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Best Cigar Lighters That Are Really Cool & Work Perfectly

Last Updated on November 2, 2020 by Shawn Burns

In A Hurry? Our Top Picks:

  1. Best Overall:Xikar Quad Cigar Lighter
  2. Most Affordable (Cheap):Vertigo Triple Torch Cigar Lighter
  3. Best Tabletop Cigar Lighter:Alec Bradley Tabletop Cigar Lighter

A quality cigar lighter should be able to produce a strong flame that is not only windproof but should also not add any taste to the cigar as you draw in the first couple of puffs.

As any cigar aficionado will tell you, that’s only a small part of what’s important…

Key features such as the flame type, flame adjustment, size, weight, and ignition type can all have a huge impact in not only the performance, but the reliability and ultimately the price you pay in your next cigar lighter.

In order to make sure that you don’t get ripped off and end up buying a cigar lighter that is designed to break after a few months of regular use, we did the hard work for you and reviewed the best cigar lighters in 2020.

Not only do we review each cigar lighter in detail, but we also share with you some key points to keep in mind when buying a cigar lighter along with answering a few common questions men have when choosing their next cigar lighter.

Let’s take a look:

Table of Contents

Review Summary

The Best Cigar Lighters of 2020 Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Xikar Quad Cigar Lighter

Founded in 1996, Xikar focuses on one thing and one thing only: high-quality, well-designed smoking accessories. From lighters to cutters to ashtrays, Xikar has you covered.

They’re most well known, however, for their exquisitely crafted jet cigar lighters, and the Xikar Quad is the cream of the crop. This sleek, powerful cigar lighter is truly the cream of the crop – it combines power with control, all placed into an attractive, portable package.

The pull-down action on the lighter makes ignition a breeze while the flip-top lid keeps the inner workings protected when not in use. A perfect gift any cigar lover, the Quad Cigar comes with a lifetime warranty from Xikar.

At the top of our price range, the Xikar Quad Cigar isn’t for the casual smoker, but if you want to toast fast and get a premium, feature right best-for-your-money lighter, this is the one.

  • Xikar brand means excellence
  • Top lid retracts more than 90 degrees for easy lighting
  • Fuel control and fuel tank view window
  • No punch cutter is a missed opportunity
  • Would’ve liked to see it available in jet black
What You Need To Know

Serious cigar smoker? Want to invest your money in a quality lighter for your pocket or table? The Xikar Quad Torch is the one you want, hands down.

2. Most Affordable (Cheap): Vertigo Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

Who says torch lighters need to be expensive to be great. Not Vertigo, that’s for sure. If you’re in search of the best cigar lighter for the money, look no further.

The Vertigo Triple Torch Lighter is one of the most affordable, yet worthwhile accessories a smoker can own. Compact with an easy light button and fuel window, this triple jet flame lighter is powered by quartz ignition that ensures the wind doesn’t hold you back.

The lighter is available in both charcoal and clear colors, and at the very lower end of our price range, the Vertigo Triple Torch Cigar Lighter is a great value pick.

  • Inexpensive yet well made
  • Triple torch
  • Easy, clean ignition
  • No adjustment wheel must use a screwdriver
  • Some plastic parts
What You Need To Know

If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money, but still want to purchase a lighter that feels premium, this Vertigo lighter is the one you want.

3. Best Tabletop Cigar Lighter: Alec Bradley Tabletop Cigar Lighter

For the true cigar aficionado, or at least the guy who wants to make an impression, the Alec Bradley The Burner Tabletop Cigar Lighter is a true statement piece. A large, 1.4 oz fuel tank holds enough butane to light nearly 1,000 cigars.

The quick and even lighting allows for an even smoke. An adjustable knob, chrome underbody, sleek design, and makes this windproof tabletop torch flame lighter, one of the best on the market right now.

Proper cigar smoking is as much about the prep as it is the draw, and this tabletop light will make the prep slide along easily. Quartz ignition technology and a triple-flame design make lighting and smoking a breeze.

Best of all, this tabletop comes right at the bottom of our price range.

Sure, you won’t be traveling with it, but it’ll easily get the job done at home.

