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How 12 Mystics Blend Cannabis + Spirituality

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Weed witches share how to mix mysticism, cannabis, and spirituality.

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Modern witches and spiritual practitioners all over the world are using cannabis in myriad ways, and have created a whole new breed of mystical cannabis spirituality. They use weed to connect to spirit guides, or employ it as a tool for spellwork. And each one is unique—some use cannabis spirituality in all their rituals, while others prefer to keep weed separate for certain practices. And it’s used by both solitary witches and as a collective tool in a coven.

But using cannabis as a spiritual tool has a long history, transcending various groups across many different cultures. Whether it was used as a healing aid, an aphrodisiac, or assisted the work of ancient prophets, cannabis was always an important component in magick rituals and other sacred practices.

Whether it was used as a healing aid, an aphrodisiac, or assisted the work of ancient prophets, cannabis was always an important component in magick rituals and other sacred practices.

Some researchers believe that cannabis played a part in the divinations that occurred at a particularly famous ancient Greek temple. The Oracle of Delphi, who was the priestess of the Greek god Apollo, would sit above a hole in the ground through which vapors would emanate, allowing them to foretell the future in its cloudy haze. One theory suggests the oracle was accompanied by a priest who would burn hemp, among other plants, to create the psychic-inducing fumes.

In 1904, two Nordic women were found buried in a Viking ship from 850 BCE, one of which was believed to be a priestess of the Norse goddess Freya. A talismanic pouch found with them contained evidence of cannabis seed that may have been used in ritual. And in Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs and the Occult , author Chris Bennett references ancient grimoires from the 16th century that depicted cannabis recipes used for mirror scrying.

Here, we talk to 12 mystics of varying paths to see how they use cannabis spirituality in their mystical work.

Bri Luna, Founder of The Hoodwitch

How does cannabis relate to your spirituality?

I feel like I’m very sensitive energetically, I feel like it really heightens my senses. So I really use it in times when I’m going to do a personal reading, or before meditation practice. I don’t use it generally with other people. I find that it’s just a very, like a deeply personal experience for me. It helps me to get into a deeper state of meditation and really allows me to just let my intuition come through more clearly. If I don’t want any psychoactive effects, I work with CBD oils, tinctures, candies. I love edibles as well.

How do you incorporate cannabis into your practices?

I use it with meditation, and definitely when reading my tarot, or if I want to connect deeper. It really does depend on what the intention of the ritual is, and I find that when I’m in natural settings, like the beach, or if I’m going on a hike, if I’m in the forest, and if I know my ritual is going to be in an outdoor space, I really make it a point to work with cannabis, or CBD, prior.

Where should spiritually-curious cannabis users start?

There’s one brand that I particularly love, Flower Food . I use a CBD-infused suppository during my period, which is a time for me when my senses are really heightened, and I feel like they’re one of the best products. I also love their CBD-infused honey.

Cannabis spirituality: We spoke to witches to see how they use weed as a spiritual tool for meditation, creative journalling, and more.

Cannabis and Spirituality: Are There Spiritual Reasons for Smoking?

Can cannabis make you more of a spiritual person? Can it make you more in tune with yourself? The strange thing about running the greatest Cannabis Superstore and Entertainment Complex Vegas has to offer is that no matter who comes through our doors, there is – truthfully – no straight answer.

Certainly, many people who take cannabis act more spiritually than others at times. Although outside of the walls of the greatest cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, you might be surprised to hear that. After all, if you know nothing about the scene and only get your info from the news or the government, there are only two types of consumers.

First, there are medical users. These are the people that may or may not have severe conditions and use cannabis for things like pain relief and improving mobility. To these people, cannabis is a route to leading more of a normal lifestyle.

Then, there are the people that just love to get unashamedly high. For these people, it’s a chance to relax, have fun, and experience new things in a new way.

And of course, there are those that do a lot of both!

However, since legalization, it seems that the nation has forgotten all about the connection between marijuana and spirituality. In years gone by, there has always been a high percentage of users that worship the plant – in a similar way to ayahuasca is used by the indigenous peoples of this country.

Cannabis has been at the forefront of many youth culture movements. It has inspired great works of art and has been used ceremonially for thousands of years. The Beatles and many more bands wrote albums while stoned. All of these examples – and many more – have involved the user finding something inside them that they didn’t know was there before. They tapped into something – and whether you want to call that spirituality, creativity, or a mainline to heaven, it’s ultimately up to the individual.

There is a sacredness at work here, which cannot be ignored, even though the commercialization of marijuana products continues to gain pace.

The reality is that cannabis has always been used as a nourishment for the soul, spirituality, and overall wellness. And what’s interesting is that in the case of the latter, is that it’s a surprise that so many wellness coaches are avoiding talking about the herb that so many millions have used since the dawn of humanity. After all, wellness is such a hot topic right now – even corporations are embracing the benefits. Given the positive effects of wellness on physical health, cannabis could prove to be beneficial for both.

It all makes complete sense when you think about it. The effects of marijuana are usually that you think deeply about things, perhaps looking inwards, perhaps looking out. You have people who meditate with cannabis, do yoga while relaxing after a marijuana tonic, and there are those that use the herb to be more creative in the arts.

Ultimately, cannabis gives you an opportunity to engage a new and different sense of self. It heightens senses, helps one think meaningfully about life, the universe – and everything beyond. Many people who have visited our dispensary near the Las Vegas Strip have reported some kind of awakening – some spiritual, some political, others something entirely unique.

So, whether you are a Rastafari who places cannabis at the center of your religion, a hippy who uses it to explore the mental cosmos, or just a mom that needs time to reconnect with yourself after a busy day with the kids, there is no doubt that marijuana can help. This ancient plant has been healing people for millennia – body, mind, and soul. There is no reason why that can’t continue for millennia more.

Have you become more in tune with yourself whilst using cannabis? Or have you experienced something spiritual happening, that you didn’t know was there beforehand? Most people use alcohol to feel different, and society doesn’t seem to frown on that – much. It will be interesting to see how the legalization laws that vary from state to state starts affecting people in similar – or very different – ways. Feel free to let us know about your experiences – or pop down and see us in the best Vegas dispensary. We’ll see you soon!

Cannabis and Spirituality: Are There Spiritual Reasons for Smoking? Can cannabis make you more of a spiritual person? Can it make you more in tune with yourself? The strange thing about running