master shake pipe

Major Shake

Major Shake
Voiced by Matt Harrigan
Episode count 2
Species Poorly Cloned Milkshake
Family The Plutonians (creators)
Master Shake (source material)
Gender Male
Job Replicant
Abilities To replicate
Quote “What’s de-terraforming? This is the first time I’ve heard that.”

Major Shake is a clone of Master Shake by the Plutonians. However, he is severely deformed, due to the fact that he was cloned in a pizza oven, and was cloned from a picture of Shake only, instead of using a DNA sample.


He has one of Shake’s hands attached to his limp straw, and has a working jam box sticking out his side. In order to make him look taller, the Plutonians put Mary Jane high heels on him. One of his eyes appear to be larger then the other, his drinking hole is also visible.

In Episodes

In Bad Replicant, he proves to be one of the most normal and easy-going villains the Aqua Teens have interacted with despite being freakishly malformed (a fact he glumly notes).

After failing to convince anybody he was Master Shake, he admits the stupidity of the Plutonians’ plan and spends some time talking to the Aqua Teens before borrowing a pipe to smash the window of Carl’s car, stealing it and escaping to parts unknown.

For some reason, he and the original Master Shake both refer to the pipes as “amazing-space-age tubes”.

He reappeared on The Last One, as a villain summoned to the meeting. When he was picking up garbage on Earth, he was hit by truck, however, he was not killed, as he was seen throughout the episode.

Major Shake is a clone of Master Shake by the Plutonians. However, he is severely deformed, due to the fact that he was cloned in a pizza oven, and was cloned from a picture of Shake only, instead of using a DNA sample. He has one of Shake's hands attached to his limp straw, and has a working…

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Season 2)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, (also known by various alternative titles), (2001–15) is an animated television series from the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. The show follows the exploits of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, the milkshake; Frylock, the carton of French fries; and Meatwad, the aptly named wad of meat.


  • 1 Super Birthday Snake
  • 2 Super Hero
  • 3 Super Bowl
  • 4 Super Computer
  • 5 Super Model
  • 6 Super Spore
  • 7 Super Sir Loin
  • 8 Super Squatter
  • 9 The Meat Zone
  • 10 Super Trivia
  • 11 Universal Remonster
  • 12 Total Re-Carl
  • 13 Revenge of the Trees
  • 14 Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary
  • 15 The Shaving
  • 16 Broodwich
  • 17 Kidney Car
  • 18 The Cubing
  • 19 Frat Aliens
  • 20 The Clowning
  • 21 The Dressing
  • 22 THE
  • 23 The Cloning
  • 24 The Last One
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Super Birthday Snake Edit

Super Hero Edit

[Later that evening]

TV Announcer: Downtown is in flames tonight as a mysterious arsonist. Frylock: Ah no, Shake. You messed up this time. Meatwad: I’m calling Japan. Shake: WHO THE HELL DO YOU KNOW IN JAPAN. NOBODY. Meatwad: Hello, Japan? Shake: NO!! Meatwad: Yes, connect me to Godzilla, please. Shake: [takes phone away] YOU DON’T GET ONE! I told the Drizzle you’d mess this up! It hasn’t been five minutes and you already did!

Super Bowl Edit

[At night, Shake smiles at Meatwad in his room. He grabs a gutter from behind him and turns his smile into a frown]

