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You’ve probably heard of people smoking a joint or a Kief blunt, and you probably said, What is Kief? Don’t worry, in this post we decode all the secrets of this mysterious product.

⭐ What’s the Kief?

Kief is the product resulting from the mechanical extraction of cannabis trichomes. It is a concentrate that is obtained accumulating the dry resin of cannabis. Kief comes from the Arabic word “Kaif”, which translated means “taste” or “pleasure”, therefore the definition of Kief is something like “cannabis pollen that gives pleasure“.

Kief, when freshly taken out, is usually light in colour, and is called Kief blond or green, produced in the Reef region in northern Morocco. This area is the main producer of Hashish of the world, and although they did not invent the method, the Kief of the Reef is considered like the best hash of the planet, especially when they make several filtrates.

Enlarged photo with high quality Kief*

Where does the Kief come from?

The technique of dry extraction of marijuana powder comes from Asia, specifically from the northern part of India, where its people separated the resin from the dried cannabis plants with the help of a cloth sieve. This sieve contains very small holes, large enough for trichomes to pass through, but the biggest pieces of plant material are trapped in the sieve.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, there were many Hippy travellers who went to India among many other smoker destinations. In these trips they collected seeds from the producing countries they passed through, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India or Nepal among others. In addition to seeds, in some of the trips they discovered the method of extraction of the Kief that was used in Asia, and they soon exported it to the north of Morocco.

👌 How to make Kief from marijuana?

Nowadays there are different ways to produce pure Kief in a simple way. The most comfortable is the Kief extractor, or dry cleaner, which is a container that inside has a drum covered by a mesh that rotates on its axis. The dry marijuana is placed inside the drum, which when it begins to spin removes the plant material, which releases the resin and filters through the sieve, remaining the Kief in the container. The more time spinning more Kief is obtained, but with less quality.

A similar technique is used with the Kief box, or box to make dry hashish. This box is separated by several chambers, the upper screen contains holes that filter the trichomes, which are trapped in the lower chamber. And you might ask yourself, What size or micron on the screen do I need to make Kief? Well, that depends on the quality and quantity you want to get, the smaller the holes the less quantity but the more quality. You also have to take into account the time and intensity of the rounds.

Image of the 00 work table to extract Kief*

Another simple method is with the Kief bags, which are actually extraction meshes for making hash with ice or Ice-o-lator, specifically the bag of 120, 150 or 160 microns. In this case we put a smooth tray to collect the resin, put the dried cannabis in the mesh and shake carefully so that the trichomes that filter fall into the tray.

You also have the possibility of producing Kief with a Shaker, which is a container similar to a conservation jar, but inside contains a small screen with holes. It works similar to the box extractor, but in this case we put the plant material and beat by hand. If you’re making Kief and you prefer quantity to quality, you have the option of introducing a small coin, which will help grind the marijuana and make the resin easier to release.

How to pick up Kief?

Both with the extractor and with the box or the meshes, Kief will be accumulated on a tray. Ideally, the entire tray should be cleaned with the help of a credit card or scraper, collecting all the dust in the middle. Once we have everything together, with the help of the card we take it out little by little and carefully put it in a silicone container or similar. With the Shaker it is even simpler, the lower chamber is unscrewed to facilitate the process of collecting the kief.

✅ What to do with Kief?

The uses of Kief are quite varied, you can press it to make hash from Kief, smoke it or vaporize it directly or prepare it for cooking. If you choose the first option you should know that in the market there are presses for kief at a spectacular price, the resin is introduced and with the help of pressure is compacted until it becomes like a coin.

This concentrate is very versatile, unlike other extractions such as BHO or Ice-o-lator, Kief can be smoked or vaporized instantly. This is one of the many advantages it has over other extractions, although it also has its drawbacks, as if you want to get a high purity product you have to rescreen or re-filter several times.

Rosin tech Kief

Lately it is the most common use for this form of extraction, making rosin with Kief is in vogue and it is not casual, as it is one of the most fast, comfortable and safe ways to get a high quality cannabis concentrate. It can be considered as a form of Kief refining, as if it were dry refiltered with the extractor method.

Pressing Kief to get Rosin

For this method it is necessary to have filters where the Kief is placed, otherwise it can contaminate the rosin. We put the Kief in the mesh or filter, cover everything with baking paper and prepare the press at 90º C.

When it reaches the temperature we introduce everything and give pressure for 1 minute and a half to about 10 tons. Return with this method is very high, depends on the purity of the raw material, but usually exceeds 50% of the initial weight.