  • Large fuel tank
  • Quartz lighting with adjustable torch height
  • Large flame lights the whole cigar
  • Short neck – may need to get closer to flame than you’d like
  • Plastic parts bring down the design here a bit
What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to light your cigars and don’t need to travel with a lighter, the Alex Bradley The Burner lighter is the best tabletop cigar lighter.

4. Small Portable Torch Lighter

When you think about the perfect size to carry something around with you, one of the first things you think about is something about the size of a pen.

With an adjustable wheel on one end and a single torch burner on the other, the lighter is created from high-quality zinc alloy.

The single-click ignition source allows for easy lighting, while the lock button keeps you and your loved ones safe.

At just 1.8 grams filled, this lighter can be used more than 500 times on a single butane tank. At the lower end of our price range, this lighter makes an easy buy.

  • Distinctive shape for easy carry
  • Multi-use
  • Nice material construction
  • Only one jet
  • Unknown brand
What You Need To Know

This lighter is a great option for the smoker that needs to carry a lighter around frequently. It also doubles as a great way to light virtually anything.

5. Quadruple Flame Butane Cigar Lighter

The TOMOLO Quad Torch Lighter is one of the sleeker refillable butane lighters we’ve seen in a long time. Made from high quality zinc alloy, the TOMOLO features a clean fuel tank that allows you to see exactly how much butane you have left in the tank.

The gunmetal color style adds a very clean touch to the design. The cigar aficionado on the go will also appreciate the punch built right into the side of the lighter, saving time and effort.

Flame adjustment does require a screwdriver, and the offered one year warranty seems like it may be a bridge too far, but at the very bottom of our price range, we’re willing to make the sacrifice.

  • Great gunmetal color
  • Punch saves the cigar smoker time
  • Easy fuel level window
  • No flame adjustment knob
  • One year warranty from an unknown company
What You Need To Know

You can’t really argue with a quadruple torch lighter with a punch built right in that scrapes the bottom of our pricing barrel – the TOMOLO Torch lighter is, at the very least, a good option for the cigar smoker’s repertoire.

6. Colibri Julius Flint Cigar Lighter

You don’t often think of lighters being used to make a statement, but this top of our price range offering from Colibri will definitely do it. The Colibri Julius Flint Double Flame Lighter is stunning with a pachmayr grip in black with accent metal.

Available in a variety of different color schemes at varying price points, the Julius uses a flint to light the torch as opposed to quartz.

No matter though – when you have a lighter that is exquisitely designed like this, the method of ignition doesn’t matter. Many reviews noted that the angled flame also provides a comfortable grip on the lighter while providing a nice angle for your cigar.

Perfect for the man that smokes cigars in business situations.

  • Great design with accent colors
  • Double flame for even toasting
  • Easy to see butane window
  • Would’ve liked to see a triple burner
  • Adjustment is difficult
What You Need To Know

If you want to make a statement to clients or need a great gift for a cigar-smoking friend or colleague, the Colibri will add a beautiful touch.

7. Honest Quad Tabletop Cigar Lighter

Elegant appearance combined with superior lighting makes the Honest Quad Tabletop Cigar lighter one of the standouts on the list. The rosewood grain set on high-quality zinc alloy produces a clean, red flame that is adjustable using the switch on the bottom.

Giving the Honest quad table lighter as a gift will truly make someone’s day, packaged in the included box. It is large, even for a table lighter, so plan accordingly.

Still, at the bottom of our price range, regardless of the type of lighter, the Honest Quad Tabletop Cigar Lighter is a great addition to your patio or deck.

  • Rosewood grain
  • Easy one-click start
  • Nice packaging, according to reviews
  • No warranty listed
  • The lid should open more fully
What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a true statement piece for your patio or deck and don’t care too much about brands, the Honest is the way to go.

8 Tips on Finding the Best Cigar Lighter

1. Flame Type

Flame type is an important consideration when you’re looking for the best cigar lighter. Lighting a cigar adequately is not the same as lighting a cigarette. The best butane cigar lighter will offer a consistent, powerful jet of heat, unlike a regular lighter such as a BIC, which produces a jittery flame. The jet flame of a butane lighter is essential when properly toasting the end of a cigar. You can, however, have a bit of variation between single or multiple flame lighters.

Single Flame

Single flame lighters take a bit longer to toast correctly and then light a cigar. However, it may save butane over the long run. The savings are negligible – butane is inexpensive. A pure positive of a single flame cigar lighter is that they tend to be lower in price and come in smaller body size.

