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If there is one piece of equipment that is absolutely crucial to the recreational smoker, it’s a trusty rolling tray. Rolling your own can be quite a messy affair with bits of paper, tobacco and herb finding their way into the nooks and crannies of your sofa or coffee table. Most smokers will have fashioned crude rolling trays from household items – biscuit tin lids, DVD cases etc, but there really is no substitute for buying a purpose built tray that has a few extra cool feature to boot:

Our friends at Glow Tray have released a range of plastic rolling trays which feature the branding from some of the world’s most famous strains, including Cookies Family strains, Zkittlez, Runtz and Alien Labs. As well as repping your favourite strain, these trays are equipped with a ring of powerful LEDs which light up the tray for a spectacular view of your rolling surface. For more traditional rolling, check out the natural bamboo rolling mats from RAW. Ideal for novice rollers, these mats help you to grip the smoke and roll a neat and tidy stogie fit for a king.

RAW also make metal, glass and wooden rolling trays – each featuring the iconic RAW logo for authenticity. Finally, we have sustainably sourced wooden trays from KindTray featuring specially routed compartments for fitting grinders, torches, bowls and dabbing tools. The KindTray trays are secured with powerful magnets and natural rubber gaskets to keep your herbs safe and secure during transit.

Rolling Trays and Mat’s are an essential when it comes to rolling your own, browse our collection of rolling mats and trays from brands such as Glow Trays, RAW, Rools & more.

Kindtray Rolling Tray

The Rolling Tray, by Kindtray. Keep it together, with ease. A spot for everything in your smoking arsenal. This renewable Bamboo product is proudly Made in the USA.

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Kindtray Rolling Tray – There’s a spot for EVERYTHING in this Kindtray Rolling Tray. Your Med+ainer, lighter, a slide or vape pen, rolling papers, and a nicely hollowed out area for that beautiful flower and your Chameleon Glass hand pipe. Made from 100% renewable Bamboo, and conditioned with food grade butcher block conditioner, this piece will keep all of your smoking accessories in order, and organized. Now, we don’t guarantee that you’ll never lose another lighter, but this awesome tray will help keep your valuables in one place. ***New version comes with a magnetized, movable scraper that will hold your cones.

Kindtray Rolling Tray, made with renewable bamboo, and has a spot for just about everything you need. Papers, grinder, lighter, you name it.