michaels pipe

Paroles de Song For Michael’s Pipe

(The hidden decoder exercise in the booklet)

The hunter becomes the hunted
No man can only be free
Forty screaming monks see three
Silly lading gun sort of people

Love me nobody loves me

La suite des paroles ci-dessous

Love me somebody has something
Love me nobody hurts you
Love me somebody has nothing

A movie theater is a history lesson
My teacher can never seem mute
There stands in the clearing a prayer flute
Silly loading gun sort of lovers

Scream, sweat for my nighttime
Yell, naked the medication wears off
Help, help no one isn’t a stranger
Bang gun shots recoil in my brain

(The hidden decoder exercise in the booklet) The hunter becomes the hunted No man can.. (paroles de la chanson Song For Michael’s Pipe – THE DEAD MILKMEN)

Oil & Gas

Mainline Pipeline

A Reputation Built on Quality

Two numbers sum up Michels mainline pipeline construction: 10,000 and 1. The former represents the miles of mainline we have built in diameters up to 42 inches. The latter is the priority we make each customer, community and team member.

Our innovative team of project leaders, crew members, HSE specialists and equipment is strategically designed to handle oil and natural gas pipeline projects of all sizes and complexities, including some of the most significant ones in recent years.

Our success and our reputation are built on our custom fabricated equipment, aggressive quality management program and comprehensive safety culture. We are proud to have repeatedly proven the resources needed to build multiple spreads simultaneously.
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Our HSE team consists of more than 150 professionals who provide training, conduct audits and oversee operations at our job sites.

Michels has built more than 10,000 miles of mainline pipeline in diameters up to 42 inches, and is well equipped to handle even the most complex projects.