mexican brick weed

Brick weed explained

What is brick weed?

Brick weed and compressed weed are terms that are used when referring to marijuana that had been harvested and then compressed into a brick of weed. Most commonly found used in Mexico as it is often used to smuggle large amounts of drugs across borders in small spaces. Many don’t even realize they are smoking brick weed because a dealer will buy it and break it apart resulting in flat looking buds.

Should you be smoking brick weed?

Technically compressed weed can be made of almost any strain of cannabis, though generally, any cannabis that has been put under enough pressure to shape it into a brick will not be high quality. This is because a brick of marijuana has been handled roughly and placed under mass amounts of pressure that destroy and remove much of the THC and terpenes that were present in the bud before it was compressed. That doesn’t mean that smoking brick weed can’t be enjoyable. It just suggests that it will not be as good as it would have been before it was pressed. Brick weed does tend to be made most often using outdoor cannabis plants that may or may not be of a decent quality. The most significant benefit of smoking a brick of marijuana will likely be the reduced price it will be available for.

How much for a brick of weed?

We mentioned that smoking brick weed may come with the benefit of a lower price. What we can’t say is precisely how much. That will mostly depend on the honesty of your supplier, but in general, a brick of marijuana holds approximately 2.2 kilograms of dried herb. While the cannabis before it is pressed would likely fetch anywhere from $2000-$4000 smoking brick weed will cost you closer to $500-$1000 depending on the quality of it.

How to smoke a brick of marijuana

While the name may make it sound a tad complicated it really isn’t. Brick weed is just compressed into one large chunk. The challenge is breaking it apart into pieces that resemble buds still rather than powder. Some find tools like steam or a mister helpful in loosening buds making them easier to remove. Others prefer to just break off a chunk as it’s needed. It is up to you how it is used. Either way, the product itself is just regular bud that runs a bit on the dry side and will smoke the same as any other dry leaf cannabis. It just might not be as potent or tasty as some other options you may or may not have access to.

If you are wondering what brick weed is then don’t feel bad. Though it’s been around for quite a while, it hasn’t exactly been a super popular option.

Mexican brick weed

Nah, we don’t need his shitty brickweed.

A type of cannabis product: female marijuana plants that have been dried and pressed into bricks or blocks for transportation or preservation.

Usually refers to female marijuana plants that have been cultivated outdoors in commercial quantities using basic agricultural techniques. This method of production results in low THC content and the presence of numerous seeds due to pollination by any male plants that are present.

Often originates from, and uses varieties of marijuana (Indigenous Land Races, or ILRs) indigenous to, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand or South Africa, for reasons relating to location, climate and cultural attitudes to marijuana use and production.

Popularity and use vary geographically: in countries of origin, this kind of weed, sometimes loose and unpressed, is the staple marijuana product. In the affluent markets of North America and Europe, more powerful, higher quality, locally grown sensimilla (lit. ‘seedless’) and hashish are favoured. In hashish producing countries (Morocco, Afganistan, Nepal, India) hashish is the staple form of marijuana.

Well-known varieties of brick weed include:

Thai Sticks – Thai, often wrapped round a stick and soaked is cannabis oil for added potency)
Acacpulco Gold – from the Acapulco region of Mexico. Very popular in the US in the 60s and 70s, subject of the cult documentary ‘Acapulco Gold’ (1973).
Durban Poison – South African
Swazi – from Swaziland, South Africa

Mexican brick weed Nah, we don’t need his shitty brickweed. A type of cannabis product: female marijuana plants that have been dried and pressed into bricks or blocks for transportation or