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How to make joint art

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  1. Make your own smokeable art
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Joints are the penultimate smoking method, and the style that each roller deploys is as personal as it gets. Naturals to the craft create stunning examples of cones, pinners, bats, and other classic joint shapes, while others are simply functional with little aesthetic appeal.

Joints are an expression of the fun and whimsy of cannabis, so it’s not surprising that so many stoners have channeled their creativity into their joints. From Seth Rogen rolling cross joints to Tony Greenhand’s mind-boggling creations, the spectrum is vast. Specially designed custom joint art can even run upwards of a few thousand dollars depending on the shape and amount of flower used.

Joints are an expression of the fun and whimsy of cannabis, so it’s not surprising that so many stoners have channeled their creativity into their joints. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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The quality of the weed and the strain you select is equally as important as the shape you roll. But if you’re nervous about botching your first few attempts, try practicing with shake or weed that might be slightly past its prime. The lower the stakes, the more fun you’ll have.

Make your own smokeable art

Using the same tools you use to roll a humble joint and some basic joint-rolling skills, you can create masterpieces in no time at all.

What you’ll need:

  • a grinder
  • high-quality rolling papers
  • filters
  • a toothpick
  • scissors

Master joint rollers know that the sticky strip on rolling papers can be used for a number of crafty purposes. When lightly moistened, this sticky strip provides a natural gum that is just right for smoking. It doesn’t create any excess weight or add unknown chemicals which aren’t combustible to the mix. And it stays put provided you don’t overwet the paper.

Here are two joint shapes to get you started.

The cross joint

Start by rolling a beefy joint with a filter. The more cannabis in your joint, the easier the cross joint is to build. If you need a refresher, check out our guide to rolling joints. Next, roll a thin joint to use as the “cross” section of your cross joint. This one does not need a filter.

Using your toothpick, poke a hole approximately three quarters above the bottom of your fat joint. Be gentle and slowly navigate the toothpick all the way through the joint, gradually widening the hole. Eyeball the width of your thin joint and try to make the poked hole slightly smaller.

The next crucial step is to poke a hole straight through the middle of your skinny joint, again wiggling the hole wider. This small hole allows the smoke from the smaller joint to flow up through the larger joint and into your mouth. Take the time to be precise — get this wrong and your cross joint will be unsmokable.

Now you’re ready to assemble your cross joint. Carefully insert one end of the thin joint through the hole of your larger joint. Slowly twist, push, and pull the joint through the hole until the small hole in your thin joint is inside the fat joint. The closer you can get the small hole to the center of the fat joint, the better and more evenly your cross joint will burn. Be careful not to move too fast or roughly to avoid breaking either joint.

Lastly, you’ll want to reinforce the cross-section of your cross joint. Simply use scissors to cut off the sticky strip on a rolling paper and wrap it around the intersection of your joints. This extra step adds structure and keeps the joint completely airtight.

Once you’re ready to smoke your epic cross joint, recruit a friend or two, grab three lighters, and spark up all three ends simultaneously.

The braided joint

Start by rolling three thin joints with filters. Again, if you need a refresher, check out our guide to rolling joints.

Stack the joints in a pyramid and wrap a few sticky strips from other unused rolling papers around the filtered ends of the joints. Moisten them to form a seal and wrap until the joints are bundled snugly. Let the strips dry before moving on to the next step.

Braid the flower-stuffed parts of the joints like you would a lock of hair. Once you reach the end, twist the ends together to lock the flower in. Light up and enjoy.

Bottom line

Whatever shape you roll, make sure all the parts of your art have airways leading to the same filter, or you won’t be able to smoke any of the appendages or additions to your primary joint. At the end of the day, your artistic smokeables don’t have to be perfect, you just have to enjoy what you are smoking.

Learn what you'll need, some pro tips, and how to get started rolling joint art.

Learn How To Roll Artistic And Crazy Joints

For some of us, rolling joints has become such a common practice that it has lost its excitement. We’ll be teaching you 5 different methods of rolling that will bring the novelty back into smoking.

Rolling a joint is a beautiful process that will take time to master. Considered by many as an art form, rolling might be hard to perfect, but is easy to learn. Before you start trying out crazy joints like the following, you must already be confident rolling normal jays. If you’re not, be sure to check our article on rolling the perfect joint.

If you’re already at ease with the joint-rolling process, you might be eager to experiment with some new options. Some of these will be great for parties, and others are perfect for observing how different techniques alter the smoking experience. Let’s dive right in.

1. The Inside-Out (Backwards) Joint

This first rolling method is not so much a crazy one as it is a method that adds to the smoking experience. By using this method, you’ll be rolling the joint in such a way that you’ll only be using one layer of paper to wrap your weed. All excess paper that you’re not using will be cut off or burnt away. This will keep the smoking experience as clean as possible. It will also help your joints burn slower and even bring out more flavour from your cannabis.

To roll the inside-out joint, you won’t be needing any kind of different materials than you would normally use. It will work whether you use a filter or not. But we always recommend a filter as it adds a lot to the experience.