🎯 How do I smoke Kief? Ways to consume your extract

The best way to smoke Kief, or more accurately, the most widespread way, is to mix it with tobacco, as if you made a joint of hashish, but in this case you would be smoking Kief. It is also possible to be mixed with cannabis, but normally it is smoked mixed. If you are wondering if you can smoke Kief without weed or tobacco the answer is yes, but if it is not very pure will leave a lot of residue in the saucepan.

Vaping Kief

Another way of consuming this cannabic extraction is vaporized. In the market you have available several vaporizers that have a coupler specially designed to work with concentrates, one of the best ones is Pax 3 in our humble opinion.

Catalogue image of the Pax 3 vaporizer*

Cooking with Kief

If you’re already seeing yourself gorging on kief with your favorite candies, first of all you must decarbox the kief. If you are not sure how to do it, I recommend you to read this article that talks about the decarboxylation of cannabis.

Once the Kief is activated, our favorite way of eating it is with Kief butter, that is, making butter with our decarboxylated concentrate, and then adding it to other recipes or eating it directly, for example with a toast. Be careful when you eat foods that contain marijuana, remember that it takes quite some time to work, wait at least an hour before re-dosing.

🔥 Power and effect of Kief

In the category of cannabis extractions, the normal homemade Kief in terms of power would be at the lower end of the classification, only ahead of Charas in my opinion, but below BHO, Ice-o-lator or Rosin among others. It is quite different if we talk about refined Kief, which after several screen sessions, when we look at it with a microscope we only see glandular buds.

The kind of effect depends on the variety that comes from, the classic producing countries work with Indicas and hybrids with Indica dominance.

🧐 Best varieties to make Kief

The genetics that have the largest trichomes are the Indicas, some of them are cultivars selected generation by generation for their quality and quantity of Kief. Many of the successful commercial varieties today come from some of these pure strains.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Pakistan
  3. India
  4. Lebanon

👾 Main Kief producing countries

  • The Mazar i Shariff area in Afghanistan produces one of the best in the world with this method, and the final product after pressing is black and very powerful.
  • In the Bekaa valley (Lebanon) they work with a less potent genetics, but they get a tasty concentrate with a special effect, the Lebanese Red.
  • In the north of India make Charas and also Kief, the most famous are the Parvatti Valley and Manali, but there are many of high quality.
  • In Pakistan they also produce a good and great deal, and on the border between India and Pakistan another of the best in the world is made, the Kashmir.

Although there are other producing countries we are going to finish this review with Morocco, the main one, which a few years ago was already one of the best although its genetics was not very good, but for some years now feminized seeds of all kinds of commercial and bulk varieties have been arriving in the Reef valley, and currently Kief is being made from many well-known strains.

🎬 Tips for getting the best Kief

From our point of view it is best to go through a 150 micron screen, and then do 2 re-sieves with a 90 micron screen. With the help of a card or similar extends the Kief throughout the screen, without squeezing, little by little, the smaller dust falling down than the holes but the trichomes get trapped.

This way the return is obviously lower, but the quality has nothing to envy to other extractions. The Kief that is dismissed can be put together and go through the rosin press, will come out little but at least it is used. It can also be used for cooking.

If you know other methods or tricks to make Kief tell us, and if you liked the post share it so other people know about it too.

Have you tried Kief? ✅ Do you know that it is very easy to do? ✨ Come in and discover everything you need to know about this cannabic concentrate

How to smoke kief

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  1. What is kief and how is it collected?
  2. Collecting kief with screens and filters
  3. Collecting kief with your grinder
  4. Why people like kief
  5. Why people don’t like kief
  6. Step-by-step directions

What is kief and how is it collected?

Kief is trichomes from cannabis flowers that can be collected and used in a number of different applications. Trichomes contain the cannabinoids and terpenes produced by the cannabis plant—that’s what makes kief so unique. Because kief consists almost entirely of pure trichomes, it is an incredibly concentrated and potent cannabis product.

Kief is trichomes from cannabis flowers that can be collected and used in a number of different applications. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Kief is typically collected in one of two ways. The less common method is to collect kief using a series of filters and screens to separate it out from the rest of the plant matter. The more common method is to use a weed grinder with a kief collector.

Collecting kief with screens and filters

Collecting kief with a series of filters and screens requires much more plant matter than collecting it in your grinder, and is typically used to make homemade concentrates, most notably bubble hash. For this method, you’ll need a series of increasingly fine filter screens. The easiest way to do this is with a set of bubble bags and ice.

Begin by layering your bubble bags, one inside the other, with the largest-gauge filter being the innermost bag and the smallest-gauge filter the outermost bag. Dump a bunch of cannabis plant material and ice inside the bags and agitate the whole thing. The idea is to freeze the trichomes, making them brittle and easy to break away from the plant matter.

