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Mighty Vaporizer Review

The Mighty is a portable hybrid convection vaporizer much like the Crafty Plus but about twice the size and over twice the battery life.

It’s made by Storz and Bickel out of Germany which also manufactures the Plenty, a plug-in type home use vaporizer, the Volcano Classic, the original Volcano desktop vaporizer, and the Volcano Hybrid, the newest version of the Volcano with the added whip system.

Mighty Vaporizer Review [4K Video]

I’m going on almost six years with my original Mighty. Sure it’s seen better days and the battery life is nowhere near the capacity as when it was brand new, but it still works. That’s pretty much my motto when it comes to the Mighty vaporizer (and all Storz and Bickel products), it just works and it works well.

The Mighty has the best average battery life of any portable vaporizer I have tested. I rated the Mighty a 9.3 out of 10 which is currently my 3rd highest rated portable vaporizer out of the 100+ I have tested because it produces exceptional vapor quality while being reliable and consistent.

Not only is the Mighty vaporizer extremely easy to use via the on-vape temp control buttons, but it’s also one of the most consistent portable vapes I’ve ever used. There are no loading techniques or special grind requirements. You simply load the Mighty up, hit the power button and you’re ready to go when it’s heated up.

The biggest downside you’ll see in my Mighty vaporizer review is the size of the unit. So if you don’t care about discretion, want the best battery life, and keep your vapes in backpacks, then this might be the best portable vaporizer for you.

The Mighty retails for $349 ($296.65 after coupon code “WIZARDNOW15”). Click here to check it out at the same place I buy my vapes from.

Use My Coupon Code: WIZARDNOW15” for 15% OFF

Mighty Size & Portability

Mighty Size – The Mighty is one of the biggest portable vaporizers currently on the market. The exact dimensions are 5.5″H x 3.2″L x 1.2″D and weighs 230 grams. By comparison, the Crafty weighs 135 grams, the Pax 2 is about 90 grams, and the Firefly 2 is about 140 grams.

Although it has some size to it, I do still use the Mighty when I’m out and about. It’s the vape I take when I’m hanging out with friends because I know it will never run out of battery and even a novice could use it without any coaching.

Portability – It’s definitely not the best for concealment. The Mighty can easily fit into a backpack, handbag, or a bigger purse but it’s not the most comfortable to have in your pocket. I compare it to about like sticking a pack of ramen noodles in your pocket.

So I consider the Mighty to be a great group vaporizer and not so much for personal concealment type use. It’s very easy to hold and pass around plus the outside remains cool to the touch.

The fins on the outside act as heat sinks and allow the exterior of the vaporizer to cool no matter how you hold it.

Heating Element & Temperature Options

Hybrid Heating – The Mighty uses both a conduction and convection heating method, also known as a hybrid. This allows it to produce tasty dense vapor extremely consistently and without the need to stir.

Temp Options – The Mighty features an LED 1×1 display with easy to use buttons on the side to control the temp. Sort of like on the Volcano Hybrid but on a much smaller scale. You can select any temperature from 105-410F at any point during your vape session. It’s nice to have that precise control for different types of herbs or just vaping at different points in the day. Different temps, different effects.

The Mighty does NOT use the smartphone app like the Crafty, you can do everything on the vape itself.

Heat-Up Time – I’ve found the Mighty takes about 1:30 minutes to heat up which is faster than the Crafty, but overall slower than the rest of the competition. Once it gets up to temp the Mighty holds temp well even while skiing in the winter.

Chamber Size, How-to-Use & Packing Techniques

Mighty Chamber Size – The Mighty bowl holds about .25 grams of dry herb depending on grind style and how you load the chamber. You can get upwards of .3 grams with a super fine grind. I can usually vape an entire bowl in about a dozen or fewer draws which make for faster sessions that most session vapes. The Mighty is extremely easy to use. Press the power button and it will automatically begin heating to your set temp. It will show the default temp, actual temp and battery life remaining. No holding buttons or batteries. Just wait for it to heat up and you’re ready to go.