Double Torch / Triple Torch / Quad Torch

A double or triple flame torch lighter will toast and light a cigar much faster, and the added flame will provide some wind resistance. More flames do equal more butane, however, and will increase the body size. You can also buy a quad torch cigar lighter, but these are often more powerful than you truly need for proper toasting and ignition.

2. Flame Height Adjustment

An adjustable flame is a must when considering a high-quality torch lighter. It provides more excellent safety and control and allows you to direct the fire at the very tip of the cigar in question comfortably. The adjustment wheel of a cigar is typically found on the bottom of the lighter.

3. Size & Weight

Size and weight is a critical area to consider when you’re selecting a cigar lighter. Portable lighters allow you to take your smoking elsewhere but sacrifice some power. Tabletop lighters are rarely kept in your pocket and often weigh upwards of a pound.

Pocket Size / Portable

Heavy metal lighters feel great in hand but may weigh down pockets – especially if you’re also carrying keys and a phone. Portable cigar lighters are designed to be pocket-sized while maintaining a consistent, hot jet.

The form of these lighters generally come in either rectangular or cylindrical – rectangular may work a bit better in skinny jeans without providing a noticeable lump in pocket. Generally, however, they’re no longer than a tube of lip balm.


Table cigar lighters are designed for home or patio use and can often light more than 1,000 cigars between refills. Obviously, you can take these with you, but they’re not ideal as they are heavy and are often engraved or personalized, making them more personally valuable to the user. They’re perfect for the cigar aficionado who enjoys a smoke in their backyard with or without friends.

4. Ignition Type


Flints are pieces of stone that produce physical sparks when struck with a piece of metal. When the spark mixes with butane you get a light. They rely on the physical creation of sparks, which is highly dependent on environmental factors like wind and moisture. Most jet butane torch lighters do not have flint starters.


By far, the most common, a piezo-based starter, is based on the principle of piezoelectricity. This phenomenon occurs when a substance accumulates electrical charge in response to high pressure. In the case of torch lighters, a quartz crystal is struck to produce electricity – this produces a spark that travels along a wire to the ignition area where it mixes with the butane. Piezo ignition is far more reliable than flint ignition and is used in almost all of the best cigar lighter designs.

5. Price

Price varies wildly on use. You can pick up an inexpensive, portable cigar lighter for under $20. Tabletop lighters can go as high as $80-$100.

6. Multipurpose

One of the great things about cigar lighters is that they are truly multipurpose. Because of the reliable ignition method, a relatively small amount of fuel used, and compact size, cigar lighters can be used to ignite their namesake, but can also be used around the home, out on the campsite or to get the grill going for a cookout.

7. Extras

There are a few extras that can make a very nice cigar lighter into an indispensable one.

Lifetime Warranty

Cigar lighters on the more expensive end of the spectrum often come with lifetime warranties. These provide additional peace of mind and show that the company stands behind their product. We always recommend ensuring that their contact info and warranty claim process is easily understood before purchasing.

Gift Box

Cigar lighters make a great gift even for men who don’t smoke regularly. A gift box can add that nice touch.

Easy Refill

Easy refill allows for less of a chance of an accident occurring. It prevents butane from spraying all over the countertop or your hands, a huge safety concern. Perfect for older gents, easy refill valves area paired with butane cans with a long thin stem. Simply press the can down onto the lighter, and that’s it.

Fuel Gauge / Fuel Level

Standard on most cigar lighters, a gauge lets you know how much butane is left in the fuel tank. Larger or longer gauges allow for clear visibility, so you don’t get stuck with an empty lighter when out with friends or away from home.


Color completely depends on personal preference, but cigar lighters come in a variety of different finishes and materials. Black, silver, and gunmetal are the most popular for men. Leather-wrapped lighters are also very common, and lighters can be personalized with initials or names.

Cigar Punch (in body)

A cigar punch is a circular piece of metal that comes to the point that is pressed into the end of the cigar you smoke, allowing you to pull out a small portion of the wrapper. This keeps you from having to rely on a cutter.

8. Travel-Friendly

Cigars are often enjoyed on vacation or during travel. This is especially true for guys who don’t generally partake. It’s important to know that your cigar lighter must be in a special container approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and must be checked.

