newport zero torch review

Accessory Review: Newport Zero Metallic Pocket Cigar Torch

If you caught our review last week about the Newport Zero Double Flame Cigar Lighter then you are already in ahead of the game and know that we recently acquired three different variety of cigar torch lighters from Newport Zero, a supplier of premium, top-quality butane products, cigar accessories and butane canisters, specializing in butane torches, butane lighters, burners and more. If you didn’t catch that review, be sure to look at it here – over the last week we have had some pretty foul weather in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which has resulted in shorter smoking times with smaller cigars this last week, providing an excellent opportunity to test out the Newport Zero Metallic Pocket Torch which is a single flame butane torch available from the Newport Zero line of refillable torches and lighters. As with our previous review, we are using Newport Zero’s own Newport Zero Butane, which is a popular butane in Europe and now available in the U.S. and which contains nearly zero impurities. We filled all of the lighters we got from Newport with their butane offering and have refilled several of the lighters we currently owned with Newport butane and are actually quite pleased with the performance.

Now on to the torch in question – during the last week I opted for several small cigars as the weather has been wet and windy, including the Punch Bolos, a My Father Le Bijou 1922 petite robusto, my last Asylum petite corona and there was even a Parodi in the mix – all smaller ring cigars which I thought would be right in line with use of a single flame torch. The pocket torch from Newport Zero fit the bill perfectly for these smaller cigars, and don’t let a single flame fool you – the performance of these little torches are incredible and each cigar was quickly and easily lit with this torch. Now lets take a look at the torch itself – the Newport Zero Metallic Pocket Torch is a small, lightweight single flame butane torch which is of metal construction and available in a multitude of colors to match whatever your personality might be – on their website, Newport Zero retails this torch for only $12.00 and I will be the first to tell you that it is twelve bucks well spent. The construction of this lighter alone is worth it, but the real value is in the performance.

The lighter trigger is actually a convenient double squeeze action on the sides of the lighter, simply squeeze in and the lighter triggers the flame – it fits nicely in the hand, is comfortable to hold and honestly while lighting up a cigar it almost is like holding a pen in your fingers, just a natural feeling of use with this particular lighter design. The filling port and flame adjustment are both located on the bottom of the lighter, with a single flame port at the top center of the lighter. Looking at their website I see that this particular lighter is available for free customization, allowing you the opportunity to put your custom text or logo on these lighters – check it out here.

As far as performance is concerned, this torch holds its own – the previous review of the double flame torch we had perfect performance time after time – with the single flame torch we have had it not light on the first triggering on about 1 out every ten times, which has always been the very first attempt after the lighter has been laying without use, but considering many lighters have a lot more than a one out of ten time problem lighting, I’m not at all concerned about it. You would think that as a single flame torch this lighter might be susceptible to the wind as well but that is not the case with this torch – even standing outside with wind blowing the flame would not go out – to test it even further I ignited the torch and then proceeded to shake my hand back and forth as fast as I could, and still couldn’t get the flame to go out! Considering the time of year and the fact that windy and adverse weather will soon be upon most of us, this is a quality in a lighter that I can admire and am sure will come in quite handy in the months to follow! And finally, the flame is consistent, strong and doesn’t sputter or go out while you are trying to light your cigar – you can trigger this lighter, toast your foot and light your cigar all without having to reignite – that’s how it should be!

Now an important item to note about the single flame pocket torch is that this lighter does not have a cover on the flame port – so if you carry this lighter around in your pocket as it is intended, be advised that you might encounter a lighting issue should anything from your pockets clog up the flame port – an issue that I did experience this last week, as a piece of pocket link actually got into the flame port and blocked the igniter. If you are going to store this lighter in your travel humidor or in an accessories box it is highly unlikely that this issue will ever befall you, but if you plan on carrying the lighter just be aware to double check the flame port. Because of the compact size of this torch, things that I loved about the previous lighter are obviously not available, such as a built in cigar punch or an easy to use no tools required flame adjustment – but this torch also does not include a viewing window to check on your butane levels. So once again, you will need to make sure you top this little guy off before heading out for a weekend herf, or make sure you got a can of fuel with you to refill. The lack of a viewing window and an exposed flame port are literally the only things I have negative to say about this torch – the all metal construction, lightweight and consistent reliability of this lighter are all qualities which speak for themselves and are a testament to this company’s commitment to a quality product.

So, where does the Newport Zero Metallic Pocket Torch belong in your cigar toolbelt? Well, if you are a smoker of smaller ring cigars and want a torch which is going to light up your smokes without getting that black scorched appearance up your wrapper, then this lighter is for you because it handles the small ring cigars like a champ – I am assuming that even bumping up to a larger ring gauge in the robusto size would still be easily handled by this lighter, but in my opinion, this is the lighter to have for those petite coronas in your humidor. The thin and compact design of this lighter make it the perfect travel humidor torch as it takes up such a small amount of space, it can easily be tucked in between those precious cigars without threatening damage, and because of its lightweight this torch is perfect for throwing in your pocket as it won’t weigh you down or feel like you got a big ‘ol rock in your pocket! The metal construction makes it durable and the near flawless performance makes it a reliable addition to your accessory lineup. All in all, Cigar Informer give the Metallic Pocket Torch a solid good buy rating!

The photos in the gallery below are of the lighter we have used for this review, which is the silver option on the Newport website. You can get the Metallic Pocket Torch for only $12 and a giant 300ml can of Newport Zero butane is only $11.99 – that’s less than $25 for a giant can of fuel and a quality lighter that will last you years – don’t get a deal that good very often! Use the links below to get yours today and be sure to check out all the other great products they have in the way of torchs and cigar accessories.

Accessory Review: Newport Zero Metallic Pocket Cigar Torch If you caught our review last week about the Newport Zero Double Flame Cigar Lighter then you are already in ahead of the game and know

Newport zero torch review

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