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Chaos Theory Glass Bubbler – 4in

Travel-sized glass bubbler. Cool, filtered hits. Multiple color choices.

Though it’s named after the complex mathematical theory, the Chaos Theory Bubbler is simple to use. The classic sherlock-stemmed bubbler design makes for a smoke that is anything but chaotic and it comes in a range of colors. The chamber holds liquid to cool the smoke, making it far easier on the lungs, and the size makes it easy to pop into a handbag or a drawer on short notice. The bent neck also provides protection from the dreaded splashback.

➗ NERD FRIENDLY – Mathletes Unite!

➗ CHOICE OF COLORS – You’ll Find Your Favorite

➗ BENT NECK – No More Splashback

➗ HIGH QUALITY – Made from borosilicate glass to give you the safest smoke

➗ SMALL & PORTABLE – 4” Length and 2.4oz Weight

Chaos theory is among the highest echelon of studies for math nerds, and one of the best ways to see this complex system in action is with smoke. Test it with this pipe!

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The Chaos Theory Glass Bubbler is a small, water-friendly device for filtering and cooling smaller amounts of weed…