The Mighty comes with the Filling Aid that makes loading/unloading the bowl super easy. Just load the herb, attach the filling aid and drop in some herb. After that, just reattach the Mighty cooling unit and vape on. Check out the video below to see how easy it is. (Crafty and Mighty have the same filling method, but the Mighty has a slightly larger cooling unit on top.)

Battery Life, Charging Options, & Charge Times

This category is where the Mighty shines! The Mighty is my highest rated portable vaporizer for battery life and I don’t think it will be knocked off anytime soon.

Average Battery life – I’ve been able to get an average of 8 sessions in before the battery dies. That’s 90+ minutes of average continuous use. It also has full pass-through charging which allows the Mighty to be used while charging. A lot of vapes like the crafty have partial pass-through so they can be used while plugged in, but the battery still dies, just slower than normal so they cannot be used with a fully dead battery. With the Mighty, you can plug it in while it’s fully dead and still use it.

Charging Times – With the extra batteries and battery life, the Mighty needed some big charging power. So, unfortunately, the Mighty doesn’t have the USB charging like the Crafty. It plugs into the wall and I’ve found that it takes about 2 hours to charge the Mighty from dead.

Mighty vs Crafty Plus and Firefly 2 PLUS

The Mighty is really in a league of its own. This is the best vaporizer if you want the most battery life and don’t really care about the size or concealment. But because of the size, I rate two other portable vaporizers higher, the Crafty Plus and the Firefly 2 Plus.

Crafty Plus vs Mighty Vaporizer Comparison

Crafty Plus – The Crafty+ is one of the best vaporizers to come to market and I dub it the absolute best personal vaporizer. It’s easily concealed, even easier to use, and uses the same heating technology as the Mighty.

The main differences between the Crafty and Mighty are the average battery life, size, and a slightly larger cooling unit on top. The Mighty has also proven to be more reliable than the Crafty under heavy use. However, the vapor quality, ease of use, and consistency are the same in both units.

It basically comes down whether you need the portability and concealment or if you want max battery life. You can check out my full Mighty vs Crafty Plus comparison if you wanted more info between the two.

Firefly 2 Plus – The Firefly 2+ ranks higher because of two categories: Vapor Quality (Taste, Temp, Smoothness) and Portability. The Firefly 2 weighs less and heats up in 5-7 seconds including pre-heat. So you can basically pull it out and get in a session (2-4 hits) about the time the Mighty finishes heating up.

The Firefly 2 is a Dynamic Convection vaporizer powered by a high-powered li-ion replaceable battery. It comes with a replaceable battery and I’ve averaged about 4-6 bowls per battery. The Firefly 2 PLUS is much better than the original in terms of weight, portability, and consistency. It’s also much better with concentrates and probably my favorite portable dry herb vaporizer to use with concentrates.

The Firefly 2 does, however, require more technique and practice to get the best results, it’s not as consistent or easy to use as the Mighty and its not the best vaporizer for groups.

Accessories & Filling Aid

The accessories are pretty standard with the Mighty but they did add in the “Filling Aid” and “Dosing Capsules”. The filling aid attaches to the top of the unit and creates an easy, non-messy way to load the bowl. The “dosing-capsules” are small canisters that you can throw in the chamber for “micro-dosing” with the mighty. Micro dosing allows you to only vape a small, usually specified, amount of dry herb to achieve lighter effects.

You can also pick up a WPA ( Water Pipe Adapter) and some glass to use while at home. I’ve found this method extremely enjoyable to use while watching shows or playing games at home. Check out my Mighty/Crafty Water Pipe Adapter Tutorial for more info.

Mighty Warranty Information

So this is one of the cons of the Mighty, IMO. The Mighty only has a two-year manufacturer warranty which is below average for a premium style vaporizer. A lot of the newer vapes are starting to offer longer warranties. However, Storz and Bickel is probably the best manufacturer in the niche when it comes to customer service.

Summary: Should you buy the Mighty?