9. Brand

As with all men’s products, there are some tried, true, and trusted cigar lighter brands out there. Many favor the age-old Zippo. There are also many relative newcomers to the scene, including Vertigo, Xikar, Colibri, and more. This article reviews products from some of the best cigar lighter brands. Go with what you like.

Cigar Lighters: Must-Have Accessories

Purofine or Butane

So you’ve got your brand new cigar lighter – great! They ship empty, so you’ll have to fill it with something. All high quality cigar torch lighters should be filled with either Purofine (prioritary Butane by Xikar) or Butane. Purofine is high performance butane which increases performance and provides a more robust flame. It is recommended for use in a number of name brand cigar lighters like Xikar.

You can also fill your lighter with butane, which can be purchased locally or online. All butane is virtually the same. Buy a larger canister than you’ll need. The worst thing you want to deal with is your lighter running out while you’re trying to light your torch flame amongst your cigar aficionado friends.

Cigar Cutter

A quality double guillotine cigar cutter is a key to ensuring you have an enjoyable, tasty smoke. A sharp, appropriate cutter gets a clean cut the size of which can control how quickly you’re able to draw through the tobacco. There is very little reason to purchase a precut cigar. If you do not own a cutter or don’t have one on hand, a reputable cigar shop will cut a cigar for you, free of charge.

Quality is critical here – a sharp blade will slice the tip clean off. A cheap cutter will smash the tip and push the tobacco.

Cigar Punch

An alternative to the cigar cutter, a punch puts a .25″ hole into the tip of the cigar. These are perfect for the cigar smoker on the go. They easily slide into a pocket or hang on a keychain. Some even prefer a punch to a cut has they provide consistent results.

Punches do not necessarily need to be sharp, but must be clean and have a nice edge.

Cigar Humidor

If you are storing cigars for any length of time, you’ll want to invest in a quality cigar humidor. A stable environment ensures that the cigars don’t dry out and retains the taste of the cigar. There is a reason why quality cigar shops store their cigars in a separate room.

You can control the humidity in your humidor using a variety of methods from chemical packs all the way to electrically powered humidifiers.

Cigar Lighter FAQs

Q: Can you use a regular lighter for a cigar?

You can use a regular lighter for a cigar, but it is not recommended. Using a regular lighter for a cigar will cause the tobacco to burn unevenly. This is because of the variable movement of the flame. Additionally, a cigar should be toasted before it is lit – this is difficult to achieve with a traditional lighter. A cigar lighter is far more preferable to a standard lighter.

Q: What is the most reliable type of lighter?

A lighter that uses butane and is ignited using quartz is the most reliable. Additionally, consider a lighter that has a built-in fuel tank window that will allow you to see the fuel remaining.

Q: Do lighters ruin cigars?

They certainly can. Lighting one side of a cigar as opposed to lighting straight on will cause an uneven burn. This, in turn, will cause one side of the cigar to burn significantly hotter than the other and ruin the taste. Additionally, a cutter or punch used improperly will ruin a cigar, pushing and smashing the tobacco as opposed to cutting it cleanly. Finally, cigars that are not stored properly or are precut can be ruined by a lack of moisture.

Q: What is the highest quality butane?

Purofine is the highest quality butane available, but there is no truly measurable difference between it and butane. Purofine burns cleaner and hotter, but at the end of the day, as long as you’re using some type of butane, you’ll be all set.

Q: Do Zippos leak in your pocket?

They sure can — the traditional Zippo lighter stores liquid lighter fluid in a cotton swab that is stored inside the lighter. If you overfill the lighter, the fluid can easily leak out. Butane lighters will never leak in your pocket.

Cigar Lighter vs. The Rest

Cigar Lighter

Cigar lighters are powered by butane and generally use quartz for ignition. They are specifically designed to be windproof and evenly toast and light a cigar without burning one area more than another. Cigar lighters can be found in either tabletop or pocket designs and often feature fuel windows and punches built right in. Cigar lighters are designed for individuals who are serious cigar smokers or who want to make a statement with friends or colleagues.

Regular Lighter (i.e., Bic)

Regular lighters, like Bic or Zippo, best kept away from cigars — stick to cigarettes and birthday candles. The variable flame is great for some things, like lighting BBQ grills or fires and using around the home. However, their small size and lack of heat will make toasting a cigar difficult.


