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What’s The Best Mini Vape?

Vaping technology has evolved a lot in the last few years. Vape pods and vape mods continue getting smaller, but the technology they use is gradually increasing in sophistication.


As a result, smaller vape pods and mods provide better vaping experiences than big, clunky pens did five years ago. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best mini pods and mods currently available, and we’ll help you understand the benefits of going small when you choose to vape.

Best small vape pods

Vape pods have always been smaller than other types of rigs, but these days, vape pods are so small that it’s almost ridiculous. Instead of using normal vape cartridges, vape pods use small pods that click into place. Some vapers prefer to blow clouds with vape pods because of their convenience and unique shape, and here are the three best mini pods currently on the market:

Available in six beautiful colors, the XTRA represents an incredible leap forward in vape pod technology. Even though this pod is inexpensive, it features some of the most advanced vaping technology ever developed. The coils in this pod feature an upgraded cotton material that offers smoother vaporization, and the built-in 900mAh battery the XTRA features provides better battery life than you expect from a pod.


The OSMALL vape pod from Vaporesso is so tiny that it’s almost the same size as the pod cartridge that slips inside. With a 350mAh battery, the OSMALL won’t last as long between charges as vape pods with bigger batteries.
At the same time, however, the OSMALL is around the same size as a USB drive, which means that it’s small and discreet enough to take with you anywhere. With eight color options, it’s easy to make this extra-small vape pod your own.

Renova ZERO

The Renova ZERO is one of the smallest vape pods on the market, but it still manages to sport a 650mAh battery for extra vaping time. This highly customizable vape pod also offers three different power settings that allow you to control the thickness of the clouds you blow. You have 12 different colors to choose from when you pick the Renova ZERO, and this tiny vape pod charges in 45 minutes.

Best small vape mods

Vape mods are more advanced than vape pods or vape pens, which means they might not be the right choice for people who are new to vaping. At the same time, however, vape mods have become a lot more user-friendly over the years, and mini mods are now small enough to carry around just as easily as miniature vape pods. Experienced vapers like the temperature control and customization vape mods offer, and here are the five best mini mods you can buy:

Swag II

The Swag II ignites in less than 0.001 seconds, and that’s only the beginning of what this incredibly powerful mini mod offers. Special options like Pulse Mode and Power ECO give you fine-tuned control over your vape session, and a simple LED interface provides detailed information on the status of your vape mod. The Swag II has a 3.5ml tank for extra vaping, and this mod’s high-capacity battery will keep you lit all night long.

Target Mini II

With a coil made from CCELL and meshed tea fiber, the Target Mini II offers excellent performance that matches this mini mod’s massive 2000mAh battery. This Juul alternative is available in four color options for maximum customization, and it features a high-end VM tank. Charging is quick with a 2A charger, and you’ll love this mod’s intuitive LED display.

Luxe Nano Kit

This high-end mini mod is available in six different metallic colors, and it sports a 2500mAh battery for extra vaping time. Featuring an SKRR-S Mini Tank, this mod allows you to blow clouds that are more delicious than ever before, and the Luxe Nano Kit includes an OMNI Board 4.2, which offers enhanced customization features.

Revenger Mini Kit

The Revenger Mini features four beautiful color options and a 2500mAh battery. This mod’s 2A charge port offers a full charge in less than 90 minutes, and it features GT coils for better efficiency and usability. With an OMNI Board 2.2, the Revenger Mini is highly customizable.

Tarot Nano Kit

The Tarot Nano is almost unbelievably tiny, but it still manages to pack an OMNI Board 2.0. With 16 color options and a EUC coil, you’ll be able to get the most out of the advanced VECO tank that this mini mod includes.

Best mini vape pens

We’ve covered the best mini vape pens, but it’s worth re-examining this category briefly here. Mini pens are similar to vape pods, but they take normal vape cartridges while vape pods can only use pod-shaped cartridges. Vape pens offer less customization than vape mods, which means they might be perfect for people who are new to vaping.



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Vape pods and vape mods continue getting smaller, we’ll introduce you to the best mini pods and mods currently available: best small vapes.

The Nano | Variable Mini Vape Pen 650 Mah

starting at: $ 39.95

  • 510 Thread Batteries
  • Oil Vape Pen Kits
  • Description
  • Additional information
  • Reviews (31)


Get ready for one of the smallest, longest lasting vape pens on the market. Say goodbye to magnetic connectors and proprietary cartridges that limit your choices. Say hello to the O2VAPE Nano and upgrade to larger battery capacity, variable voltage functionality and the highest quality ceramic cell cartridge available. Somehow we fit all these premium features into the amazingly small footprint that literally fits in the palm of your hands!

The Nano features:

  • Large 650 mah capacity
  • Variable Voltage for wide cartridge usage
  • 510 Thread for ultimate compatibility
  • Accomodates large diameter cartridges
  • Auto off feature (unit will automatically turn off after 10 mins of inactivity)
  • The smallest footprint of any comparable battery on the market
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 650 mah mini vape pen battery (2.12″ x 1.34″ x .67″)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Award winning ceramic cell cartridge (.5ml)
  • Award winning battery
  • Click 5 times to turn on / off
  • Press and hold to activate
  • Click three times to change voltage ( 3.4 green, 3.7 yellow, 4.0 red )
  • When charging LED is red and goes to blue when fully charged.
  • Not for tobacco use
  • Please turn off before putting in pocket or purse to avoid accidental vaping

Additional information

1 Mini Vape Pen, 2 Mini Vape Pens, 5 Mini Vape Pens

Ceramic, Vari-Flow Ceramic

Chrome, Wood, Rose Gold

31 reviews for The Nano | Variable Mini Vape Pen 650 Mah

Charles R. (verified owner) – October 12, 2018

This little lady rocks your socks clean off. It stores and displays your carts in the upright position and does it with style. All functions work as advertised. The variable voltage makes a big difference and each setting provides a different level of cloud and hit, which I imagine helps with oils of different viscosity. I find the lowest setting provides nice hits and conserves oil slightly but the middle setting is just perfect for me. The hits taste and feel amazing. The last setting is great also if you feel like tearing your head off. Be aware that I don’t know if the picture does justice to how small this thing truly is, I’m worried i may lose it. It’s probably about 2/3rds the size of a lighter (adding in the tip of the cartridge).For people wanting discretion about their sessions this is perfect. When I’m hitting it, it looks like I’m picking some food from my l teeth or wiping my lips, if i want it to. No one will know what your doing as this tiny thing disappears in your palm, unless of course you exhale your vape cloud directly in their face. So After that long mouthful of a review , the only con I could come up with could be that the price may seem a little high to some people at $40, but it’s really not if your considering the lifetime warranty action and the fact that they try to fix it for you and rectify the situation if it stops working. Very happy with all o2VAPE products I’ve tried thus far( Vari Vape XL, Nano battery, Vari flow cartridges and Ceram-x wax pen, review on that pen coming soon)

O2VAPE – October 12, 2018

Thanks so much Charles so glad you are a happy customer! We strive for that ! Remember we have coupons out there to help offset the pricing for people on a tight budget 🙂

Jguy (verified owner) – October 12, 2018

The form factor is what sold me on this device and the performance of it is making it my favorite vape I own. Everything works as advertised and all the different functions are totally adequate for the cartridges this uses. You really don’t know how small this thing is until you get it, and that is the awesome part about this little guy. For what you get for the price this is
a great small form factor vape.

Adam (verified owner) – November 5, 2018

O2VAPE has done it again! The Nano is the industries smallest oil vape pen. But that doesn't limit it's features with 500 mah, 510 thread and variable voltage and award winning ceramic cartridge.