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Bong bowls & glass smoking bowls for bongs

Bong bowls, also known as bong slides, are one of the most important parts of a bong. If you’re ready to smoke a smoking bowl and want a statement piece check out our collection!

Customize your bong with unique bong bowl pieces

They say a bowl by any other name would toke as sweetly, but the truth is that not all glass bong bowls are made the same. While most of our pieces already come with a glass smoking bowl included, you may want to choose your own personal favorite.

  1. Design: Bowls come in all sorts of crazy designs like the Diamond Shaped Glass Bowl and Clear Dotted Bowl , so they can be a great way to express your personality or show off your favorite character.
  2. Color: You can choose a color that will accent the design of your favorite piece or tie it in to your room’s aesthetic.
  3. Finger grips may help some butterfingers keep a hold on the bowl, but others may not prefer their appearance
  4. Affordable: We have high quality, yet cheap smoking bowls available for as low as $4.20, so they’re a great way to treat yourself or give a little gift to someone special without breaking the bank.

What’s my bowl size?

The bowl sits in the joint of your pipe and holds your herb. At Everything For 420 we have male and female bowls in 14mm and 18mm, so sure to check the size and gender of your joint before ordering to make sure your new bowl will fit! If you’re wondering what diameter bong bowl you should get, as a rule of thumb, 14mm bowls are standard among small to medium sized water pipes, while 18mm bowls are normally used on larger smoking bongs. If you’re not sure, take a dime out of your wallet if you’ve got one and measure; 14mm bowls are smaller than a dime, while 18mm bowls are slightly larger.

Bong adapters

While it’s optimal to get the right size from the get-go you can get a bong adapter that will connect your bong and bowl, just make sure it works with your setup. Normally, the bong side of the adapter will be male while the glass bowl generally is female.

Buy bong bowls online

Whether you smoke from a percolator bong, silicone bong, mini bong or beaker bong a bong bowl is a great yet simple way to spice up your experience every time. If you’re looking for a dope looking smoking bowl for your bong at the best prices available, you’re in the right place so check out our wide variety of awesome bowls!

FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS* ▷ Find the best bong bowl pieces, bong slides & glass bowls for your water pipe. Get 14mm bowls and 18mm bowls in our online smoke shop.

Spare Bowl for Mini Bong, Blue

Spare Bowl for Mini Bong, Blue is a Pyrex glass bowl with fixed stem fitting in the mini bong body.

Volume discounts

Quantity Price You Save
100 $8.21 Up to $273.75
50 $9.31 Up to $82.13
10 $10.07 Up to $8.76

Data sheet

Joint size 9 mm; 0.35 in
Joint type rubber grommet
Stem length 45 mm; 1.77 in

More info

Spare Bowl for Mini Bong, Blue is a Pyrex glass bowl with fixed stem fitting in the mini bong body. Default for mini bongs no. 33123B and 33097B. Comes with the rubber grommet.

  • Pyrex
  • rubber grommet



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Spare Bowl for Mini Bong, Blue is a Pyrex glass bowl with fixed stem fitting in the mini bong body.