Matches are often considered the only true way to light a cigar, and some older gents will stand by them religiously. At the end of the day, if that’s how you feel, by all means, use matches. However, the best, cleanest, and most reliable method for lighting your cigar will be a cigar lighter.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Cigar Lighters

We looked at several things when we chose the best cigar lighters, including:

  • Flame type
  • Flame height
  • Size and portability
  • Ignition type
  • Price
  • Extras
  • Brand

As with all men’s products, you’ll want to select the cigar lighter that is right for your style. If you’re a smoker constantly on the go, then you’ll want to purchase a small light with features like a fuel window or punch. If you’re more of an at-home smoker and really want to make an impression on guests, consider a tabletop.

Do what’s right for your situation and your budget.

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A good cigar lighter will not only provide a reliable and strong flame, but also be built to last. Here we review the best cigar lighters in 2020.

Top 10 Best Torch Lighters in 2020

Published by bunsak on October 27, 2020 October 27, 2020

A torch lighter is a crucial tool in every household in case of emergencies where your gas lighter or other such tools are broken. Whether you have to lite a gas stove or a cigar, torch lighters are multipurpose and easy to store anywhere.

For the uninitiated, torch lighters have butane gas in them, which is a flammable gas mostly used for lighting the cigars and cigarettes. The reason behind picking up the torch lighters is that they light the cigars evenly, a requisite for all the cigar lovers.

We have come up with a list of features loaded and high-quality best torch lighters making it easier for our readers to make a decision.

List of Top 10 Best Torch Lighter in 2020 Reviews

Preview Product
TOPKAY Torch Lighter, Windproof Turbo Jet Flame Torch Lighter, Refillable Butane Torch Lighter, Mini. Buy on Amazon
RONXS Torch Lighter, Butane Lighter in Pocket Size, Adjustable Triple Jet Flame Cigar Lighter. Buy on Amazon
TOMOLO Torch Lighter Triple Jet Flame Refillable Butane Cigar Lighter with Cigar Punch,2. Buy on Amazon
Iwatani International CB-TC-PRO 2 Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch for sous vide, crème brulee. Buy on Amazon
Bernzomatic TS8000 – High Intensity Trigger Start Torch, 2 Pack Buy on Amazon
Butane Torch by Corkas, Professional Culinary Blow Torch Lighter with Safety Lock, Continuous Flame. Buy on Amazon
EurKitchen Butane Culinary Kitchen Torch – Butane Fuel Not Included – Refillable Food Blow Torch for. Buy on Amazon
Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Charcoal 2 Pack Buy on Amazon
Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter Insert – Double Torch Buy on Amazon
Sondiko Butane Torch, Culinary Torch Refillable Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter with Safety Lock and. Buy on Amazon

10. Topkay Windproof Turbo Flame Butane Torch Lighter

This bullet-shaped torch lighter not just looks stylish but also comes with features such as an adjustable flame. Since the burner nozzle is extensive, it produces a more powerful and more potent jet flame compared to the regular lighters. This type of flame is preferred for lighting the cigars evenly. Moreover, the thumbwheel on the lighter meant for easy adjustment of the flame.

Its ergonomic design provides the comfort of holding and good grip so that you do not drop the lighter accidentally. So, this is a multipurpose lighter used as a BBQ lighter, fire lighter, Gas stove, camping fire, and so on.


  • Big burner nozzle for even lighting of the cigar
  • Flame adjusted with the thumbwheel
  • Ergonomic design and good grip ensure the convenience of holding and lighting
  • Used for the variety of purpose, indoors and outdoor


  • Might be a little big for a pocket

9. Ronxs Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Pocket Size Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter

Ronxs torch lighter is loaded with triple burners and is windproof, ensuring an even and quick lighting of the cigar, candle, gas stoves, and so on. The pocket-size lighter made of heavy-duty graded zinc alloy ensuring longevity and durability. Moreover, this lighter comes with the click to ignite function that is easy to ignite, and the flame adjusted as per your requirements.

The inflammable gas butane powers this lighter. Just to check the level of the gas, there is a fuel level. The grill lighter also comes with an elegant box making it even a great gift for men.


