a pocket, purse, or laptop bag for vaping on the go. But it’s small size certainly doesn’t mean a weak vaping experience.

The J-PEN’s double coil atomizer design creates an immense amount of heat, and its unique drop down air regulator keeps your extract down on the heating element where it belongs, ensuring huge, vaporous hits even with short bursts from the 3.7V battery. This innovative design also keeps excess concentrate residue out of the mouthpiece, to lessen the effort needed to maintain a clean and working unit. Because of the use of silica and ceramic wicks and the amount of heat produced by the battery, be sure not to burn the atomizer dry to avoid damaging the unit.

It is also recommended that you prepare your atomizer by dripping vape liquid, available at any smoke shop, onto the wick before use with extracts. We decided to forgo this step and used a less viscous CO2 oil with the unit right out of the package. On the very first hit, we received an enormous, flavorful cloud of vapor, confirming the J-PEN was working as advertised.

Even with daily charging, frequent use drained the battery to empty with less than a day’s intense testing, leaving us stranded a few times without a way to medicate. This is a trade-off for small battery size, so it’s not a bad idea to invest in a backup battery (almost any 510 thread will do) which saved us more than once while out and about. Especially with several hours needed for a full charge, vigilance in tracking battery life is critical, since no one wants to be out of commision that long. The J-PEN II comes with an extended wire on the charger to keep weight off your usb port connector. However, because the unit charges through the atomizer connection, it is impossible to vape while charging.

Because of the design of the air flow regulator, the clean-up for the J-PEN was a snap. With CO2 oils, it just required wiping down the inside with a paper towel. Waxes and shatters might need some high-grade rubbing alcohol as a solvent. Regardless, the J-PEN required much less maintenance than any other vape pen we’ve tested for reliable, issue-free use.

Overall, we couldn’t have been happier with the innovation included into the J-PEN. We have yet to review a better small format vape pen, and the sleek design and mini-size make it a versatile solution for the discerning vaper.

Vaporous J-PEN II Review When the market for any product is as saturated as the vape pen market is becoming, there is only one surefire way to rise above the competition, the combination of R&D

Product Review: The Vaporous J-Pen Vape Pen

Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the J-Pen concentrate vaporizer pen.

The J-Pen at a Glance

Product Type:
Concentrate vaporizer pen

Price: $74.99

Features: Single button function, light settings

Includes: Starter kit comes with Vaporous mouthpiece, 2 ceramic deep dish dual coil atomizers, Vaporous pen battery, USB charger, titanium dab tool, Vaporous travel tin

Initial Impressions

The J-Pen by Vaporous Technologies is a portable vape pen made exclusively for concentrates. Due to its compact size and simple appearance at first glance, I had a good feeling about this pen when I popped it out of its sturdy travel tin. The pen itself stands at about 4.5 inches tall and has a slim black profile for its cylindrical frame, making it very easy and discrete to both use and transport around in either your pocket, backpack, or purse.

Another big reason this pen scores highly with me is its short yet effective mouthpiece. When I first saw it, I had initially thought that the good folks at Vaporous had forgotten to even include a mouthpiece. I was pleasantly relieved to find that the mouthpiece on this pen is short with a wide opening, making it even easier to transport while still getting the most vapor out of my concentrates. As far as portable vape pens go, the J-Pen scores high marks for its compact yet sturdy build and sleek design for incredibly easy use and transport.

Operating and Using the J-Pen

Loading this pen and powering it on is pretty much identical to most other vape pens out there. Unscrewing the mouthpiece reveals a very deep ceramic atomizer with dual coils, which I was pleased to find. The dab tool that’s included really comes in handy here, as the titanium tool is shaped to have a longer, flat-headed end to help you put your choice of concentrate in the chamber easier.

Turning on the pen requires five clicks of the single button on the device. Everything about loading and preparing the pen for use was a breeze. Screwing and unscrewing the pen to access the chamber is effortless even after multiple uses, and the deep chamber allows you to fully load this pen with a good amount of your favorite concentrate.

Vaping Experience

I enjoyed vaping with the J-Pen. None of the successive hits after the first one were as flavorful or big, but I was able to get a consistent pull each time during my sessions with this pen. All three light “settings” were able to produce a good hit amount of vapor for me. My wax lasted a good while in this pen before having to reload, and I was already nice and toasty before I had to do so. Each session and setting provided a steady vapor draw with a decent amount of flavor from my wax, and these qualities still kept up towards the end of those sessions.

Our Verdict

Overall, the J-Pen by Vaporous Technologies is a discrete and reliable option for portable concentrate vaping. Its size and profile makes it really easy to carry around and use wherever you go. I wasn’t super impressed with the vaping performance of the pen, but I will give credit to the consistent hits I was able to always get due to the unit’s sturdy construction and open airflow.

Generally speaking, the J-Pen is a solid option for anyone who’s looking for a reliable, functional portable wax pen. The $74.99 price tag makes this device a great middle-of-the-road option that will get you solid construction and reliable performance without having to break the bank.

We try out the J-Pen from Vaporous Technologies, a discrete, mid-priced portable vape pen made exclusively for cannabis concentrates. ]]>