jar jar binks weed

Post by Daniel6 ( May 29th 2005, 12:38pm ).

i like fidget spinners

*locks the thread all the way to next year!*

Hmm. Dunno how that works, but I did it alright. Yep.

Oh, don’t bring any Serious Discussion threads into the GCC. The SD is gone – and it’s not going anywhere else. So don’t bring these type of threads up and such. Especially at this kind of low quality. and Jar Jar. O_o. Jar Jar + Pot = Drugs are bad, kiddies.

Right. Now I’m rambling on, and it sounds stupid! Bah! >_>

jar jar sucks. Pot rules, you can NEVER say anything bad about it. nobody has ever died from marijuana. post your opinions on weed.

Darth Vader’s stash.

Darth Vader began smoking weed with Obi-Wan-Kenobi many years ago when he was still a boy. He would only smoke occasionally though, except when he was on Coruscant. Whenever he was on the capital planet, he loved smoking weed every day with Master Yoda, and watching gray smoke pour out of the little alien’s pointy ears. Master Yoda would occasionally bring out the good stuff when ever Darth Vader came over for a good bong. The little green alien would normally comment with a light cough if it was of good quality – “The flavour is strong with this one…”

Many years later–after Darth Vader became Darth Vader–he became a daily smoker. Not many people know that if Darth Vader’s visor is turned upside-down, it turns into a great bong. Darth Vader has spent many an hours’ day dreaming about the many ways of consuming the green herb in as many forms as possible. Darth Vader would on occasion go to shop at Jubba the Hut for his bong accessories and they would regularly try out various types of the green herb. Watching Jar Jar Binks on marijuana was always great stress relief for Darth Vader when he was on major projects like building the Death Star. Darth Vader also loves taking secret hits of weed, that’s where his pronounced wheezing comes from.

“Smoke and the Force will be with you!” commanded Darth Vader. “Don’t smoke all the time, and you will face the wrath of the dark side! The choice is yours!”

The Sith Lord wants weed to grow on every planet in the Empire, and for everybody to smoke it.