  • Windproof and splash-proof making it easier to light a cigar
  • Pocket size lighter made of heavy-duty graded zinc alloy
  • Click to ignite function of the lighter for natural lightning
  • Built quality is excellent and durable


  • Butane cylinder might be small for frequent users

8. Tomolo Triple Jet Flame Durable Zinc Alloy Torch Lighter

The lighter is filled with high-quality and high-purity butane guaranteeing the durability and longevity of the lighter. Moreover, the fuselage fuel tank design is fully transparent, and a built-in cigar punch would make the lighter more efficient for practical use. You can adjust the flames of the lighter from triple jet flames to single jet flames, depending on the usage.

The lighter is in line with the USPS safety regulations and would not be filled with the butane gas when you receive it. To ensure the best after-sale service to the customers, manufacturers extend the 1-year warranty on this lighter.


  • Made of zinc alloy making it more durable compared to the other lighters
  • Fuel tank design is transparent
  • Built-in cigar punch making the lighter more user friendly
  • Triple jet flames of the lighter can be adjusted from 3 to 1 flame as per the requirement


  • Will only be compatible with pure butane

7. Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Pastries Camping Multipurpose Torch

This multipurpose lighter from Iwatani can be used to sear the meat, create a sugary crust, and even can be used for roasting and charring the vegetables. The all-purpose butane filled smart torch has adjustable flames size and shape to focus the flame on the target. Moreover, starting and using this torch is very easy, and the safety plate makes it topple proof.

Once exhausted, the butane canister can be replaced effortlessly just by twisting and locking. Further, the one-touch piezo ignition and stabilizing plate are features meant for extra safety while using the torch.


  • Lightweight and multipurpose charring, sugar crusting, searing, etc
  • Butane cylinder is easy to replace with just twist and click fitting settings
  • Touch Piezo ignition and stabilizing plate for good grip on the surface


  • Might be little pricey for some

6. Bernzomatic High-Intensity Trigger Start Auto Start/Stop Ignition Torch

This torch from Bernzomatic is ideal for outdoor projects and site visits as it can solder large diameter copper pipes, heat treating, light welding, and so on. As the torch is equipped with the swirl flame, you would get the maximum heat output.

Further, the auto adjustable flame control knob is ideal for regulating the flame size and different applications. Moreover, the cast aluminum body construction of the lighter is durable and enhances longevity. Features such as adjustable flame control knob and pressure regulator make this torch lighter simple and easy to use.


  • Auto Stop/Start for using both indoor and outdoor
  • Adjustable flame control knob for the ease of switching between the application
  • Ultra-swirl flame for maximum heat output for large diameter soldering
  • Pressure regulator for stable performance
  • Efficient performance even when tilted and inverted momentarily


  • Does not fit slim or 1935 replica cases

5. Corkas Butane Professional Culinary Safety Lock Blow Torch

If you are looking for a lightweight aluminum alloy professional-grade blow torch, then this item from Corkas would impress you. Since it is aluminum alloy shell-covered, the torch is accident-proof and can resist extremely high temperatures. Further, the safety lock safeguards you against the accidental ignition. Moreover, the broader base of the torch guarantees that it does not topple, making it a safer choice.

Apart from that, there is a regulator for adjusting the temperature and controlling the flames. Easy to refill with butane, this multipurpose torch would be an excellent buy for using it both indoor and outdoor.


  • Made of aluminum alloy for lightweight and temperature resistance
  • Safety lock safeguards against any accidental lighting
  • Professional grade torch lighter
  • Regulator for adjusting the flames
  • Replacing the butane cylinder is a simple


  • Flame starts working properly after a couple of uses

4. EurKitchen Refillable Food Blow Finger Guard Culinary Kitchen Torch

Modern design and multi-functional kitchen torch from EurKitchen are a must-have tool for the home bakers and those who are looking to learn professional-grade cooking. Apart from the piezo press ignition offering fast, immediate, and safe lighting, the mini blowtorch also comes with a gas flow regulator dial to adjust the flame and safety lock to safeguard from any accident.

The torch is compatible with all the brands of butane gas and can be refilled easily. Moreover, features such as finger guard protect the user from accidental burns and extreme hear while cooking. TUV CE certified aluminum and ABS plastic ensure ergonomic comfort.