Can you use without having to hide it? Can you store it on the go? Do you vape with friends? Do you need the best battery life for long day adventures? If you answered yes, yes, yes, and… yes… then you will more than likely love the Mighty.

The Mighty has great vapor quality, it’s easy to use, and one of the most consistent vaporizers I’ve reviewed. You can pack the chamber in any fashion and you will get the same great results for 99% of the time.

I personally still have my original Mighty from the end of 2014 and have put more hours on it than any other portable vaporizer I have.

If it wasn’t for the large size, the Mighty vaporizer would be my highest rated portable vaporizer but it’s just not the best for all of the “on-the-go” scenarios. I prefer the smaller Crafty Plus for nights on the town or events where I have limited space.

I recommend you buy the Mighty from the same place I get my vapes from. I’ve been using them for years and they’ve never let me down. They always have free, quick, discreet shipping and they throw in a free gift like a dry herb grinder.

Thanks for visiting my site and hopefully my Mighty vaporizer review helped you make an informed decision. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Mighty or any other vaporizer.

Use My Coupon Code: WIZARDNOW15” for 15% OFF

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Hey Buzz awesome review. I’ve had a crafty since they first came out. Used it for 6 months and it died so I rma’d and decided do sell the replacement because the reliability seemed questionable. I just recently bought the mighty because using my vapor brothers unit was too time consuming to use. Unfortunately the taste of the vapor of the mighty still can’t compare to vapor brothers to me, I knew this before buying the mighty because of my previous purchase in the past but I don’t see anything better out there. Do you know of a portable the can deliver the clean taste of the old school vapor brothers unit?

Buzz Danklin says

Pure convection units like the old school vapor brothers (which was actually the very first vape I ever bought back in 2006) are very tough to beat in the flavor department. They do lack in the consistency and vaping evenly departments which is why a lot of the portable manufacturers produce conduction or conduction/convection hybrid units (like the Crafty/Mighty) so that there is more consistency and less learning curve for the masses. If you pick up a pure convection portable with my favorite being the Firefly 2+ you can get the pure flavor you are expecting from the VB. However be aware, like the VB you will also need to stir to get fully evenly vaped bowl, it will also require more draw speed control like the VB, and overall just won’t be drop dead easy like the convection conduction hybrid Crafty and Mighty.

It’s hard to choose between the mighty and crafty..Mighty it is!! This review and the comments helped quite a bit. Knowing you’re here to help is reassuring!

Buzz Danklin says

If you do not need the extra portability of the Crafty, then I would go for the Mighty. Either way you will be happy in the end though, they are both great units

I have a question, As a health conscious person, doing my research on vapes it seems like the mighty & crafty would be the way to go.
Which other portable vapes would you recommend that has excellent build? (example using titanium, glass, medical grade plastic etc)
Thank you!

Buzz Danklin says

I would recommend Arizer, Pax, Firefly, Ghost, Vapexhale, Davinci and also a couple of butane options, Dynavap and StickyBrick. Most manufacturers offer legit medical grade products but be careful where you buy from. I always recommend buying straight from the manufacturer or from an authorized retailer.

Mister See says

The Mighty isn’t great but what is far worse is Storz and Bickels customer service levels. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS

Buzz Danklin says

I am really sorry and a bit surprised to hear that their customer service didn’t treat you well. Overall S&B generally has one of the more effective customer supports in the industry. Would you mind elaborating a bit more on your experience and maybe I can help out in some way.

Mister See says

Why don’t you post all reviews?

Buzz Danklin says

I do post all reviews, I just have them set to manually approve because I get a lot of spam and advertisement comments that I have to wade through. Unfortunately I have been quite busy the last few weeks so I got a bit backlogged on comments. Sorry for the slow response and I hope you have a great day

Let me try and keep this simple:

• March 2016 purchase Mighty on Amazon
• November 2017 fault develops the USB port on the device. Having read online that they will often upgrade to a Mighty I
asked the question. The response was they will for €50 but (NOTE) ONLY if they agree to the warranty claim
• I send in the Crafty for assessment, they agree its a manufacturing default so I agreed to pay the additional €50 for an upgrade to the Mighty.
• The Mighty charger fails after two months (for which I just went and bought a replacement) only the Mighty starts literally coming apart in July 2018.
• In absolute confidence that this was a bonified warranty issue I contacted them only, to my absolute horror, learn that apparently, the warranty runs from the time of the original purchase.
• My only option is now to pay a further €79.00 to have the case repaired

So, here’s why I have an issue:

• I bought a premium German product expecting it would be backed-up with a high level of customer service.
• Despite them agreeing it was a manufacturing fault I showed goodwill and actually parted with more money for an upgraded product
• There was NEVER as much as a mention that the new Mighty would only be covered for 10 weeks. That’s preposterous

I am actually disgusted with them and was wondering if you could offer any assistance or advice.

Buzz Danklin says

I am really sorry to hear about your situation. I do believe it is their policy is the warranty is from the original purchase date, however since you paid to upgrade and the Mighty broke within a year you do have a bit of an argument. If you had purchased this through a reputable distributor such as Vapeworld they would take care of you themselves no questions asked, unfortunately with Amazon it’s a bit of a crap shoot since vapes sales are against Amazon rules so the sellers on there are usually listing them in obscure categories and are often fly by night operations. I still think the best option is to contact the Amazon seller you purchased from if they still exist and see if they can help. If they cannot help I think you should send another email to S&B and lay out the entire situation and exactly how much money and on which dates you spent it. I would be very polite but also let them know you are frustrated and expect more from their premium brand and price. If none of this works I would like you to message me back again.

Can you use solids in this machine?
As in hard soapbar or softer pollen resins?

I use a spice grinder to shave the resin before using in an old stlye joint.
Just wondering if the vaporiser machine would work?
I guess finding the vape point for them would be the hard part…

Buzz Danklin says

I’m not for sure on that one. It only goes up to 410F so maybe it won’t get hot enough? Check out FuckCombustion and see if anyone has any recommendations. Sorry I couldn’t be more help with this.

How many hits can you get with a full load/bowl?

Buzz Danklin says

10+ easily. Depends on temps and how much you pack in the chamber but a full bowl with temp stepping will get you a lot of rips.

Hi – Great review thank you for that.
Can you please tell me if you would purchase this now? I know yours is a few years old and just wondering if you had a choice would you buy this again?
I’m a huge fan of the Volcano been using it for over 7 years without issue. I was using the Pax but I don’t like how hard I need to draw and how small the chamber is.
Thank you.

Buzz Danklin says

I would absolutely still get the mighty. They just did an upgrade to the battery and the added in some nice accessories. I still use mine daily and it’s always in my bag for biking, skiing, hiking, etc.. It’s consistent, reliable and provides great sessions for solo or groups.

Hi Buzz, first of all awesome site, very resourcefull to me.
A friend of mine is traveling to Usa, New York. And i cant buy the mighty online and get it shipped.
Do you know a shop in new York to buy this mighty vaporizer?
Im not from the usa and i dont want be scammed with a clone and something like that.
Thanks in advance and like i said before, very good reviews.

Buzz Danklin says

Shoot! I don’t! Search Vape Stores near me when your buddy gets there. There are a ton of vape stores in NY. I would just call ahead to make sure they have vaporizers for “Dry herb”. Not the tobacco kind.

I’m looking for a new vaporizer and find … is quite interesting one. Would you kindly tell me the life span of the battery of Mighty? In case I need to replace a new battery (within the warranty time), may I send it to S&B for a new one?

Buzz Danklin says

Battery warranties are usually around 90 days or less. I’ve had mine for over two years now with no problems. You can definitely send it back to S&B to get them fixed.

