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KandyPens Vaporizers

KandyPens Vaporizers

KandyPens have been around for an eternity in the vape world—the company was founded back in 2014, back when vaping was still a mystery to most people. The first-ever KandyPen was, as the name suggests, a vape pen: the Skycloud, which was known for its ability to use oil, solid concentrates, and dry herb. It was a rarity at the time, but it soon proved popular, and the KandyPens era was launched.

In the last 6+ years, KandyPens have branched out from their original one-product line. Today, they’re specialists when it comes to concentrates, producing some of the most popular vaporizers for wax, shatter, budder, and the other concentrates that have captured vapers’ hearts and minds. At the the same time, they’ve refined their technique when it comes to liquid and dry herb vaporizers as well—it’s rare to find a KandyPens model that hasn’t won some award or another.

With so many appealing options to choose from, it’s easy to fall into a KandyPens-induced paralysis by analysis. But here at the Herbalize Store, not only do we offer the best deals on KandyPens vapes, we’re also here to help you cut through the noise and find the one that’s best for you.

So with that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about KandyPens vapes:

KandyPens Vapes FAQ

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common things people ask our Herbalize Store team about KandyPens vaporizers:

1. What can you vape with KandyPens vaporizers?

KandyPens are renowned for their versatility. Depending on the model, you can vape just about anything with KandyPens: from dry herb and e-liquids to the whole universe of solid concentrates.

Some KandyPens vapes are better suited for some materials than others, but you can find that information in a matter of seconds just by looking at the description.

2. Do KandyPens vapes work with cartridges?

Some of them do, like the K-Stick Supreme (the rare vape pen that can be used both with cartridges and solid concentrates like wax). Others, like the Rubi, can be used with refillable pods that contain the same material, i.e. oil, as cartridges.

If you’re wondering whether a given KandyPens vape can be used with cartridges, check to see if it features a 510 thread. If it does, you’re in good shape.

3. Where can you buy KandyPens vapes?

KandyPens are available through many websites, which is nice. However, a number of online vape shapes have come under scrutiny for dubious practices (such as stocking counterfeit vapes, or not sending orders at all).

For that reason, it’s best either to buy directly from the manufacturer or from well-established retailers with a lengthy track record, like the Herbalize Store (if you’re wondering why you should choose us instead of the manufacturer, it’s because we offer free UK shipping—and we’ll even plant a tree in your name with every purchase).

4. Are KandyPens vapes worth it?

KandyPens vapes have been winning awards for the better part of the last decade, so it seems safe to say that the answer is usually ‘yes’ for most people. Despite the fact that the name sounds a little frivolous, KandyPens are quite well made. And as a bonus, they tend to be affordably priced as well, so you’re not taking too much of a financial risk.

5. What’s the best KandyPens vape?

Ah, the age-old question! Here’s the bad news: there’s no snappy, one-size-fits-all answer. Here’s the good news: there are actually a bunch of ‘best KandyPens vapes,’ which depends largely on the materials you want to vape and how you want to vape them. In the next section, we’ll run through the best KandyPens vaporizers for people of different tastes and experience levels.

What Makes KandyPens Stand Out?

KandyPens vaporizers have a lot to like about them, as reviewers and vapers alike have noted for years. Here are a handful of the main reasons why KandyPens have become one of the most trusted names in the vaping world:

1. Excellent for Concentrates and Dry Herb

KandyPens first made its name as ‘portable dab rig’ specialists, and that legacy is carried on in their models like the Oura. The brand also has a distinguished track record when it comes to portable dab pens—concentrates are in KandyPens’ DNA.

At the same time, their dry herb vaporizers like the K-Vape Pro have proven to be award-winning masterpieces as well, so no matter what your preferred material may be, there’s a KandyPen that can handle it.

2. Wide Range of Vapes

KandyPens come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Whether you’re looking for a sleek vape pen or a sturdy rig (that’s still surprisingly portable), the brand has something to fit your tastes—and your budget. The array of styles and price points means that KandyPens is the rare vape brand that can make a legitimate claim to having something for everyone.

3. Highly Customisable

We don’t want to overstate—or downplay—the importance of colour options. It’s all but indisputable that KandyPens do a great job on this front; almost every model comes in a spectrum of colours that range from eye-catching to understated. KandyPens vaporizers’ customisability (is that a word? maybe) isn’t just about style, though. On the substance side, the wide variety of accessories ensures that you can always tweak your KandyPens session to meet your precise preferences.

KandyPen Vape Recommendations

KandyPens have been in the vape game for years, so there are a lot of models to choose from. Here are our picks for the best KandyPens for vapers of every level:

  • Beginners: The KandyPens MIVA is a bit of an outlier for the brand (as it’s intended for use with dry herb), but it’s a sturdy and affordable device that makes a great entry into vaping
  • Casual Users: The KandyPens Gravity is the perfect dab pen for people who enjoy vaping solid concentrates anywhere they go—without breaking the bank or wasting too much time on cleanup
  • Advanced Vapers: The KandyPens Oura has won numerous awards for ‘Best Portable Dab Rig,’ and if you’re seriously committed to concentrates, it’s one of the most powerful units available

What’s New in KandyPen’s Collection?