Shake: I didn’t leave my keys in here. Silly! Uh, this must be the wrong. PLACE! [Carl busts in after Shake tries to keep him out] Carl: Get your meat ass out here and have some fun with me! Meatwad: Why do you have those oven mitts on? Shake: I’m not touching you skin-to-skin! I mean, it’s extra padding, it’s for your pleasure Meatwad: I’m not entirely comfortable with the level of asbestos in these mitts Shake: Just take deep breaths. breathe it in and die! Give me those tickets! Meatwad: Yep, Super Bowls are fun. We got braggin’ rights this year. Number One. Shake: Who? Meatwad: Number One. Shake: Who’s Number One? Meatwad: I don’t know. Shake: You don’t know…because you went to a fucking farm, you fucking imbecile! [Meatwad leaves] Shake: Get back here! You cost me my one chance! I GOT FUCKING DIABETES AND CANCER BECAUSE OF YOU. Carl: (playing football with Meatwad) Okay, so you’ve got the ball. Now you wanna wrap your. uh, you know that stretchy little, sticky thing. Meatwad: (grabbing the football and pushing it into his face, distorting his features) Like dis? Carl: No. Meatwad: (with the football sitting on his head, and four “arms” of meat waving around) What about dis? Carl: (frowning) No, not like. that either. no. Meatwad: (with the ball in his mouth) How about this? Carl: Oh. hatever. It’s. going right in the trash after this, so. uhhh. yeah, let ‘er rip! Meatwad: (spits out the football) Carl: Yeah, hooray. we won! Who are you taking to the Super Bowl? Carl: Okay, time out here. Look, ever since my son was. never conceived since I’ve never had consensual sex without there being money involved, I’ve always thought of you as something that I could sorta. live next to. in accordance with state laws. Meatwad: That’s so sweet. You tryin’ to say that you love me. Carl: Whoah, let’s not put people on the spot here. [Carl puts on a foam “#1” glove.] Carl: [angrily] WHO ARE YOU TAKING TO THAT FREAKIN’ SUPERBOWL?! Meatwad: Carl, your finger! Shake: [To Meatwad] Who are you taking? Carl: Yeah, who are you takin’? Frylock: Carl? How did you get in here? Carl: The window, jackass. WHO ARE YOU TAKIN’. Shake: T-this is a box. Are y’outta ya freakin’ mind?! You’ll get arrested! Meatwad: Gentlemen, meet my new best friend. (70’s disco plays) Boxy Brown. Shake: Meet your new dead best friend. Boxy Brown: Uh uh, fool. Step back. Meatwad: You’d best listen to Boxy, now. He don’t play. Shake: Listen to what?! He’s imaginary for Chri- YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE FEETBALL, I’M THE NUMBER ONE SUPER FAN!

Super Computer Edit

[Meatwad in the shower]

Meatwad: Dang, what was that? Master Shake(angrily shocked): What are you doing in the shower?! Oog: So there me was beating boulder into powder because me couldn’t eat it and magic ball land in lap. Naturally, me think, “All right! Free Egg!” because me stupid and me cave man. So me spent about 3 days humping and bust open with thigh bone so me could eat it good, then magic ball shoot Oog with beam, and next thing me know me go out and invent wheel out of dinosaur brain! Magic dino-wheel rolled for 3 short distance before me eat it, the point is me get smarter. Soon, me walk upright. Me featherback dirty, matted hair into wings for style and me stop to use bathroom as opposed to me just doing it as me walk.

Super Model Edit

Super Spore Edit

[Meatwad, Frylock and Travis start leaving]

Carl: Oh what? You’re leavin’? What are you doin’?! You haven’t even urinated on all of my house yet! Master Shake: Hey, how ya doing? I think I need to go to the doctor. Cause I’ve been losing long, long tracks of time now, and. and I’m starting to get just a little freaked out about the fact that my hand is missing. I can’t find it. Frylock: Shake you’ll be fine. That hole in your head will heal up in no time. Master Shake: Hole? Oh thats great. I’m sure it was drilled on one of those days I can’t remember. Frylock: Here’s five dollars, go see a movie. Shake: Motion pictures are ten dollars. Frylock: Fine. Here’s ten. Shake: But what about popped corn? Frylock: Whatever, damn. Just go! Shake: (Mumbles) I wonder what’s playing- Frylock: (Getting frustrated) Go. Shake: Fine. I know when to go. (pause) Do You know what- Frylock: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. [Travis is at a job interview] Travis: I would say that perserverance number one aplitude. appitude. attribute! I people person, work good with children. People like me, because I force them to, with violence! Interviewer: That’s uh. do you have any questions for me? Travis: I rule you! Interviewer: Well, it was really nice to meet you and I’ll let you know in the near future if we start hiring. animals. Travis: Thank you, bitch. Suck it dry!