Simon Belmont says

I am trying to offer additional insight on this product review by offering my experience using this product. It is a product that I believe at its core has a design flaw that renders it from working no more than 2 years. You think its fine since you just paid for a “premium” portable vaporizer with a 2-yr warranty. That is until your Mighty no longer can be powered on with the orange button even though the digital display still works and you can still charge it. So you open an RMA with the online Storz & Bickel store and provide to them your Mighty serial #, personal info, date purchased, etc. They then tell you have to pay for the shipping yourself and mail it to them at their San Jose, CA repair store. After they have received your faulty vaporizer, they will then tell you that they will not replace it under warranty even though mine stopped working early March 2017 and I purchased it in May 2015 and tell you will need to purchase a new Mighty with a small discount applied. This is their actual response on why they won’t honor my 2 year warranty:

“”We understand your frustration and share in your disappointment. We appreciate our customers and want them to be happy with their purchase.

As per page 33 of your instructions, section 14 under Warranty, Liability, Repair Service:
“The foregoing warranty is subject to the proper storage, transportation and use of the Products, and does not include defects due to normal wear and tear or deterioration, including, but not limited to, defects in batteries, Screens and similar parts subject to wear and tear.”

The 2-year Warranty covers any manufacture defect. This is independent of Wear & Tear components. Users that accrue many hours of use on their device will naturally see Wear & Tear components break down sooner. We are happy that you have enjoyed many hours of use from our device but we also regret that components that fail due to Wear & Tear are not covered by the warranty.

We will return your device to you. ”

When I shipped it to them, the digital display and charging still worked so i thought I could repair it myself since they would not do it. When i received my Mighty back from them; the digital display no longer worked, I could no longer charge it and also found 2 drill holes into the back of the Mighty which is where S&B repairs likely attempted to fix but in the process further destroyed my “premium” vaporizer, which is now a paper-weight. I purchased accessories from S&B regularly and had never had a replacement until this failed attempt.

Buzz Danklin says

How much was it to have them fix the button? I’ve never heard of them being stingy with wear and tear failures. They straight up fixed my Volcano for me out of warranty but I did have to pay for the shipping to get it there. Do you still have the Mighty? Is it still not working? I could try to get you in contact with someone at S&B? Let me know if you’d like to try and get it resolved.

Rc mcbigglesworth says

Honestly, your review leaves me with an indecisive ending, leaves me confused, and frustrated….

I’m old school, always used pipes and bongs for my herbs, and used a bong with a titanium nail to dab my wax…

The most experience I have with vapes is back like 10 years ago I had a vapor brothers vape, the box unit with the whip hose that you load, and I did like that.

I’m pretty sure technology has come a long way since then, and I want a vape that will do excellent with my wax/shatter/crumble, while still being able to handle dry herb for when I want to load that and smoke it…

I’m still at a loss, not sure which one vape to get, and reading reviews just leaves me with even more options and even more lost…

Have you heard of the v2pro series 7? I was reading/watching a lot on that one and it looks really solid/legit, and I like that it has different e-juice, concentrate, and dry herb chambers that pop in magnetically and the vape can tell which one is in and uses the optimal setting for each cartridge for the best smoke..

Of course I’ve never actually used it myself, and at least initially, I can only buy one vape, and I don’t wanna end up disappointed…

Buzz Danklin says

Unfortunately there is really no reliable/good option for concentrates/wax and dry herb. They do exist but it’s not the best options. There’s the V2 Pro Series pen vaporizers that use swappable cartridges and the Haze v3 which uses canisters and a dual bowl system. Honestly both of those vaporizers I consider jack of all trades but master of none. You’re better off getting a solid portable or desktop dry herb vaporizer and then picking up a wax pen.

If that’s the option you would like to go with, I would recommend something like the Vivant Alternate for dry herbs and the linx hypnos for a wax pen. Total for the two would be under $200 and you get solid options for both types of materials. I’m not saying that the v2 or the haze are bad vaporizers but the cartridges are not long term solutions, often clogging and needing replaced, and the Haze v3 requires quite a bit of cleaning when used with wax/concentrate options.

The good thing about the V2 Series and the Haze vaporizers are the warranties. The Haze v3 comes with a 10 year warranty and the V2 pro series will come with a lifetime warranty but only up to 3 replacement units.

I can suggest some other combos as well and let me know if you have any more questions. Sorry for confusing you!

