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Master Shake Dab Rig

This Master Shake Dab Rig is the theme of everyone’s favorite character from the popular American television series ATHF (Aqua Teen Hunger Force). Crush Glass has done an amazing job making this Oil Rig looking as close as possible to the real deal.

This Oil Dab Rig is made using superior high grade, thick walled glass by professional glass blowers in the USA who have done an incredible job in the overall design and construction. Just check out the details on the face and the bent straw, its truly awesome craftsmanship by our good friends over at Crush Glass.

This could be one of the greatest rigs you will ever purchase for the price, just wish they made more of these styled dab rigs using the ATHF theme being the only downside.

If your looking for something more unique and fun to impress your friends at your next party, rock out with this bad ass bad rig it will be a crazy conversation starter at your next house party, while making some of your closest friends green with envy. A cheap dab rig that’s under 100$ while not sacrificing the overall quality and smoking experience. This would make for a perfect 420 gift to your partner or friend / family member who likes to smoke concentrates / legal oils.

Master Shake Dab Rig This Master Shake Dab Rig is the theme of everyone’s favorite character from the popular American television series ATHF (Aqua Teen Hunger Force). Crush Glass has done an

Master shake bong

Shake particularly loathes Meatwad, and goes out of his way to torment and bamboozle him with elaborate schemes. Posted in r/funny by u/Rickrickrickrickrick • 0 points and 1 comment But you ate part of his brain., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. my neighbors have one named “Pizza”. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, i think it’s creative, ive never heard someone give their bong a person’s name. Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 17:27. . Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme Song (Meatwad) – Duration: 1:03. Watch Master Shake, Meatwad and Frylock deliberately ignore the original premise of \”mystery-solving foodstuffs living in Jersey\” as they combat aliens, get jobs, warp to alternate dimensions, throw up, blow up and continually surprise their viewing audience. Matt Webb Mitovich and Nick Caruso / Meatwad About Meatwad. I named it sherlock lol, My friend’s bong’s name is Barak Obonga hahahah, i like your bong name, its creative umong the others, because theirs are so creative that they are all the same, your is so uncreative thats its original, blacky, greeny and rasta-guess what colour they are. now thats unoriginal :/ Meatwad is often manipulated by numerous parties into going along with their illegal and dangerous activities, particularly by Shake and the Mooninites. By the way “The Bitch” might be the funniest name for a bong ever! When the Aqua Teens solved crimes, Shake claimed to be the leader, in spite of rarely accomplishing anything and leaving the actual work to Frylock. wow alot of good names, like the aqua teen reference. and Miami Vice, to name just a few.

He is somewhat of a father figure to Meatwad and often saves Shake and Meatwad from danger. bubble gum titty bitches is my bongs name. Voiced by Dana Snyder, Master Shake (or simply Shake) is a narcissistic, lazy, cruel, somewhat sociopathic, and idiotic milkshake. Voiced by Tommy Blacha, Dr. Wongburger is an insane alien scientist. I’m so fucking high i can eat a star. According to one critic he is “voiced, as always, with wonderful snarkiness by Dana Snyder.”[1]. anyone can think of naming a bong Bongzilla, how many other bongs do you know of named Stanley?? Voiced by MC Chris, MC Pee Pants is a criminally insane rapper who wears a shower cap and a diaper.

Voiced by Carey Means, Frylock is a floating box of French fries who has laser lenses, dental braces, and a goatee. All rights Brian Reilly 11,710 views. my pipe’s name is Gunther just cuz its the only thing i could think of that captured the personality of the pipe. Google that shit. Search. The name explains it all. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, (also known by various alternative titles), (2001–15) is an animated television series from the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. You’re probably a bigger fan of their neighbor Carl at this point, anyway. Meatwad’s voice sounds like a mixture of Yoda and Terrence from SouthPark, which is, somehow, indescribably perfect. There are several points during the theme at which you can see Frylock’s beard is cut off at the bottom. Based on U.S. series’ premiere dates, we’re continuing our series with a look at the ’80s — which is far and away our biggest round-up yet. Happy Time Harry (David Cross) – A mean, cynical and depressed doll Frylock bought him for Meatwad due to his low price, only $3.99. Frylock tries to be a good father figure to Meatwad, but Shake often tortures and pranks Meatwad, although in many episodes, Meatwad manipulates Shake into causing harm to himself by manipulating his greed and vanity. That beeping sound is shake starting the microwave. TVLine’s remaining TV theme song reviews will similarly tackle a decade at a time, hearing all about how the Fresh Prince’s life got flipped-turned upside-down, waking up this morning with The Sopranos, and learning that the Friends will always be there for us.

), Joe Biden Takes New Lead In Nevada, PA & GA Results Narrow As…, NHL Historical Stats Database Delivers With Startup’s…, Lost in the Fog of Four Years in Trump’s America, Animated Short ‘Jerich0’ Series Adaptation Wows at Cartoon…, The Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors To Help Keep Your Home Safe, Copyright В© 2020 TVLine Media, LLC. A drummer by the name of Terence Yerves claimed he had also written the theme music alongside Schoolly D in 1999 while working at the Meat Locker Studio.

July 1 2020, 12:20 PM PDT.