Super Sir Loin Edit

Super Squatter Edit

[The power is out because Shake refuses to pay the bill]

Meatwad: Has he learned his lesson yet? Please tell me he has, cause this is getting old over here. BLEND! Frylock: Look, I’m sure he’ll come around and. maybe even learn something. Just give it a few more hours, okay? Meatwad: A few hou-?! Look here! I’m getting hungry and thirsty; usually by now, I’d be on my fifth weenie smoothie, and guess how many I’ve had? Zero. Frylock: (smelling the weenies) Phew! Well, those weenies are spoiled by now, Meatwad. I mean, the fridge hasn’t worked for a whole day. Meatwad: Pssh, I don’t keep ’em there. I age them on the windowsill, so that when they get all sticky and slimy and smelling bad, like they’s rotting? Frylock: Ugh. Meatwad: . that’s when they’s getting good. Frylock: Really. Meatwad: Let me go off-topic here for a bit: you know how much protein’s in a weenie smoothie? Frylock: Um, no. Meatwad: Zero. BLEND!

(as Meatwad is making a weinie smoothie with a lawnmower)

Frylock: Meatwad, no! Shake: Meatwad, YES! Frylock: Well I’m just glad that you finally learned some responsibility. [goes outside and sees dozens of extension cords hooked up to Carl’s house] In the most ass way possible. [Carl accidentally shot himself in the foot. Shake is still watching TV] Carl: I didn’t think it was loaded, I was just sorta checkin’ the barrel there, and. Shake: Yeah, and the gun went off in your hand. I know, I was there, I heard. Why do you think I cranked up the volume? You know, hearing does not come back. It degrades over time. [Frylock is dragging Carl, who accidentally shot his foot, to the hospital in the Danger Cart] Carl: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Frylock: Carl, calm down! We’ll be there in a couple of hours, okay? Carl: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

The Meat Zone Edit

(Frylock shouts in pain)

Frylock: AHH. Damn Meatwad, Your Grip! Master Shake: Look, there’s only one way get across this street: You close your eyes and just bolt out there with complete disregard for machine. Meatwad: What if I just kept one open, and maybe tried it that way? Master Shake: Yeah, if you think you’re going to get somewhere in life by cheating. Meatwad: Yeah. Master Shake: I mean you may as well paint yourself yellow, run around like a maniac, and call yourself Banana Man, cause that’s what you’re doing. Master Shake: Hey Donna! How about shoot me in the head. Meatwad: This here’s my road when I’s in it. And I’m in it. Frylock: Who told you that? Meatwad: Master Shake. Master Shake: Ahem? Meatwad: Oh. CAPTAIN Master Shake. Master Shake: Of? Meatwad: Of Interplanetary. Traffic Safety Squad & Patrol. Master Shake: Which units? Meatwad: All units. Master Shake: Except? Meatwad: Except Jupiter and Spain, or unless otherwise noted. Master Shake: Good! We’re learning something here. Master Shake: Now what did we learn today? Meatwad: Pedestrian always has the right of way. Master Shake: Yes! Except. Meatwad: When you in the way. [Feces is raining down on Carl & Master Shake from their “oil rig”] Master Shake: Yeah! We’re rich! Black gold, Texas tea! Carl: Oh man. Is it supposed to stink like this? Master Shake: Yeah, that’s why it’s called “crude” Carl. Carl: [angrily] No it’s not, we hit my septic tank, you jackass! Master Shake: Oh. So you’re storing extra oil in your septic tank. I’m on to you. Carl: You’re wearin my dinner! Master Shake: Oh gross! You eat corn? I hate cor-(Carl tackles him) Meatwad: Let me touch your hand. Master Shake: I Don’t know. Meatwad: I’ll be gentle as a lamb. Master Shake: Fine. Not again. Meatwad:(angrily) That works out with weights! Master Shake: [Meatwad touches him] WHOA’. Master Shake: [after Meatwad reveals him reading a Butt Frenzy magazine in Frylock’s room] He knows! He has the gift! . but he’s about to lie to you!

Super Trivia Edit

Universal Remonster Edit

Total Re-Carl Edit

Revenge of the Trees Edit

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary Edit

The Shaving Edit

Broodwich Edit

[Meatwad gets sent to Hell]

Shake: Hey, did you hear what I called him? He can’t do jack about it. [Meatwad reappears from Hell] Hey! How’d ya like Mr Sticks?! He was a real treat, wasn’t he? Meatwad: Yeah.. Jerry said you guys had a little run in, but he’s a decent guy, I mean, once you get to know him. Shake: Bull crap! I know that guy was all over you with his axe! Meatwad: Nah, that don’t sound like Jerry. Now, the Jerry I know took me to Merry Christmas. which is a strip club. Merry Triple X-mas.. You see what I’m saying? You see what I’m saying?! Shake: Gimme that sandwich!!

