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KushKards: A Kushier Approach to Cards

By: Amber Blacharski

Greeting cards are the old-fashioned way to send a loving, caring note to friends, family, or partners. In the social media age, this old-fashioned communication has become a rare, meaningful, and kind gesture. Why not make it more meaningful with the gift of cannabis? KushKards are a beautiful way to do both.

Regardless of the occasion and even in occasion-less moments (because who needs an occasion to smoke a joint?), KushKards are the perfect way to give the gift of cannabis. Why? Not only are the artsy designs and clever cannabis puns aesthetically pleasing and punny, but each card includes a designated pre-roll or one hitter holder, a book of matches, and a match strike zone so you’ll never need to find that lost lighter. KushKards are the only “cannabis greeting card where you can strike a match and light the joint you attach!” However, the joints are sold separately.

What occasion will you find yourself in need of a KushKard? Maybe…

. You’ve just moved to Colorado and you’re looking to send a card back home to friends or family. Let them know you’re enjoying the high altitude with the “High from Colorado” card. Attach a one-hitter because, well… it’s illegal to mail any products containing cannabis.

Or it”s a friend’s birthday and you’re ready to celebrate. Give the gift that gets you lit with the “High Wishes” birthday card and attach a pre-rolled joint to elevate the day or night.

Or someone in your life is going through a tough time, mentally, emotionally, or physically. You know just the thing that will give them a boost: a pre-rolled joint! Pick up the “When you’re feeling under the weather let’s smoke weed together” card to brighten their day.

Or you have a stoner friend that loves to be high…all the time. You might also have a friend that loves yoga and cannabis. In either situation, the “Namast’ay HIGH” card is the perfect way to share a joint to keep them floating in the clouds.

Whatever the reason for purchasing a KushKard, the recipient will thank you for the kind gesture!

Speaking of thanks, we’re thankful for Denver-based Lauren Miele’s handmade card-making hobby and the time when she needed to give the gift of cannabis that sparked her to create the first ever KushKard. Now a full-on entrepreneurial success, KushKards are printed locally in Boulder, Colorado. Reserve online atMyGreenSolutionor just stop in to pick up your KushKard and a joint or one-hitter at any one of The Green Solution’s 17locationstoday!

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