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Vaporfection miVape Vaporizer Review

This is the Vaporfection miVape, a portable vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates with a mostly-glass air path. Watch my video review above for some demos and more info.

Glass isn’t too common in portables because it’s pretty hard to perfect, it’s not quite as forgiving in some areas as other materials. BUT, when a company does it right you end up with some mighty fine quality vapor.

When you get your technique dialed in the flavor and purity of the vapor the miVape produces is top-shelf. The one thing you have to watch out for is over-heating your material, but this seems to only happen when you pack too much herb in the chamber.

The little glass (quartz) cups or bowls are where you pack your herb, and you really don’t want to pack a lot. No really, if you pack that bowl more than 50% full it throws off the performance of the vape, it’s finicky with this.

So filling it halfway ends up being roughly 0.05g, which is quite a small amount. Grind it up fine as usual, but only put in a pinch and keep it really loose in there. When you shake the cup you want your herb to move around a little inside.

To use this vape you first load your material and then you snap the whole mouthpiece part back into the base unit. Then turn it on by holding down the power button on the front, and you can set your desired temperature in 5°F increments.

The unit will tell you that it reached your set temp relatively quickly, usually in 30-60 seconds, but it’s really not ready to be vaped yet.

If the vape was cold prior to your session you’ll want to give it somewhere between 1-2 extra minutes to fully heat up inside, so you won’t really get good results if you try vaping from it right away. Additional sessions once the unit is warm won’t require as much pre-heat time.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you want to get visible clouds of vapor you’ll need to take very long draws, at least 10+ seconds. You’ll still get flavor and feel effects from shorter draws, but you won’t really see much on the exhale.

From that very small amount of herb you pack it’s surprisingly efficient, I average 3 nice draws from that

Now if you want to vape more than 3 draws at a time, that’s when things get a little tricky.

When you finish a session and take the top piece out the glass bowl is gonna be really hot, you can’t touch it with your fingers. They give you a couple of little silicone cups to grab the hot glass with, but those are now extra pieces you need with you.

They do give you two of those glass bowls in the box, so you can pre-pack the second one and bring it with you for a quick swap out.

Draw resistance is about average, but having to take a 10+ second pull for a lot of vapor is still not ideal. This isn’t uncommon with convection style vaporizers though, you need to take long draws with most of them.

Since vaping a lot at once is not super convenient with this model I recommend it most for people who prefer just a few draws at a time.

Vaporfection miVape Vaporizer Review This is the Vaporfection miVape , a portable vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates with a mostly-glass air path. Watch my video review above for some

Vaporfection miVape Review

The Vaporfection miVape is a newer style of portable vaporizer to hit the market and can be used for dry herb and wax. Read on to learn more about what this wax and herbal vaporizer has to offer.

  • Truly exceptional vapor taste and smoothness
  • Efficient design
  • Very flexible temperature settings
  • High quality glass vapor path
  • No risk of combustion
  • Portable and compact
  • Expensive portable vaporizer
  • Warranty is short
  • Small cloud size
  • Takes a long time to heat up
  • Limited capacity
  • Short battery life

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In-Depth of the Vaporfection miVape

Price – The Vaporfection miVape sells for around $240, making it one of the more expensive portable vaporizer models on the market. Whether or not the price is worth it will depend on what you’re looking for from your herbs, as you’ll see as this review continues.

Vapor Quality – the selling point of the VaporfectionmiVape is that it has a mostly all glass vapor path, something that is very uncommon in portable models. This makes the taste and smoothness of the vapor produced by it is excellent, and allows you to enjoy full potency without any added impurities. It should be noted, though, that cloud size is smaller with this vape than what you’ll get from many vapor pens and other portables.

Guarantee – the heating element in the VaporfectionmiVape is warrantied for one year, and the battery has a 6-month warranty. Considering the price, the warranty seems relatively short on this model.

Prep Time – the VaporfectionmiVape is a convection vaporizer, and as a result, you need to pack it very loosely for it to work well. If the vape heating chamber is any more than half full, you won’t get good vapor production from the unit. As a result, you need to take your time when you pack the vape, and if you like longer sessions, be prepared to repack once or twice, as you can only get about 4 to 5 draws with the chamber properly filled. Although the vape will reach working temperature in about 30 to 60 seconds, it actually takes much longer for adequate vapor production to begin.

Portability – the Vaporfection miVape is bigger than an herb or wax vaporizer pen, but for a portable, it’s relatively small. Its design makes it resemble an extra thick smartphone, so it’s a pretty compact option for vaping wax or herbs.

Ease of Use – the Vaporfection miVape has an LCD screen and simple-to-use controls that make it easy to set. One nice feature is that you can choose how long you want the automatic shutoff timer to be set for. To get best results, you will need to take long draws from the vape. Some people may find this difficult due to the moderate draw resistance.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – in terms of heating, the Vaporfection miVape is very flexible. You can adjust vaporizer temperature by degree to customize your vaping experience, and the model holds its temperature well.

Power Supply – battery life for the Vaporfection miVape, is poor for a vaporizer of its price. You won’t be able to vape for more than 30 to 45 minutes continuously.

The Vaporfection miVape is a good choice for someone who wants to be able to take just a few leisurely draws of vapor at a time over the course of a day, rather than for vapor enthusiasts who want to enjoy long sessions at home or on the go. If you’re a laid-back, all-day user, you really can’t beat the vapor quality from this unit. Otherwise, you may want to choose a different model.

Vaporfection miVape: Pros and Cons of Portable Herbal Vaporizer. Learn about this new style of true convection wax & dry herb vaporizer with glass vapor path!