kfc pot pie price 2020

Kfc pot pie price 2020

This fast food store specializes in chicken as their main product. The KFC menu prices include foods such as chicken sandwiches, chicken burgers, wings, nuggets, chicken wraps, chicken pies, ice cream, sundaes, as well as milkshakes. KFC prices range from about three dollars for food combinations, to twenty dollars for the family meals. They also have cookies and cakes for clients with a sweet tooth. Hours of Operation are presented here KFC Hours.

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Popular items

KFC sandwiches come with generous servings of chickens and toppings like lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes. Their Doublicious Sandwich goes for $5.99 and is popular for its enormous size. Another KFC classic in the United States is their chicken pot pie, best served hot. Their flavourful chicken filling makes it especially delicious. The pot pie goes for $6.19.

The KFC menu also has numerous hot wing combinations that are priced according to the amount. A pack of 5 hot wings retails for $3.79. For their wings, they have flavors like barbecue chicken, as well as sticky chicken wings. The restaurant also has great food combinations, all specialized to cater to different demographics. For families, they have a $20 combo that comes with chicken, a side like fries, a well as large soft drinks to be shared amongst groups of people. For people who love chicken nuggets, KFC packages them in packets ranging from small to large, with the small pack going for about $1.50.

Other dishes include fried chicken served with a side of mashed potatoes, numerous other sandwiches, burgers with a fried chicken patty, and so much more. Popular drinks include KFC lemonade which starts at $2.99 and thick milkshakes that go for about $3.99 each for medium-sized shakes.

New menu items

As an addition to the classic Double Chocolate Chip cake that goes for $ 3.99, KFC has introduced the lemon cake, going for about the same price for a slice. Whole cakes cost $20. For kids, KFC has now has a kids combo that contains 1 drumstick/nugget/wing, a side, and a soft drink, for $ 3.99.

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