Carl loves pornography, sports (esp.

When pressed by Frylock, they claimed they are superior because they can “jump really high”, something they promptly fail at doing. Happy Time Harry suffers from alcoholism, cirrhosis, and a pill addiction. Terrence, you have my soul. guess who’s inside. mine’s The Champ.

Mom’s Allison Janney Opens Up About Anna Faris’ Departure. Carl prides himself on being more normal than his neighbors; however, he is shown to engage or have connections in various illegal activities and has bizarre sexual fetishes. Fast forward, rewind, pause.

pronounced Ray- she’s the egyptian sun goddess :), we named ours chef because it gets us cooked. Dr. Weird did not appear on the show again until the eighth season, but some episodes have a picture of him and Frylock in Frylock’s room. Yerves was aware the song would be used for a television series but did not approve of it being used for Aqua Teen Hunger Force, however, did not file the copyright to the Library Of Congress until May 2006, several years after the series started airing in 2001. and my brother has a bubbler named Optimus Pipe I go a sherlock homles lookin one too. ha ha ha, mine is the purple paralyzer and it rips like a champ, the best bong names are the simple ones. the ones that really fit the personality of the piece. Terrence, you have my soul. This video is unavailable. / My name is. / Meatwad, I’m a beef blob / I’m an igloo or a hot dog / I’m street, (what?) But you ate part of his brain. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Defrosting Terrence | Aqua Teen Hunger | Adult Swim – YouTube I’m so high i could vomit on a comet. ive got Wesley, and The Green Milenko, and r.i.p.

George Lowe is a recurring character voiced by the voice actor with the same name who is best known for providing the voice of Space Ghost on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Do whatever you like. :D, ______________________________________________________________________________________, i have frank the martian (frank for short) and BB which stands for Big Black or Big Bertha or really anything with the word B cause its 9 mm thick :), oh and i used to have one called “The Bitch” cause then me and all my friends would be like “wanna go hit the bitch”. George made his first appearance in “Mail Order Bride” as a wedding DJ.

This is home, this is Mean Street. Shake also frequently tries to con other characters, though it almost always fails thanks to his incompetence, and engages in numerous get rich quick schemes that are often poorly thought out and occasionally illegal in nature. Sat, 12/04/2010 – 7:21am.

(Context: Terrence is meatwad’s cat.

And remember to visit for all your full episode needs. Meatwad you’re up next With your knock-knock Meatwad make the money, see Meatwad get the honies, G Drivin’ in my car, livin’ like a star Ice on my fingers and my toes And I’m a Taurus Ha ha, check it, uh, check-check it, yeah Cause we are the Aqua Teens Make the homies say “ho” and the girlies wanna scream Cause we are tha Aqua Teens Login or register to post comments . Main character from the American animated series ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ Popular Meatwad songs Misfits and Mistakes. Voiced by C. Martin Croker, Dr. Weird is a mad scientist who lives in an abandoned mental asylum on the perpetually rainy Jersey Shore that shows up at the cold openings of the first two seasons. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme Song was written and sung by noted 1980s rapper, Schoolly D. The song was written while in his limousine on the way to the studio. the New York Giants football team), his car, classic rock music and junk food. He is easily the show’s smartest character. It’s your Internet connection.Watch More Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Adult Swim:Adult Swim is your late-night home for animation and live-action comedy. to olson, \m/ i dont know where im goin, but i kno where i been \m/. Meatwad make the money see, Meatwad get the honeys G. Drivin’ in my car, livin’ like a star, Ice on my fingers and my toes and I’m a taurus. It’s all here. I got the beat (boom!) He occasionally tries to be environmentally friendly, to the ire of Master Shake. That beeping sound is shake starting the microwave. I used to name them after greek gods but I changed my mind. also, my bong’s name is Bilbo Bongins.

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ganja connoisseur, mines mysterio cuz its baked ceramic so you cant see how big of a hit you got in the chamber and it hits hard as fuck so for the first few days it was killing all of us hahaha. Skip navigation Sign in. And for you fans of animated fare, there will be a special “best of” list that is bound to please your brain (brain, brain, brain). Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Theme Song Lyrics: Y’all ready for this? Meatwad made a song for you. Watch some playlists. baiaotou Says: 0 + Login or Register to vote-Login or Register to vote. Voiced by Dave Willis, Boxy Brown is a friend of Meatwad’s, but can talk in an African-American voice. Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force voicemail recording.

TVLine’s ongoing review of TV’s all-time greatest theme songs is about to get totally tubular, with a deep dive into the 1980s. Above the ignorance. stanley is a fuckin great name as long as the bong looks like a stanley lol. Shake zula, the mic rula, the old schoola, you want a trip, I’ll bring it to ya, Frylock and I’m on top, rock you like a cop, Meatwad, you up next with your knock-knock. Frylock often serves as the straight man to the antics of the other characters in the show. In the majority of his appearances he appears as a cop, although in “Antenna” he appears as himself. I got a blue bowl that has light blue swirls going through it I call it Posidons COck.

Master shake bong Shake particularly loathes Meatwad, and goes out of his way to torment and bamboozle him with elaborate schemes. Posted in r/funny by u/Rickrickrickrickrick • 0 points and 1