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The Best Portable Vaporizers

Extract, Oil, and Flower Vaporizers in Stylish and Unique Designs

EDEN – $99.99
Flower Vaporizer

GAIA – $159.99
Flower Vaporizer

BLAZE – $135.99
Extract Vaporizer

HYPNOS ZERO – $79.99
Extract Vaporizer

ARES – $109.95
Extract Vaporizer

EMBER – $39.99
Extract Vaporizer

HERMES 3 – $35.99
Oil Vaporizer

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Our health centric design and medical grade stainless steel means pure flavor with minimal reclaim each and every use. It’s this attention to detail that has landed us in the top vaporizer lists of 2019 and 2020. Join the Linx revolution.

All our vaporizers are now heavy metals tested. What are you waiting for?

Featured Accessories


1 x Blaze Dio Atomizer


14 mm (Diameter) x 25 mm (Length)


” data-regular-description=”Replacement Blaze Dio Atomizer. Utilizing an all quartz chamber, quartz rods and titanium coils, the Blaze Dio atomizer will produce massive clouds while delivering incredible flavor. INCLUDES: 1 x Blaze Dio Atomizer DIMENSIONS: 14 mm (Diameter) x 25 mm (Length) COMPATIBLE WITH: Linx Blaze” data-images=”13632598343767 || Blaze Dio Atomizer ||13632598310999 || Blaze Dio Atomizer ||” data-collection-handles=”accessories,blaze-accessories,cyber-monday-2020-sales,featured-accessories,new-arrivals” > Quick View


1 x (22.86mm) Nectar Needle, 1 x (27.94mm) Nectar Needle.


Works with all glass syringes applicators.

” data-regular-description=”A set of Nectar Needle extensions for use with glass syringe applicators providing a quick and easy way to load your vaporizer while skipping the mess. INCLUDES: 1 x (22.86mm) Nectar Needle, 1 x (27.94mm) Nectar Needle. COMPATIBLE WITH: Works with all glass syringes applicators.” data-images=”13632641564759 || Linx Nectar needle syringe dablicator for oil and distillate ||13632641630295 || Nectar needle syringe dablicator for oil and distillate ||13632641597527 || Set of Nectar needle syringe dablicator for oil and distillate ||13632641663063 || Nectar needle syringe dablicator for oil and distillate ||” data-collection-handles=”accessories,cyber-monday-2020-sales,featured-accessories,hermes-2-accessories,hermes-3-accessories,new-arrivals” > Quick View

Linx Vapor offers innovative, unique, and the best portable vaporizers including Linx Gaia, Blaze, Hypnos Zero, Ares, Ember and more. Free shipping for USA orde

Linx pen

Linx portable and pen vaporizers are not to be trifled with.

Elegantly designed and with an outer shell of medical grade stainless steel, these reasonably priced portables do not cut corners on user friendliness and performance either, featuring quartz heating chambers and crisp OLED displays.

Learn more about linx

Linx Vapor is a group of like-minded vaporizer enthusiasts who set out to improve the standards of the vaporizer industry. They made it their mission to combat plastic and put more focus on the consumer’s health. Aside from crafting stylish and affordable vaporizers that produce tasty vapour, Linx had a vision of building a health consciousness in the industry. To use their words: Vape smart, vape healthy, vape Linx.

By focusing on a health centric design – making use of medical grade stainless steel – Linx is able to deliver smooth tasting vapour with minimal reclaim. As a Linx customer, you can cherish the peace of mind that comes with the purchase of health conscious, toxin-free vaporizers. All Linx vaporizers are heavy metal tested and utilize medical-grade stainless steel, glass mouthpieces and ceramic or quartz-glass heating chambers and plates.

Their mission has not gone unnoticed. In the last couple of years, Linx has received numerous awards from household names such as Leafly, High Times and even Forbes. You will also find Linx in several VapoShop top 10 lists, including our top 10 vaporizers for 2020 .

Linx Gaia

The Linx Gaia offers full temperature control, strong battery life, quartz heating chamber and a glass mouthpiece that can easily be removed from the device. This vaporizer fits perfectly in the palm of your hand thanks to its compact size. With its sleek design, the Linx Gaia is an ideal vaporizer for those vapers looking to buy a stealthy, discreet device that packs a punch.

The Linx Gaia airpath is completely sealed off from the electronics, so your vapour is as pure as can be – representing the Linx’ mission to a T. Add to that a quartz heating chamber and removable glass mouthpiece, and you’re set to fully enjoy all the richness your dry herbs carry within them.

Linx Blaze

The Linx Blaze takes vaping wax concentrates to the next level. This wax vaporizer combines a solid build with ease of use. Experience tasty vapour clouds thanks to the cleverly designed air holes – it’s called the Blaze for a reason.

The Blaze vaporizer features four temperature settings. You are in full control. Manage the heating rate as you wish and opt between tasty flavourful hits or hard-hitting power punches to the lung. The choice is yours!

Linx Eden

The Linx Eden is the ultimate vape pen for both herbs and concentrates. Style and functionality meet in the garden of Eden. Experience rich and clean vapour at a very affordable price.

While the Linx Eden may look simple, it has an awesome trick up its sleeve: the boost function. By holding the power button the temperature immediately increases by 20 degrees. You can also go stealth by holding the power button for three consecutive seconds.

The Linx Eden is available in a stylish onyx and classy steel. Check out our in-depth review of the Linx Eden for more information on this beauty.

More Linx

Aside from the aforementioned vaporizers, Linx is known for plenty of other cool devices and accessories. Vaporizers like the Linx Hypnos Zero , Linx Hermes 3 and Linx Ember cannot go unmentioned. Nor can we forget about all the exciting accessories Linx has made available, such as their ceramic plates, silicone sleeves, loading funnels and atomizers. These accessories are available for a multitude of devices. Link up with Linx if you’re looking for high-quality devices at an affordable price!

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