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What are oil burners?

Oil burners wholesale are nothing but are long straight glass tubes which are further sold as the oil burners. Furthermore, oil burners are commonly used to smoke crystal meth which are legal everywhere to purchase. Sometimes, these oil burners wholesale are stuffed with a plastic flower designs to give a beautiful look.

Glass oil burner manufacturers

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Glass Oil Burner Water Pipe

Product Details

Glass Oil Burner Pipe with Pink Blue Yellow Colorful Handle 6 Inch Thick Curve Pyrex Oil Burner Hand Pipes Glass Tube

Details of the 10cm glass oil burner pipe :

1.Size : L 15cm * R29.5mm (as pics)

2.Color : Clear +pink blue yellow color handle (as pics)

3.Material : clear thick pyrex glass

4.Type: Bent / curve

15cm glass oil burners , L 15cm * R29.5mm , high quality herb oil burners pipes ,new arrival , fast shipping,mix color order,OEM / ODM

If it has not been cleaned for a long time, it feels that the tar in the residual cigarette holder is hard to be cleaned. After being pulled out in sections, it is soaked in warm water of about 50 minutes. After soaking for about ten minutes, wipe it, or put a little detergent to soak. The method of cleaning must be used after the water is naturally dried, otherwise the smell of smoke oil will affect the mood.

As one of the leading glass oil burner water pipe suppliers in China, our factory provides customized products made in China. We warmly welcome you to wholesale or buy bulk discount glass oil burner water pipe in stock here and get free sample from our factory.