[Shake quickly eats the Broodwich and been sent to hell]

Frylock: Wow, so you’re saying it was fun? Meatwad: Hell no! That son of a bitch had an axe!

[Cut to hell, where Shake appears next to two stick-men]

Jerry: So, I don’t know, she’s like, “move your skulls to the basement, because I got these drapes. ” I didn’t get that, I’m like, “Honey, this is work.” Stick Man 2: Are you serious? Jerry: I can’t put ‘em in the fucking basement, I mean, and she’s like, you know, “Can you put a tarp over them, also?” And I just felt like. NO! I’m not. god damn it! Stick Man 2: I got one at home just like it. And I got a kid now, and so… Jerry: That’s a whole other set of bullshit, I’m sure. Stick Man 2: So, Cathy puts the co-sleeper right next to my preserved brain collection, and she wants me to move them cause she thinks it’s not hygienic. Jerry: I don’t understand how there’s a lack of appreciation for that. backlight coming through the glass of the jars that the brains are in. I mean, it just looks cool. Stick Man 2: You’ve seen that? Jerry: Why move it? That’s the point of putting it next to the window. Stick Man 2: Right. Jerry: And I’m sure you’ve explained that to Cathy, but she obviously doesn’t get that. Stick Man 2: Yeah. Yeah, there’s no. yeah, I can’t even argue with her. Jerry: Ugh, it’s fuckin’ ridiculous. Stick Man 2: If I want to move the bed. (sees Shake) Hey. Hey, isn’t that that guy? Master Shake: And what’s with the toilet seat, right? Jerry:-Oh what the fuck.

[Jerry begins to chase Shake, wielding an axe]

Master Shake: Jerry, no! We’re cool! We’re cool, man!

Kidney Car Edit

[Shake has a trophy]

Shake: Oh, sweetness. Frylock: Hey, Shake, whatcha got there? Shake: No, do not get near this. Frylock: Well, what is it? Shake: Just the fruits of victory. I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about it, being a loser. Frylock: The shake ’em up finals? Shake: Yeah, I won ‘Participant’ Frylock: Shake, don’t tell me you used the Danger Cart in some demolition derby. Shake: Hell no, I got my own wheels.

[Carl Knocks on the door]

Carl: Hey, open up, or I’m opening it for you. Shake: [Leaving] Well, you know the drill. Frylock: Drill? No, I don’t. [Opens the door] Hey.. Carl.. how you doin’ man? Carl: Take a look at that.

[Carl’s Car is completely totaled]