Rolling The Backwards Joint

Start by removing a paper from your pack. This next step will be the most important one. Being that you already know how to roll a normal jay, the biggest distinction from that method is the way you hold the paper. The rolling paper will have a fold along the middle with the glue strip on the inner part of this fold.

When rolling the inside-out joint, turn the paper facing down. This means that you’ll be filling the side of the paper that is usually on the outside of your joint. And the glue strip must be on the extremity of the paper, closest to you. To make sure you understand this part correctly, check out our video above on how to roll this exact joint.

Get your herb and start packing your jay like you usually do when rolling. Make sure you get your cannabis in the correct cone or cylinder shape. Next, roll and tuck the glue strip. You can either lick it before tucking so it seals when you’ve finished rolling, or lick it from the outside after. Make sure your joint is ideally packed to make for a smooth-burning experience. Remove excess by ripping off or burning.

2. The Tulip Joint

The Cone

This is where things really start to get crazy. This is a joint made exactly for that: a crazy experience. This joint will pack huge amounts of weed and will get your whole squad baked for sure. This Amsterdam classic is here to impress.

We’ll start by rolling the tulip’s head. Get two large rolling papers and make a square, using the glue strips to connect them. You can make the head bigger by using four papers or more. Just make sure it forms a square shape.

Next, bring one of the bottom corners to the opposite top corner. This way, it should form a triangle. When doing this, leave the glue strip on top exposed. Next, wet the strip and fold it over to seal the shape together. Now, you can open this sealed triangle to reveal a cone shape. Fill with your favourite strain and leave a decent margin of paper on the top.

The Body

In some tulip joint tutorials, smokers will simply attach a long filter to the cone and smoke it. Here, we’ll be teaching you how to use a long jay instead, for an even crazier experience.

Roll a normal joint, but make sure to make it a bit longer than usual. Now that you have your joint, pack it well and cut off any excess paper on top, don’t seal it.

Place this inside your weed cone and wrap the excess paper of the cone around the jay. Cut off a couple of glue strips from another paper. Use one to hold this paper and the joint together. It will not be airtight. Cut off any excess paper from the cone that’s creating this skirt-like look to the tulip. Use the second glue strip to seal the boundary between the cone paper and your joint’s body. Light up the top of the tulip and pull normally from your jay.

3. The Bottle Joint

Here is a big ol’ fatty that you’ll love to know how to roll. Made to resemble a bottle, this joint will be a great surprise to share with your friends.

Start by rolling a fat tube. This can be done using a wide variety of methods. For this example, we’ll refer to the method we use in our video where you roll a paper tube, seal it on one side, and fill it with weed.

To make the bottle neck, roll a joint like you normally would and pack it properly. After packing it, remove the excess paper from the tip and insert it on the opened end of the fat jay. Seal this like you did with the tulip joint. Use one or two glue strips, just make sure it’s tight. And you’re done!

4. The Triple Joint A.k.a. The Old Dirty One

Many times referred to as “The Triple Barrel”, this is a great choice when you simply want to pack an insane amount of weed into one joint. It’s probably the easiest to roll of the bunch. Start by sticking together two papers like you did for the tulip’s cone. Depending on how thick you want your jay to be, you can cut off a horizontal strip from the bottom section. Place this to the side and roll three individual filter tips. Use an extra filter tip to roll around these three tips and an extra glue strip to hold it all together.

Now, simply place your cannabis in your large paper, and roll like you normally would. You can even roll it inside-out like we did on our video, so it burns like a true cigar.

5. The Pipe Joint A.k.a. The Popeye

This is a jay that’s supposed to resemble a pipe. Start by rolling a standard cone joint. Pack and cut off the extra paper at the tip. Now, make a diagonal cut into the joint, cutting off about 2cm of your jay. This should give it a spoon shape.

Get another rolling paper and a circular object like a lighter. Roll the paper around the object, using it as a structure to form the joint. Don’t lick the glue just yet. Get an extra glue strip and seal the edge of the paper to the rest of it. After this has dried, make a triangular-shaped notch about 2cm into the open end. This triangle should be as wide as your other joint’s diameter and a little taller than this same value.

Insert your joint in the slit with the weed spoon facing the inside of the tube. Glue the bottom section together with the jay and make sure everything is well-sealed. Get an extra glue strip and seal the gaps between the joint and the pipe chamber. If you made it this far, you’re pretty much done. Just place your weed in the chamber, don’t pack it too hard, and light up.

Now you know how to roll all sorts of crazy joints. Be sure to practice them well with your own cannabis before trying it with your friend’s weed at a party when you’re already super high. Some will be easy to master and might become your daily go-to’s. We know a lot of people who strictly roll backwards joints because they prefer the smoking experience. It will be up to you to try them out and decide on your favourites. Good luck exploring!

Written by: Francisco
Francisco is a 20-year-old writer and photographer. His love for cannabis made him decide to pursue it in a professional realm. With a purpose of reducing the stoner stigma, Francisco writes positive and progressive articles.

Want to learn how to roll all sorts of different joints? Here we present you with 5 great options that will surely be a perfect addition to your next session!