matchbox vaporizer

Matchbox vaporizer

Magic-Flight™ offers to all purchasers of the Launch Box® vaporizer a lifetime functional limited warranty for all Launch Box® units. Please see our support page for more details.

About the
Launch Box®

The Launch Box® is a solid wood vaporizer, designed for dry herb, to leverage the medicinal properties of plants for your well-being and benefit.

Our Launch Box®, a pioneer in the market place with its patented technology, has always been free of heavy metals.

Be Empowered! Choose Your Flower!

customer reviews

“WOW! I just ‘launched’ for the first time. MY GOD! I’m a 76 year old great grandpa that has arthritis and other aches and pains. I have NO COUGH! I’M RIPPED! Thanks for your product! I told the wife when she cremates me to toss in my Launch Box! Never can tell who ya might meet on the other side!” -Jerry


Magic-Flight™ proudly offers to all purchasers of the Launch Box® vaporizer our industry leading product support. Please see our warranty page for more details.

The Official Home of the Magic-Flight Launch Box. The world’s best portable handheld rechargable herbal vaporizer.

Launch Box Vaporizer


    • Launch Box Vaporizer
        • Chakra Series
      • Classics
        • MAPLE Classic
        • CHERRY Classic
        • WALNUT Classic
        • Monocle Classic
      • Wood Etched
        • Mandala Collection
        • Tessellation Line
        • Veteran’s Commemorative
        • The Molecule
      • Cover Designs
        • Celtic Tree
        • Chakra Series
        • Crop Circle Collection
        • Mary Jane’s Box
        • Goddess Reflection
        • Metatron
        • Nautilus
        • Rocktopus
        • Sweet Bee
      • Limited Edition
        • DITSKY
        • SWANSON
    • Flight Essentials
      • Finishing Grinder
      • Escape Pod
      • Flight Kit ONLY
      • Draw Stems
      • Draw Whips
      • Cleaning Brush
      • Travel Elastics
      • ABV Container
      • Battery Push Back Ring
      • Concentrate Tray
    • Power Supply
      • Power Adapter 3.0
      • Rechargeable Batteries
      • Battery Charger
      • Car Adapter
      • Power Supply Accessories
        • Magnetic Connection Cable for 3.0
        • Wall Plug Attachment for PA 3.0
        • Battery Caps
        • Battery Push Back Ring
    • Water Filtration
      • Orbiter – Table Top
      • Bottle Rocket – Portable
      • UFO – Portable
      • Water Pipe Whip
    • Companions
      • AIRomantic Incense Burner
      • Deck of Essential Wisdom
      • Herbal Blends
      • Magic Flight Glyph Ring
      • Mystical Friends Poster
      • Magic Sticker Pack
      • Signature Box Tin
      • Canvas Tote Bag
      • Loading Spoon
      • Replacement Screens for MD Box
      • Works of Forrest Landry
        • “Tiny Book of Essential Wisdom”
        • “The Effective Choice”
        • “An Immenant Metaphysics”
    • Specials
      • Elite Flight Package
      • Classic Organic Tee
      • Stencil Organic Tee

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The only ORGANIC vaporizer for dry herb, hand-crafted solid wood, leveraging the medicinal properties of the plant kingdom with patented technology. Robust and Effective yet discreet. Pure and Simple!