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Little Canada Smoke Shop & Specialties LLC

Category: Tobacco Shop
Address: 37 Little Canada Rd E, St Paul, MN 55117, USA
Phone: +1 651-486-7997
Rating: 4.5
Working: 11AM–8PM 10AM–9PM 10AM–9PM 10AM–9PM 10AM–9PM 10AM–9PM 10AM–6PM


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Jean Van Patten

Ive always stopped there with no problem, for years. I just got home from there. Today I went there, stood in line and a young couple butt in front of me. I didnt understand what was going on. The register guy told me that they were first. When I responded that they werent in line, the young man of the couple told me to shut the fu*k up, and the girl kept trying to push my buttons. Like she wanted to get into a physical fight. She said, ” And were going to take as looong as we want! Then pushes her way right in front of me, in a way that was physical confrontation. The register person must have known them, and laughed when I was told to shut the fu*k up. He did nothing when the girl was trying to push my buttons, and hes suppose to be a responsible worker? I have met the owner before, and he seems like a really nice guy. I have never had any problems there before, but for this reason, I am going to stop going in there.

Little Canada Smoke has been a local & Twin City favorite for over 6 years Johns a totally cool guy that is open to finding you just the right product & price with lots of quality name brands. John carries locally blended Simply Vapour juice. A high quality blend in different ratios for Sub ohm vaping as well MUST BE TASTED TO BE BELIEVED. What time is it? 4:20! The glass in this shop is art for all your needs, do your self a favor & Support this local businesses!

This place is awesome. What looks to be a bland outlet holds a unique and thought out shop. All space is utilized effectively, and in an organized sense. The variety of goods available rivals smoke shops twice the size and more. Seriously, check it out, youll be surprised and thankful. Besudes, the crew are very friendly folks who know their products. Best smoke shop 2017.

christian demulling

Bong and wax items are spendy but they are a small shop. If you need wraps, bowls or a grinder there a decent price. Its like a coner shop for ur neighborhood. Look at it as convince and i dont have to drive all the way to smokedale. Friendly guy only place that let me return something and swap it out!

Knowledgeable friendly staff. Their e-cig is equipment is actually real genuine legitimate stuff unlike smokedale. Clean, well organized and great prices. What more can you ask for, i cannot recommend this place enough. Easily the best smoke shop in the twin cities.

Experts in customer service and giving only correct information. Best options for guality and inventory for any price range. They Also have products never seen no where else, and will make sure u purchase exactly what u want or need .

Read a review that said they didnt honor coupons.. mine was certainly honored. The owner seems like a cool genuine dood, and i like how I get a pipe, case, lighter and papers for pretty cheap.

They are very personable here. Always best prices in town. They keep you coming back with there attention to customer service . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great selection, great service, what else can you ask for? Nothing. Unless youre a needy whiny person, then maybe go somewhere else.

This shop is more expensive than most places while the merchandise is low quality. Dont shop there.

Roly Cruikshank

Best smoke shop in Minnesota. The owner is super helpful and friendly.

Kelley Pitzer

Very friendly and helpful. Always a good experience,

scott johnston

Good prices, good selection, friendly staff,

Information, reviews and photos of the institution Little Canada Smoke Shop & Specialties LLC, at: 37 Little Canada Rd E, St Paul, MN 55117, USA

Little Canada Smoke Shop & Specialties

37 Little Canada Rd E , Saint Paul, MN, 55117

(651) 486-7997

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37 Little Canada Rd E
Saint Paul, MN, 55117


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