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Linx Water Drinking System

The Smartest Drinking Water System, Ever.

Welcome to the future of drinking water!

The Rayne Evolution® Drinking Water System with LINX® technology is a fully programmable unit that provides your home or office with the greatest tasting drinking water possible while wasting up to 90% less water than most old-fashioned reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems.

LINX® stands for “E(L)ectrically Regenerated (I)o(N) e(X)change.” The patented LINX® process relies on scientifically sound ion exchange technology. A pair of replaceable double-layer ion exchange media cartridges significantly reduce the presence of a wide range of contaminants in your water, such as unwanted metals, nitrate and nitrite, and many others.

Pinpoint the taste you like in your water with Dial-A-Taste, built into each Rayne Evolution® unit. Dial-A-Taste allows you to customize the mineral content of your water. Whether you prefer a crisp clean taste, or a more natural taste of mineral water, the intuitive Dial-A-Taste control ensures that your water stays consistently refreshing.

LINX® Thinks Green

The Rayne Evolution® with LINX® technology saves you thousands of gallons of water, especially when compared to old-fashioned Reverse Osmosis systems. For instance, 70% of the water treated by a LINX® unit is recoverable as drinking water; a typical Reverse Osmosis will only save about 4%. With consistent daily use, an RO system might end up wasting nearly ten thousand gallons of water per year, whereas a LINX® system usually wastes around only 250 gallons. Additionally, the Rayne Evolution® typically costs about 2 cents worth of electricity per gallon of water to run, so it’s easy to see how all those unwasted resources end up making quite an impact on the environment, not to mention your pocketbook!

LINX® Lowers Landfills

The cartridges inside the Rayne Evolution with LINX® technology produce 1,300 gallons of purified water before needing to be disposed of, which translates to far less cartridge waste than typical filter-pitcher or faucet-mounted filter contraptions.

LINX® Technology Goes Anywhere

Whether at home or at the office, the Rayne Evolution® is perfect for satisfying your drinking water needs. Our under-sink unit is perfect for low-profile installation under your kitchen sink, while the front mounted controls provide unobtrusive access for your water technician to keep your system in perfect working order. For offices, the attractive “Water Cooler” unit is perfect for any break room, while eliminating the infamously bulky and wasteful Blue Bottle of yesterday.

Whatever your desire, a Rayne Evolution® Drinking Water System with LINX® technology is the logical next step for your drinking water needs. Contact us today for more information, or to schedule an appointment to chat with a Rayne Evolution Specialist. Download Rayne LINX Evolution brochure

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Water Linx Remote Monitoring

Water Linx provides secure remote access to up to the minute analytics of your water treatment system.

With a wide variety of sensor support, Water Linx can be installed on any complex system that requires real-time normalized calculations and trending or simply as an early warning system for a few sensors. Water Linx is a cost effective way to provide visibility and protection of mission critical systems.


  • Live sensor dashboard and hourly saved history
  • Accessible from any computer, phone or tablet with internet access
  • Individual sensor history with trend charts
  • Email or SMS alarm notifications
  • Multiple alarm notification set points for each sensor
  • Calculated sensors with trending and notification capabilities
  • Secure read-only push communication
  • Works with existing control room systems
  • Unlimited authorized users accounts
  • Predefined, custom, and calculated sensors
  • Real-time normalized sensors w/ trend view

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