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HVY Glass Large Beaker Marble Bong

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HVY Glass Large Beaker Marble Bong

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A beautiful large marble bong from HVY Glass out of California. Fumed coil pot over bright orange looks amazing. It has rich look and a sense of the depth to the color. Made from thick tubing so this is solid piece with a beaker base. The three marbles and retti coils around them are stunning in orange and white with deep blue accents . The flowers in the marbles look great with orange and blue. A slotted HVY stem takes care of function, and the generous ice chamber will let you cool your inhale down by adding ice. Snowcone ice will cool your draw down dramatically. An iced bong takes smoothing out your draw to the next level.

HVY is stamped into the neck on this. A large bong at 19.5 inches in height, 7 inches wide and 7 inches deep. The three marbles on the neck set the piece off. There’s also a beautiful orange boro flower on the bottom. The custom 14mm flower bowl with matching orange highlights is included. Beautiful work from HVY Glass out of California!

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