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How to Camouflage Weed Plants Outdoors

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Knowing how to camouflage weed plants outdoors is one of the most important things when it comes to growing cannabis outside, especially when growing somewhere where it isn’t fully accepted. There’s nothing worse than losing your plants due to thieves or someone blabbing; a lot of effort goes into growing this beautiful medicinal plant.

More and more people are beginning to grow outdoors, which means more people are probably robbing outdoor cannabis plants; you’ll need to learn how to protect your plants from incidents such as these.

Law prohibits growers of any kind of plant to place any sort of spiked fences or traps around their plants when growing outside, so you’ll need to figure out a different way to camouflage weed plants when growing outdoors. If not, someone might get cocky and steal your plants before you have the chance to harvest them.

Green fencing meshes

Green fencing meshes are one of the most used things to camouflage plants. They’re used in country houses, fields, balconies etc. so they won’t cause any sort of suspicion. They were originally used to differentiate fields and other farm areas, although they’re being used more and more for privacy purposes; they block out any prying eyes but still let the sun through to your plants.

These types of fences are very common in urban areas, chalets or pretty much any field or outdoor area that requires privacy. When placed behind plants, it makes the perfect wall, making it all look like one piece, so that nobody can see in; nobody will have a clue that there are cannabis plants behind the mesh.

A similar practice is to use a white fencing mesh, although this mesh is usually used to shade an area and it allows your plants to be seen. They’re effective for interior balconies in apartments, allowing you to cover your plants so that your upstairs neighbors can’t see a thing.

The white color allows light through, although it lowers the intensity – you can still effectively grow cannabis underneath it. Your neighbors will be able to tell that you have some sort of plant there, but they won’t be able to tell what type exactly.

Camouflage weed plants using the SCRoG Trellis method

If you have a balcony with a wall and decent lighting, you might as well set up a SCRoG around the wall so that you can grow large plants that absolutely nobody can see from outside your house. All you need is a SCRoG mesh and a bit of patience; you’ll have to slowly wrap your plants’ branches around the trellis net in order to get them to grow below the top of the wall, horizontally.

In order to grow your plants like this you’ll need to top them, which causes them to stop growing upwards and divides the main stem into two, which you can separate out to the sides, making it the perfect pruning method for this structure.

If you don’t have enough space to do the previous method, you can always start bending and tying your plants in order to open them up a bit, allowing more light into the middle which improves yield on the lower parts of your plants. Thanks to this system, you can adapt any plant to any grow area, giving them the preferred shape.

This systems is known as LST, which means Low Stress Strain, which allows you to grow high-yielding plants that don’t take up much space, allowing you to place more plants.

Camouflage weed plants using fabric flowerpots

Fabric flowerpots may not seem like they do much to camouflage weed plants, but that’s not entirely try. Thanks to their breathability and their weak walls, you can easily bury them in the ground & they’ll still grow out their roots.

This allows you to reduce your plants’ height at least 50cm; when combined with green fencing you can easily hide plants out in the countryside if needed.; alongside a green mesh net and branch-bending, you’ll be able to have a fully camouflaged grow set-up.

If you plan on growing your plants out in the countryside, which is called guerrilla growing, these flowerpots are a great option; they’re practically automatically camouflaged, as they blend in with the ground perfectly. You can grow them above ground until they get big enough to be easily seen from a distance and then bury the flowerpot as deep as possible, reducing the height of your plants and increasing discretion.

With a little bit of imagination and an outdoor area with enough light you can easily camouflage weed plants; simply prepare the area for your plants, and use the methods mentioned above. If growing guerrilla-style, you may need to cover them occasionally, bend the branches and shape the plant or use your surroundings to your favor.

Everything you need to know about how to camouflage weed plants outdoors – this summer grow to your best ability without any nosy neighbors sniffing around.

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