  • Piezo press ignition ensures safe, fast and immediate lighting
  • Gas flow regulator for adjusting the flames and ensuring optimum temperature
  • Ergonomic design and TUV CE and ABS plastic for better handling
  • Compatible with all the brands of butane gas


  • Unique features would take a couple of ignition to get used to

3. Vertigo Triple Torch Wind Resistant Dual Action Ignition Torch

Your search for a stylish, affordable, rugged-looking, and durable torch lighter ends with this item from Vertigo. A must-have for the cigar lovers, this lighter is pocket size and therefore easy to carry anywhere. The triple flame of the torch lighter is there to make sure that you can use it for the host for purposes rather than just for lighting the cigar.

The torch lighter is wind resistant and comes equipped with quartz power ignition and dual-action ignition. Further, you can check the level of butane from the level window and refill it whenever required.


  • Affordable, stylish and compact design
  • dual action ignition and quartz power ignition
  • Triple frame torch lighter for other alternative purposes
  • Comes packed in a cloth fitted pouch to retain the shine and performance of the lighter


  • Not meant for heavy use

2. Zippo Adjustable Blue Flame Premium Butane Fluid Lighter Inserts

This new double torch lighter insert collection from Zippo offers a new flame for the classic design. Moreover, the soft-touch ignition enables you to get a quick and easy flame for all purposes. The all-metal body of the lighter guaranteeing durability and harsh environment resistance along with a small size that is easy to carry.

You will get the Zippo one box for this lighter to be placed safely, and the reusable design of the box is meant towards minimizing the waste. Among the other useful features, an adjustable flame dial on the end of the inert enables better control of the flame height. Moreover, the double beam gives a windproof heat source that can be rechargeable and reusable.


  • Blue light flame of the lighter is adjustable
  • Adjustable flame dial
  • Soft-touch ignition guarantees quick and easy flame
  • Double beam of the lighter windproof heat source
  • Fitted cloth pouch for maximum safety


  • Does not fit slim or 1935 replica cases

1. Sondiko Adjustable Flame Safety Lock Culinary Refillable Torch

A professional-grade and the portable cooking refillable torch are the perfect options for the home chefs and those who want to become professional-grade chefs. The safety lock ensures that there is no accidental ignition, and a broad base ensures the cylinder anti-toppling on the floor or the platform. Moreover, the body is made from aluminum alloy for durability and longevity of the refillable torch.

The Piezo ignition technology let the torch to be used at any angle and even in the upside-down. Further, the ergonomic design enables you to hold the torch with one hand and use it seamlessly. You also get the adjustable temperature regulator for complete control of flame.


  • Safety Lock of the lighter guarantee prevention
  • The portable size and lightweight
  • Aluminum alloy body ensures both durability and longevity of the cylinder
  • Temperature regulator for controlling the flame


  • Continuous flame mode can be used for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time

Buying Guide: What Factors To Consider Before Buying The Torch Lighters

Let’s look at the factors that should be taken into account for making the best torch lighter purchase

Flame Size

Adjustable flame size is something that you should always consider when buying torch lighters. For instance, lighting a cigar evenly would require you having medium and consistent flame that can light evenly. The torch should come with the features of regulating the flames so that you can decide as per the requirements.

Safety Features

Another vital aspect to consider while buying the torch lighters is safety features. The tool should come with safety lock and other such features for preventing the accidental lighting. Further, if you are going for culinary torches, it should have a more extensive base so that it does not tumble accidentally, causing injury.

Burning Duration

The flame should not go out too quickly as it would require you to switch on the flame multiple times. Apart from that, you should also ensure that the fuel capacity of the tank is enough and in line with the average time for which standard lighters burn.


It should be something that you can use for various purposes, from lighting a cigar to culinary activities like charring, searing, and creating sugar crust.


Torch Lighters are a great tool to have at home with a diverse range of features and functions that they can perform. However, selecting the lighter that suits your needs and also fits in your budget is the decision to be taken diligently. We hope our buying guide and well-research product reviews would assist our readers in finding the best torch lighters.

Top 10 Best Torch Lighters in 2020 Published by bunsak on October 27, 2020 October 27, 2020 A torch lighter is a crucial tool in every household in case of emergencies where your gas lighter