Frylock: Ooo. Hey, Carl. This is pretty boss man. Where’d you get those graphics done? Carl: Thank you, I didn’t frickin’ do it. Frylock: Well, then why are you showin’ it to me? Carl: Someone stole it, raced it, and brought it back! Frylock: Oh, well, I mean, you did call the police, right? Carl: Heh, heh, yeah, good one. Oh, I never thought of that. No they, they stopped takin’ my calls like, long ago. Frylock: Well, uh, we’re kinda not. detectives anymore. I mean, that wasn’t making us a whole lotta money. [Frylock is explaining what’s wrong with the car to Meatwad.] Frylock: The radiator’s split, the tranny’s shot, the wheels are melted, the crankshaft somehow found its way into the woofer in the back, and all the fluids are in the floorboard! Meatwad: Nah it ain’t. This just the soft-drink machine. Frylock: They’re fluids, Meatwad! Meatwad: Soft drink’s a fluid. [Meatwad walks out of the house with braided hair.] Meatwad: No, sir. But now we got us a mail-order telemarket business. Ultra Mega Braid. Carl, I see you’re noticing my braids. Carl: No, I’m not. Meatwad: Did you know that you can have braids just like this? With Ultra Mega Braid! Frylock: Carl, you wanna try one out? Carl: No. Frylock: We could do your shoulders. Meatwad: They come in seven different colors, and you could add decorative beads and glitter. Make your own, unique Ultra Mega Braid! Frylock: 3.99. Carl: Hey, kiss my Ultra Mega Ass! [Carl walks away.] Meatwad: Are you depressed? Has our interest rates got you down? My name is Meatwad, and today I’m here to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sell your organs! LIVE! Over the Internet! Get money back on your baby! That don’t sound right. Where’s my sheet? Frylock: You know, you don’t really need kidneys. Meatwad: I know it’s shallow, but hey, I want some. It’s a status thing. That’s what separates the men from the animals. Frylock: Actually, Meatwad, animals have kidneys, too. Meatwad: Well, animals ain’t got no job working for the city. Frylock: Neither do you. Meatwad: Yeah, well. damn! You burned me. I got nothing. [to Carl] So back off my car and hold your roll. Carl: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ease off the pedal there, Jeff Gordon. I am keeping the graphics. [Meatwad is hitting the engine of the Hotwad with a plastic saw.] Meatwad: Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Okay, that should do it. Okay now, when I say “crank it”, you do whatever it is people do when they’re told to do that. Boxy Brown: Uh-uh! I ain’t hearin’ that. See, you askin’, or you tellin’? ‘Cause nobody tells Boxy Brown! Meatwad: Boxy, this isn’t a big deal. I mean, I’m just asking a favor. Now if you remember, I helped you move your grandma to the home, and that was my day off. Boxy Brown: Oh, that was no grandma, boy. That was a grocery bag. Meatwad: But you just a box. Boxy Brown: [extremely angry] I just a what, bitch?! Meatwad: Y-You Duke of New York. You’re A Number 1. Boxy Brown: [shouts] You say that louder, boy! Meatwad: ‘YOU DUKE OF NEW YORK A NUMBER ONE!’ Boxy Brown: He-he-he-he-he. Yeah! [Shake brings a plastic drill to Meatwad who is using a plastic saw to fix his car. Shake drops the drill and it explodes.] Shake: Get out of there! What, are you trying to break it?! [looks down at crater left by exploded drill] It’s not metric?! Meatwad [recounting a mechanic’s appraisal of the car]: He said that the hobbit, that turns the crank case is depressed, and needs therapy. We need to get us a new hobbit. They’s from the land beyond time, land beyond time’s also gonna hook us up with a unicorn for the radiator, I ain’t even gonna tell you bout that haunted air condition. Then that air filter, that’s made of plutonium, that’s gonna require Superman, so, you know, plus shippin’ from Krypton. Then the cow, jumped over the moon. Frylock: Is this what he told you or. how you heard it? Meatwad You should look at it yourself. I don’t even know anymore. Frylock: Wow, he really did write all that. What an asshole. Frylock: Okay, now crank it. Meatwad: Okay, here I go. (pause) You ready? Frylock: Yeah. Meatwad: (pauses again) Ready now? Frylock: READY! Meatwad: Here it comes. Frylock: Okay. (pause) Come on, Meatwad, I’m ready. Meatwad: You ready for it? Frylock: I’M READY ALREADY! JUST DO IT. Meatwad: Okay, don’t get mad at me. (turns on the radio) How’s that sound? Do you like that song? Frylock: I meant “turn the key.” Meatwad: I did! This is Key: K-104, Jersey’s kickin’ country! Frylock: The key to the ignition, Meatwad! Meatwad: (turns off radio) I’m turnin’ it! Frylock: That’s the steering wheel! Meatwad: I’m goin’ left. Frylock: [sighs] But you’re turning to the right! Meatwad: Go to Mach 1, engage warp speed. I’m late for work. [makes engine noises] [Frylock and Shake are watching Meatwad from the house] Frylock: Shake, I’m a little worried about Meatwad. I think he’s losing his mind. Shake: Watch this. I think he’s losing his license. Meatwad: (hears sirens) Aw, shoot! The bronze 5-0. [The “siren” is Shake with a police hat, badge and baton.] Shake: (calmly) Is there, uh. is there an emergency or something? Meatwad: (nervously) Well, yeah, I mean- Shake: Somebody having a baby? Meatwad: Y’know, I need to get to work and uh- Shake: What’s going on here? Meatwad: Hey, I’m a wild man. I can’t drive 55. Shake: [taps axle with baton] No wheels here, either. and you passed an inspection like that? Meatwad: Mmhm. Yessir. Shake: I see you ran through a couple of lights. And I’m thinking. surely this little lady wouldn’t do that in her own town? Where ya from? Meatwad: Now, they was yellow when I went through them- Shake: (unimpressed) Uh-huh. They were red. like your ass is gonna be, when I get through with you. Alright, step out of the car, please. Have you had anything to drink tonight, ma’am? Meatwad: Oh, hell yeah. Can I mix you something, or- Shake: Alright. I want you to walk in a straight line to that manhole and when you fall down in there, I want to hear the alphabet backwards. Meatwad: Okay. (rolls off) Shake: Sucker! He-hey! (gets in Hotwad, makes engine noises) [Meatwad goes to Frylock inside] Meatwad: Did you see that?! He stole my car! Frylock: Yeah. Did you get the plate number? Meatwad: Good idea! (leaves) Shake: (in background) Hey, what are you looking at?! Hey, it’s not Sunday, lady! Let’s go. Meatwad: (to Frylock) What’s that letter that does this? (gestures) With the thing? There’s two of them. Carl: Hey, hey, hey, hey, what was that noise?! Uh, where is my white hatchback?! Shake: [Playing dumb] ‘Scuse me? Carl: And why are there skid marks there?! Shake: Uh, I just got through mowing the lawn. if that’s a crime. Carl: I friggin’ RENTED THIS THING THIS MORNING!! Shake: Yeah, we know how you did it. Congratulations. The bank gave you a credit card. It doesn’t make you better than me! But you see, nobody gives me credit, because I’m a bad risk and I don’t pay my bills on time. So I have to work for what I have. Carl: Um, did my car always have that, or am I just uh. Shake: What? Class? Style? I don’t think so. Thank God I got a hip transplant. Now why don’t you go back into your house and shut up? [Carl’s head explodes] Meatwad: Why’d he do that? Shake: Why wouldn’t he?