Chris Mead says

Storz & Bickel: Good products, no support, no warranty honored, no way to contact.

If you buy a Mighty or Crafty, be prepared to be on your own with it if anything goes wrong. I bought a Crafty and its battery life was too poor to make it useful for me. I did like the product, though, so I paid nearly $400 again for the Mighty. At first, the Mighty was awesome. The battery life is far better. However, after 7 months of use, the top of the vaporizer body was cracking away and left the three ‘columns’ that make up the Mighty body start to move independently of each other. Now the cooling chamber won’t even stay on correctly.

Honestly, if my 2 year warranty doesn’t cover this, I would still be willing to pay to have it fixed, but reaching Storz and Bickel is impossible. Here in the US, we have to go through an Oakland office and they don’t respond to emails or voicemails. The ‘RMA’ process on the website is also a dead end. You can enter one, then you will be ignored and cannot enter another because they know that the serial number was already entered.

In summary, I would simply say that if you have one of these vaporizers, be extremely careful with it because if a problem comes up, you are screwed.

Buzz Danklin says

Shitty they let some people slip through the cracks. I have had great customer support with storz and bickel but they should never ignore customers! Have you had any luck contacting them? Can I help in any way?

Great review.
I saw the Mighty vaporizer for less than $100.
Could it be? is there a fake Mighty vapo in the market?
Please advise.

Buzz Danklin says

Hey Jaronson, unfortunately there are fake Mighty’s (and almost every other popular vape on the market) which is why it’s important to buy from an authorized retailer so you can ensure an authentic unit, and a valid warranty.

I think the dosing capsules for the Migthy are not getting enough love.

Prepacking and changing on the fly is a huge advantage.

Buzz Danklin says

I agree, they really are pretty slick for keeping the bowl clean, packing smaller loads, and ease of swapping bowls on the go.

Richard Powell says

What’s keeping me from getting the mighty is that it’s been a couple years since it’s release. I think that it’s time for them to release something new to keep up with the competition. Do you think S&B will come out with a new portable vaporizer in 2017!?

Buzz Danklin says

I’m hoping so but no word yet. Crafty could use upgraded batteries, hopefully replaceable and the Mighty is still a beast. So we will see what happens and I’ll try to be the first to grab it if they release something new.

Nice review totally agree with you. I am trying to get the setup with the glass like in the video. What pieces do I need and from where ?

Buzz Danklin says

You just need the Arizer Long whip if your glass has an 18mm connection, you can pick it up from vapeworld If your glass uses 14mm, you will also need to pick up an 18-14mm adapter, which can be found at local head shops, or on ebay for about $4-8

Greg Moniz says

I will be using the mighty to vape just before bed and I usually take 1 to 2 draws before I go to sleep. Can I pack the bowl that low? And can I leave the left over unvaped material in the bowl for several days without damaging the unit? Thanks

Buzz Danklin says

You can definitely leave leftover material in a bowl without hurting the unit, however if you re-use it the flavor and effects will be diminished. If you only want to take a few draws, you might like packing a very small amount and then covering it with the mesh liquid pad that comes with the unit to hold the material in place, then you can then finish it all in just a few draws.

I would say the Firefly 2 makes more sense for that pattern of usage.

As Buzz says, just put a very small amount of herb into the bowl and use the mesh pad. Gives 2 good hits with dense vapour at 190 deg C, then another 2 at 210.

Good review, thanks. I had two Crafties…both new, and died on me after 3 months of regular daily use. Mfr replaced both times, but still super frustrating. Loved loved loved it besides that, and really sad. Might try the Mighty…maybe larger battery can handle it’s power better? Idk…any experience with that type of issue with Crafty?

Buzz Danklin says

I absolutely LOVE my Mighty but I also don’t really have to worry about hiding it too much. It is a much bigger unit but the battery life is so much better. Usually 4-6 bowls on a full battery with multiple people crushing it. And that’s usually up on the mountain where it is much much colder and windier. Basically the same vape but bigger, better battery life and a VERY easy to use on screen display with temp buttons. I really like the Mighty. No USB charging though.