Some vape brands seem to release a new device every week, whilst others treat product launches like moon missions, with maybe a handful each decade. KandyPens falls somewhere in the middle—here’s a quick rundown on their latest creation:

The KandyPen Rubi debuted in early 2020, and quickly became a fan favourite thanks to its (very) affordable price tag and ability to handle solid concentrates like wax along with more viscous ones like oil. The refillable pods were hailed as a welcome contrast to the expensive proprietary offerings of some other brands, and as always, the range of colour options didn’t hurt.

Final Thoughts on KandyPen Vaporizers

The name might sound a little silly, but make no mistake: KandyPens vapes are seriously good, especially if you’re a big fan of concentrates. They’re also excellent choices for people who are on tight budgets—which, let’s face it, is most of us these days.

You can think of KandyPens as the ‘efficient person’s’ choice: vaping concentrates delivers more ‘value for money’ than vaping dry herb, and KandyPens vapes are one of the most cost-effective ways to vape concentrates. At the same time, they’re not strictly utilitarian devices: these are well made vapes, and the array of options for personalising your device with colours, designs, and/or accessories makes them enjoy to use as well.

Here in Herbalize stores KandyPens Vaporizer Collection we got it all, from the RUBI to the Gravity and Galaxy vaporizers and much more!

Kandypens dry herb

Is every vape that holds dry herbs, really a true vaporizer? Unfortunately, more often the answer is no. Far too many models end up burning herbal material rather than vaporizing it, defeating the purpose of using a vaporizer rather than smoking. For those who want a unit that truly vaporizes, the KandyPens K-Vape Pros are the best choice of herbal models.

Experience True Convection Technology

The K-Vape Pros are undoubtedly two of the best hand-held models for dry herbs. While larger than some others, this vape is still small, and can be used as a pocket vape on the go with ease. Unlike other portables that burn material, these 2 devices use true convection technology, warming material by passing hot air through it rather than exposing the herbs directly to the heating element. This completely eliminates the risk of combustion, and with three temperature settings to choose from, you can customize your vaping experience to get optimal performance, and the best possible clouds quality.

The K-Vape is one of the more popular of the KandyPens vaporizers. A dry herb vape, it is highly portable and uses pure convection technology to ensure no combustion. Three optimized temperature settings, 360, 380, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit allow for anyone to find their perfect blend of flavor, cloud density, and potency. To ensure that the KandyPens K-Vape Pro is the best dry herb model of its kind, the engineers used only the best materials in the design. This portable vaporizer for aromatic blends features a durable stainless steel heating chamber that is large enough to hold up to .6 grams of material and capable of reaching working temperature in 30 seconds or less. The attached rubber mouthpiece is durable enough to hold its shape but feels luxurious between your lips. A powerful battery supplies the power for the model, and is equipped with 3-minute automatic shutoff to conserve battery life. The K-Vape by KandyPens is a step up from a vape pen that is still simple and convenient to use on the go. The universal micro USB connection makes charging quick and easy.

K-Vape Pro vs Discontinued Micro-DX

The Micro DX was a high quality portable, dry herb vaporizer with an ultra deep .6-gram capacity. Its chamber heated up to any chosen temperature between 350 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit in no time at all. Only 13 centimetres in length, the Micro DX concealed in the palm and in the pocket with ease. The main difference between the two was their size, as the K-Vape Pro is bigger than the Micro-DX. Another key difference is that the KandyPens Micro-DX had a variable temperature setting just like the old MIVA that you can adjust by the degree with an OLED display, while the K-Vape has only 3 settings. The Micro DX giave you the convenience of a vaporizer pen with the performance of a portable, making it a great dry herb model for many users. This device was really fun; the technology behind it works great, and created a truly interactive experience. Lifetime warranty on the product was something to consider, because anyone who’s vaped their way through a few of different vapes, knows that not all of them are built to last.

The 24K Edition also brings the convection technology in a completely unique luxury one of a kind bundle kit! The pen itself has a large stainless steel heating chamber that can be heated to 3 presets: at 360°F, 380°F and 420°F. Includes specialty branded tools, brushes, screens, and a grinder. With a white or black matte finish and gold accents, the 24K series has a crisp, classy edge above other models. Because the K-Vape Pro is made from the best components, it is able to be backed by a lifetime limited warranty. To ensure your safety, the pocket vaporizer is BPA free, so you won’t be exposed to toxic additives when you vape.

Q: How do I take off my K-Vape mouthpiece?
A: The mouthpiece is ultra secure and may feel too tight to take off at first, but it is in fact very easy to remove. Simply push the side of the mouthpiece with your thumb, as opposed to the top or back like some other pens.

KandyPens K-Vape Pro Vaporizer for Dry Herb . KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer series for dry herb includes KVape Pro, which feature everything you need when vaping! If you want a unit that truly vaporizes – these are few of the best choices out of herbal models available! Get yours today!

KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer series for dry herb includes KVape Pro, which feature everything you need when vaping! If you want a unit that truly vaporizes – these are few of the best choices out of herbal models available! Get yours today!