As you agitate the bag full of weed and ice, all the trichomes will fall off to the bottom of the bag. Now lift out the inside bag (the one with the biggest holes in the filter). The bottom will be lined with all the plant matter and the largest particles. Discard the plant matter, scrape away the big particles on the bottom of the bag, and save them in their own separate place.

Now, repeat this process with each bag. As you go, you will collect increasingly fine particles of plant matter and kief until you reach the final bag, the one with the tiniest filter. At that point, you will be collecting the purest, most potent kief, without any other plant matter. Let the kief dry and you’re ready to smoke it on its own or to press into another product such as hash.

Collecting kief with your grinder

The more common method for collecting kief is to use a multi-chamber weed grinder with a filter screen. This method is very simple. As you grind your herb, chunks of plant matter fall from the grinding chamber into a collection chamber. The floor of this collection chamber is a wire mesh screen so that the finer particles of kief fall through into a specialized kief collector. After grinding a bunch of weed, you’ll eventually accumulate enough kief to scrape it out and smoke it.

The more common method for collecting kief is to use a multi-chamber weed grinder with a filter screen. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Why people like kief

People like kief because it’s potent and easy to collect. Basically, kief is a simple DIY way to make concentrates at home collecting trichomes that have fallen off the weed you’re already smoking. Additionally, kief is very versatile. If you collect enough of it you can heat or press it into a concentrate like hash. Or you can simply add it to a bowl, joint, or any other weed-smoking method you like to give your sesh a huge boost of THC.

Why people don’t like kief

Many people end up not really using kief that often because it can sometimes take a while for enough to accumulate in your grinder to really use. Further, now that cannabis concentrates are so widely available and of such high quality, many concentrate fans find it much simpler to buy concentrates from a dispensary rather than patiently and meticulously gather kief on their own. They get a better product this way, too.

Step-by-step directions

What you’ll need

Most people who smoke kief collect it in their grinder rather than getting tons of plant material and running it through bubble bags. If you want to smoke kief, here’s what you’ll need for the grinder method:

  • Cannabis flower.
  • Multi-chamber grinder with kief collector.
  • Whatever you prefer for smoking weed (spoon pipe, bong, joint, spliff, blunt, etc.).

Step 1: Grind your weed

Once you’ve got a multi-chamber weed grinder with a built-in kief collector, you’re ready to start building up your stockpile of kief. Simply grind your weed like regular and after you’ve ground up a decent amount, check the kief collector. Once you’ve got enough to use, it’s time to harvest and smoke it.

Simply grind your weed like regular and after you’ve ground up a decent amount, check the kief collector. Photo by: Gine Coleman/Weedmaps

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Step 2: Collect kief from your grinder

Before doing anything else, put your grinder in the freezer for a few hours. This will freeze all the leftover kief, making it brittle and much easier to scrape away from the grinder.

Remove the grinder from the freezer and unscrew the lid from the kief collector. Using a small scraping tool—most grinders come with one—gather the kief into a little pile. Now, being careful not to spill anything, tip the grinder and pour the pile of kief into a small, clean storage container.

Now that you’ve collected the bulk of your kief, it’s time to go after the stuff that’s a bit harder to get out of the grinder. To do this, try using a paintbrush, toothbrush, or small pipe cleaner. Carefully scrape or brush all surfaces of the grinder, including the bottom and edges of the kief collector, the filter screen, the main chamber of the grinder, and all grinding teeth. Add whatever kief you gather in this step to your storage container.

Step 3: Add kief to your regular smoking preference

Smoking kief is very straightforward. Simply add it to whatever you normally use to smoke weed. Some of the most popular ways to smoke kief include the following:

If you smoke a spoon pipe or bong, add kief to the flower inside the bowl. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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  • If you smoke a spoon pipe or bong, add kief to the flower inside the bowl. You can do this in layers—flower, kief, flower, kief—or you can simply pack the bowl with flower and sprinkle a layer of kief over the top of it.
  • If you prefer to smoke joints, spliffs, or blunts, simply add a layer of kief to your flower before rolling it up. This will make your smoke much more potent and powerful.

One more option: DIY moonrocks

If you’re ambitious and looking for a cannabis adventure, you can make your own moonrocks. To do this, you’ll need a nug of your favorite strain, hash oil or another concentrate that’s been warmed to the point of being malleable and sticky, and a bunch of kief.

Coat the nug in the concentrate, then cover the entire thing in a layer of kief. Make sure you do this when the concentrate is still gooey—the whole idea is to get the kief to stick to the concentrate. After your moonrock has had time to cool and harden, break it apart into smaller chunks, being careful not to knock off the outer layer of kief, and smoke it the same way you do regular herb. Moonrocks are known for being powerful, so get ready for a very strong high.

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