Hello all,
After six months of changing the temperature, going thorough several strains, different quantities vaped, I finally want to share my (unfortunately ) negative opinion on the Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel.

One huge problem, just like the worst tabletop vaporizer, Storz and Bickel’s Volcano, THE MIGHTY CONSUMES THE PRODUCT TOO QUICKLY.
The company is the quickest to use it’s superior “German Engineering ” to sell its’ vaporizers, but, a decade after the Volcano has quietly and slowly drained the pockets/time of their customers, Storz and Bickel have yet to figure out that you cannot have the herb chamber being the actual heater chamber. Your tree is significantly consumed by the time it heats up. You’ll get a maximum of two real pulls per vape. I’ve consumed over 150 grams in one month.

If you have a really high THC tolerance, the Mighty IS NOT THE VAPORIZER FOR YOU. You will be under constant frustration. I live in France, so I got it delivered to my house for free, but still costing a whopping 350 EUROS, THAT’S EUROS. I’m truly upset. I’ve become very familiar with over 10 different portable vaporizers, and I honestly feel the best one for the true weedhead is VAPIR NO. 2, I have yet to try the latest by Vapir. The reason this is because it is a true vaporizer, the heating chamber is MASSIVE, you can control the temperature to the degree, charge while vaping, and the taste and high is almost too much., i.e., perfect!

The Mighty is better in three areas:
1. It never has that “plastic ” taste (Vapir has it when it’s new ).
2. It is very sturdy.
3. Despite common opinion, the Mighty is very portable. I carry it in my pants pockets, get into every club and bar, and even in the inside suit pocket.
4. After about 18 months, the NO. 2 will start to burn the tree. I can tell now this wont happen with the Mighty because of it’s. ..superior engineering. Honestly.

I had to find a way to cut the oil pad in half horizontally and put it under the filter right over the heating unit. This is the only way my vape will last 60 seconds, if I lightly fill it. Like the Volcano, it packs ONE mighty pull, this is now the bong of portable vaporizers.


Buzz Danklin says

I think we have a couple differing opinions but thank you for the write up and checking out my site. I’m always interested to hear people’s experiences with different vaporizers. Have you purchased anything new? What is your favorite portable vaporizer?

Hi buzz, love the website! I was wondering if you had any problems with your mighty/crafty so far. I guess you have been using them for quite a while now. I was thinking to buy one but i am reading alot of concerning reviews about battery problems and usage of herb etc.

Hoop to hear from you!

Buzz Danklin says

So far I haven’t had any problems with my Mighty or the Crafty. HOWEVER, I have over 60+ portable vaporizers that I use randomly at any given time and I don’t have the hours on my Crafty that most daily users do. The Crafty is definitely not the most reliable vaporizer. It is consistent, provides great vapor quality with very little draw resistance and super easy to use, but it takes quite a bit of time to heat up, has very low average battery life compared to the market now days and not quite as reliable as other vaporizers at that price point. I would recommend the Mighty if you don’t mind the size of the unit. It’s very reliable, quicker heat up and it doesn’t require an app to change temps. Everything is located right on the device. I was a much bigger fan of the Crafty in the beginning because of it’s size but the battery problems are annoying. I was really hoping they would come out with like a Crafty PLUS(+) that would add replaceable batteries or something of the sort but nothing yet. I really like the Mighty.

My hands are ( surgeries and arthritis with nerve damage) painful and kinda weak with issues particularly in my thumbs with carpal tunnel Which is best to use for getting a good draw without it being too heavy to hold or easy to clean ? Thanks

Buzz Danklin says

The Crafty would be my first suggestion for a portable vaporizer. The cleaning might be a con because it does take some time to clean. It can go forever without needing to be cleaned though. So it really depends on how much you’ll be using it.

Not yet,
Have you done a review on the new Vapir ? Have you tried it ?

The Mighty is my highest rated portable vaporizer for battery life but is it actually portable? Find out in my full Mighty vaporizer review. ]]>