The Cubing Edit

Frat Aliens Edit

Master Shake: Somebody’s a little bi-curious! Meatwad: I ain’t no bi-curious. I’m a man’s man! Master Shake: Not anymore! I’ve planted the seed of doubt! Meatwad: You don’t say that! I’m a man, and you. if you need me, I’m gonna be in the garage. [in a deeper voice] hangin’ Sheet Rock, ’round an engine I’m rebuilding. Master Shake: Look at the way he rolls. Meatwad: WHERE’S MY CHEWIN’ TOBACCO. Master Shake: . just like a woman! D.P.: Dude, your buddy here is givin’ me a rash. Frylock: He usually doesn’t drink this much! Master Shake: I out-party you! Frylock: Shake, will you sit down? Master Shake: P.D., I know how to throw…down. Dude! And I almost said ‘throw up’, but I didn’t. I hold my boobs. my booze! But I hold boobs all day, too! Frylock: Yeah, this is beer number two for him, right? Master Shake: Dude, show him that sweet lung tat you got. Oh…wait till you see this. This is so awesome. [D.P. opens a flap in his chest, shows a tattoo of his frat.] D.P.: Had to do it on the inside or my dad would totally kill me. Had to get WASTED cuz it hurt like eight bitches on a bitch boat! D.P.:What else is open besides, your mouth, when you’re like kissing on some gay dude and like holding his, like, muscles cause his arms are just like, wrapped around you and you feel like so safe, cause you’re like, not that you’re gay or nothing, but god you just want to bury yourself in his chest and just live there forever.

