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The Top 10 Reggae Songs Mix For Ganja Smokers You Should Listen to!

The Top 10 Reggae Songs Mix For Ganja Smokers (2014 by High-Grade Riddims)

Who didn’t know Bob Marley, I guess those people never have a taste for life and musics :-D. Yup, that’s Bob who firstly popular by his #reggae songs, the style, rhythm, lyrics and everything inside his music are absolutely warm your mind and fresh your soul. The one that also concluded with his songs is by making a song mixed to marijuana lifestyle. As you can listen on the video above mentioned was the first opening song by Bob Marley.

Following the list of songs within this video music by including 10 popular reggae songs related about marijuana/cannabis. if you’re the one cannabis enthusiast who also loves about reggae music style. These 10 popular songs were the best of all to listen while the weed time spent, make it relax, enjoy and find the rest in well absolutely state of the arts.

Happy weeding smokers!

The mix of 10 popular reggae songs for smoking time.

  1. Bob Marley – Natural Mystic
  2. Chronixx – Smile Jamaica
  3. Perfect – All I Got
  4. Gyptian – Seek Jah
  5. Luciano – For I
  6. Anuhea feat. Tarrus Riley – Only Man In The World
  7. Tarrus Riley – Liv Up
  8. Luciano – Truly Love Someone
  9. Ziggi – Joka Smoka
  10. Morgan Heritage feat. Shaggy – Love Stoned

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Top 10 Marijuana Songs of all time. Is your favorite on the list?

A couple years ago we did a post where we listed what we considered to be the top 10 marijuana songs of all time. We got a lot of backlash because we listed Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” as #2 behind Sizzla’s “Smoke The Herb”. A lot of people said we were wrong, some even went as far as calling us stupid for such a list.

The reason we ranked the Sizzla tune above the Peter Tosh song at the time, was because from where we stood, we did not care too much about marijuana legalization, we were smoking in all day, everyday anyway. in other words; we stayed HIGH, played HIGH and prayed HIGH. We were more into what Sizzla was saying in his song, which is:

Smoke the marijuana and get HIGH
Stay above the wicked and FLY

So if we already did a post about the top marijuana songs, why are we doing another one? Well the first reason is to correct the mistake we made. It was a big mistake on our part to put any marijuana song above Peter Tosh’s. Legalize It, is without a doubt the greatest marijuana song of all time.

The second reason we are doing a new list is because this week we heard a song that should definitely be on the list. The song is call “One Draw” and it is done by Sagitarr, the same artist who did the tribute to Usain Bolt.

We think this song belong on the list right below Rita Marley’s song of the same name. Take a listen and see if you agree?

Some will say it is too early to put this song on the list of best marijuana songs, but it is hard to hear the song and not agree that it belongs among the best of the best marijuana songs.

So here are the top ten marijuana of all times. Let us know if we are missing any that should definitely be there of if there is any on the list that does not belong.

10. REDMAN — “How to Roll a Blunt” (1992)
Named for the HIGH TIMES centerfold featuring Cypress Hill, Redman took blunt-smoking to new heights.

9. BLACK UHURU — “Sinsemilla” (1980)
“I’ve got a stalk of sinsemilla in my pocket,” Michael Rose exhaled on the chorus to one of reggae’s most enduring ganja classics.

8. RITA MARLEY — “One Draw” (1981)
Also written by Bob Marley, the song’s catchy refrain, “I wanna get high,” served as the basis for Cypress Hill”s 1993 version.

7. SAGITARR –“One Draw” (2015)
The beat of this song makes you want to get up and dance but the lyrics make you want to relax and puff some Jamaican high grade, yet Sagitarr manages to make it all work perfectly.

6. Mighty Diamonds — “Pass the Kutchie” (1981)
This marijuana classic was remade by Musical Youths (Pass the Dutchie), which became a top ten hit.

5. RICK JAMES — “Mary Jane” (1978)
“It’s my main thang,” James sang. “I love you Mary Jane.” The funkiest ode to pot . . . ever.

4. BOB DYLAN — “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” (1966)
The song’s chorus, “Everybody must get stoned,” makes you forget about those rainy day women, whatever numbers they’re high on. Updated by the Black Crowes on HEMPILATION and Cypress Hill on Temples of Boom

2. BOB MARLEY — “Kaya” (1978)
Marley’s most famous ganja tune was written in the late ’60s with the help of Lee “Scratch” Perry, but wasn’t released as an album until the late ’70s.

2. SIZZLA — “Smoke the herb” (1998)
Smoke the marijuana and get high… Stay above the wicked and fly. Do we need to say anything else?

1. PETER TOSH “Legalize It” (1976)
“Don’t criticize it,” Tosh toked. He criticized the Jamaican government and paid for it with his life in 1987. Updated by Sublime on HEMPILATION.

Top 10 Marijuana Songs of all time. Is your favorite on the list? ]]>