most expensive dab rig

The Most Expensive Bong(s) In The World

Yeah, ok that $15 pipe you picked up down at the gas station is nice and all but you could be smoking out of something a bit… more. A basic bong will do the job, sure, but if you aren’t smoking out of a five foot tall platinum encrusted water pipe shaped like a Sumerian death goddess then what are you even doing with your life?

…W ell, likely saving money that can be spent on more weed, but we digress (for now). The world of glass blowing and pipe making is one filled with fragile, expensive, and in many cases breathtakingly beautiful artwork. In today’s article we’ve compiled a whole bunch of the world’s most expensive smoking devices for your viewing pleasure – Bongs, dab rigs, and pipes alike.

Most of these are out of most anyone’s price range, not to mention already sold to private buyers, but if you’re thinking about becoming a collector these might give you some inspiration on where to start out; even if they’re a bit financially out of reach at the very least we can all appreciate this look into the beautiful world of glass pipes together. Let’s dive in!

Would you believe that the most expensive bong in the world was worth $1,000,000? Check out these 12 glass pieces that will blow your mind! ]]>