The Clowning Edit

The Dressing Edit

THE Edit

The Cloning Edit

Meatwad: Man. This is some good TV right here. [wakes up Shake who is sleeping on the chair] Hey hey hey. Master Shake: [yawning] Yeah? Meatwad: You missin’ some good TV. Master Shake: Change it. Meatwad: I ain’t changin this. This is the best. Master Shake: [pulls out a flaming arrow] Change it. Meatwad: To what? Come on, this is good. Master Shake: Why don’t we let the arrow decide. Meatwad: Aw don’t do that- [Shake fires the flaming arrow at the TV] AW COME ON! [TV explodes] Master Shake: And now it’s changed. The changling. Frylock: [from bedroom] What was that?! Master Shake: What do you think it was?! Meatwad: It was you boy. Master Shake: [goes to an empty closet] What the- Hey! This closet was full of TVs last time I checked and now there’s none. Meatwad: ‘Cause you keep breakin ’em. Master Shake: ‘Cause you keep pissing me off so bad! You should be lucky I direct my anger at the media, and not your buttocks! Meatwad: Yeah, Frylock, please. Make us a TV. I mean look at me. How else am I gonna face the day? I ain’t got no job, my wife left me, bills pilin’ up, I got child support payments, and I have no idea if what I said’s true. But I believe it. Master Shake: He is right. Meatwad: We needs to dull our senses. [Shake shoves the TV off the stand and it jumps up] Meatwad: Whoa damn. Did you just see that?! Master Shake: No, we didn’t see it. Everything’s fine. Now just SHUT UP and go control it. [Shake attempts to hit the TV with a bat and it jumps again] Meatwad: Damn! Did you just see that?! Master Shake: I’m not in the business of seeing whatever pleases you. [chases after TV] Get back here you son of a. Meatwad: Well I’m in business. [to himself] The business of kicking your ass. And let me tell you, business is booming. I’m open for business. Business of giving you the business. up your butt. [looks up and sees Shake looking at him] Did you hear me say that? Master Shake: You looking to expand your business? Meatwad: [starts running] Business is closed! Business is closed! [The TV is chained to the stand] Master Shake: Alright! ‘s what’s called taking command of the situation! Meatwad… you turn it on. Meatwad: I ain’t going near that TV, boy! I think that thing’s alive! Master Shake: [sternly] Go over there, get close to it, and touch it to turn it on. Meatwad: What’ll you give me? Master Shake: Six months to a year. And brother, you are dead! [A show with Shake on it is playing on the TV] Meatwad: Look at that thing! You on the TV. Master Shake: Well, uh. you know, I’ve been on TV a lot. See, this. oh, yeah, sure, this is my sitcom with a- Evil TV Shake: I’m in your house. Master Shake: … with a science-fiction horror twist. It’s called. uh. Meatwad: What’s it called? Master Shake: I don’t know, shut up. I’m-I’m trying to hear my lines. [Evil TV Shake stares at the camera] Master Shake: …the hell is this? Meatwad: Well, you said this is your sitcom? With the sci-fi horror twist? That’s never been done before. Master Shake: Yeah, I know, I just don’t remember filming this episode. I can tell my instincts are strong in this scene though, and I got a lot of motivation. Psychotic TV Frylock: [during Shake’s sitcom] I’m the one who’s sorry, OK? I’m sorry I made the cheerleading squad and you didn’t. [Audience members say “awwwwwwwwwwww!”] Evil TV Shake: It’s OK. You were the better cheerleader. Psychotic TV Frylock: Well, I wasn’t no slouch. Did you see me do those cartwheels? [canned laughter] Meatwad: [laughs] I identify with that. Evil TV Shake: OK, OK, don’t rub it in. [canned laughter] Meatwad: [laughs] And there’s the zinger. Psychotic TV Frylock: OK, then how about I blow it in? [shoots him] Evil TV Shake: Wha – Meatwad: Shake! Damn! Master Shake: WHAT DO YOU WANT. Meatwad: Something’s wrong with that TV! Frylock: There’s nothing wrong with that TV. [The TV, chained to the stand, begins spraying blood] Frylock: Okay, something’s wrong with the TV. Frylock: You can’t use the cloner to counterfeit money, Shake. Master Shake: Look, we will discuss this when I feel like it. Right now, I gotta go get a new Camaro, ’cause that’s where the shit is, baby! Frylock: [as Shake leaves with a bag full of bills] There are limits to how much you can clone. Matter breaks down over time! Master Shake: [heading out] Blah, blah, blah, blah, I’m sorry I’m not fluent in Dorkinese! Frylock: Hmmm, well, on the other hand, I could use this to feed all the hungry children of the world. Yeah, with my new chain of family-style restaurants. [Puts dollars into the cloner and the money piles up] Oh, yeah. Oh, hell, yeah! [Phone rings] Yeah, I’m busy. What? Carl: Hey, Fryman. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t call you ’cause I don’t like you, but you’re on the TV, man. [Psychotic TV Frylock puts a six-pack on the floor] Check out channel. 666. That’s weird. Frylock: Look, Carl, I don’t have time. Carl: Whoa! Hang on, I’m on it now! That is me. [Psychotic TV Frylock high-fives TV Carl and hands him the beer] Awesome! Awesome! Friggin’ awesome! I’m on TV! I look pretty good. Chicken skin diet’s really paying off for me. [Psychotic TV Frylock, after a toast, shoots TV Carl] Oh, God. You stay far away from this house. Do you hear me?! Far away! Master Shake: Frylock, get away from the money. The genetic structure is breaking down. It needs to be analyzed. at the Camaro dealership. Meatwad: Hey, I want some of that! I provided the seed money. Master Shake: [drops three dollars in front of Meatwad] Here. You tripled your investment. Now take a dirt nap. Shake: Who let the hippie in here? I got news for you, pal: The dead are dead, okay? So maybe what you’re looking for is soap, which is at the grocery store. You know, food you don’t have to pick? Frylock: Shake. Shake: They sell meat there. Frylock: Uh, Shake? Shake: . and while you’re at it — Frylock: Shake! Shake: No! Shut up! I’m talking to him! Frylock: He’s George Washington! George Washington: [sighs] I am. Shake: Well, what the hell is he doing next to my Benjamins? George Washington: I have come bearing a message. Great Britain sought taxes from the colonies, and they paid for their greed with blood. Now, do you understand the price of avarice? Shake: Take him out. George Washington: Wait! NO! [Frylock shoots him repeatedly with a shotgun] Meatwad: [holding gun to his own head, with several smoking holes] I done took him out didn’t I? Master Shake: Yeah. you really took him out. Meatwad: I knew I took him out..hee hee yeah! Hey, did I take him out? Frylock: Ah, we should have cloned twenties. Jackson wouldn’t have given a shit.

The Last One Edit

Inignokt: Who’s got a rad name? Cybernetic Ghost: Giglioranasoniphonican. Wisdom Cube: Super Fun.. Super Awesome Villains Forever. Cybernetic Ghost: Wait. Um. Giglioranananomicom! Err: Bon Scott. Major Shake: No. that sucks. Err: Banner Thomas. Major Shake: The Evil Gang of 11. Wisdom Cube: Super Awesome Villians Forever! That’s mine! Hey! Mothmonsterman: How about the Midnighters? Major Shake: Illin. the Illin Villians. Mothmonsterman: You know, we’re out at night. Ol’ Drippy: How about Got Villians? Mothmonsterman: Nasty Midnighters. Rabbot: Monday Tuesday Wednesday- [Cybernetic Ghost joins in] Rabbot & Cybernetic Ghost: Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Inignokt: Typical. Robots. Err: I kinda like that name. It’s identifiable. Inignokt: Err, step directly on that. MC P Pants: Wait a minute! I got a plan see! I got a plan, see? We take these monsters right, we start a haunted house. Yeah, you feelin me? We invite everyone to the haunted house and they come thinkin’ it’s gonna be all scary and shit, but in fact the house is also for sale cause it’s a Condo, get it? Like in Hilton Head and people are gonna pay big ass cash money to live there, right? And then we take all that money and buy more psychadelic mushrooms, ya feel me? Inignokt: More?! MC P Pants: Yeah, I already ate a bunch of ’em, so what do y’all think, what’re we tryin’ to do? Get me a record deal? Cause my label keeps on dropping me cause I keep on gettin’ killed but I’m like I’m gonna come back! I’m gonna come back! Come on, I need this job man! Inignokt: Squash him, Err. MC P Pants: I will be back man. Aaah! [Err squahes him]

[The Aqua Teens pretend they have gone to Honolulu, but they are really in Carl’s house]

Master Shake: [from inside Carl’s house] Get your mouth off of me! Yeah we moved to Honolulu, shut up! Carl: Ay, you know what? They actually moved to Honolulu. Can you believe that? I just found this out. Inignokt: Oh, well. then give me my note back. Happy Time Harry: Hey did you hear- aw jeez. They’re in the house! Inignokt: That’s impossible. They moved to Honolulu. Meatwad: We ain’t moved to no Honolulu- Master Shake: [kicks Meatwad] Shut up.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Season 2) Aqua Teen Hunger Force , (also known by various alternative titles), (2001–15) is an animated television series from the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim ]]>