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Graffix Bong Review: Should You Buy This Brand?

When you mention Graffix Bong, you’ll ultimately stir up a lot of nostalgia among veteran smokers. Let’s talk about this bong brand and find out why it’s got quite a cult following, and if it’s still got its magic.

What’s a Graffix bong?

Graffix is a company that’s been around for more than 30 years, and most instantly recognize them by their iconic clown seal. They’re one of the surviving few who are manufacturing acrylic bongs that are affordable and functional. They started making their Graffix bong and waterpipes in Tucson Arizona in 1988, offering their products to local headshops. On their 25th anniversary, Graffix began creating their Glass collection and launched their website. A few years later, they re-launched and created their own exclusive online store.

Many who started out with using a waterpipe know about the Graffix bong. One even shared his story of his 20-year-old that he started using while he was in college. The bong became his favorite because the rips are smooth. The company has earned a lot of loyal customers because of their quality and consistency.

The Graffix Bubble Skinny Acrylic bong features a classic bong design and has removable parts for easy cleaning.

Graffix acrylic bong

Acrylic bongs are the most affordable type of bongs you’ll ever get. The material is easy to source and it’s quick to mold into any shape and size. However, everyone will tell you that it’s hard to have an acrylic bong that doesn’t change the taste of smoke.

Graffix bongs are affordable, yet it gives you almost the same smoking experience as that of a glass pipe. Previously, their bongs were wide in diameter. Now they release a skinny size for portability. All acrylic bongs come with a removable base for easy cleaning and maintenance. The curved mouthpiece provides a comfortable seal around the mouth to keep the chamber airtight for effortless pulls.

Previously, you get a metal slide with your Graffix acrylic bong. The new models now come with a glass slide, which is some are not happy about because of the thin material. A few experienced having their slides broken after several uses.

However, Graffix’s durable acrylic does have some issues. The new models are not like their predecessors. They function well, there’s no denying that. Sadly, they tend to get dirty faster and keeps in the smell of your herbs even after a thorough cleaning.

This tall 24” Natural Beaker gives big, straight hits without the frills. No backsplash with this bong.

Graffix glass bong

Although Graffix is offering their acrylic bongs to other online headshops, they made their glass pieces exclusive to their online store. You get different styles such as straights, beakers, bubbles, and can-based bongs. You can also get a couple with a perc or two plus an added ice pincher to help give you cool hits to make smoking easy on your throat.

The smallest glass bong that you can get from Graffix is a 12” bubble base that comes with Maria rings for accent as well as easy grip. Some also have fumed glass, showing off the beauty of the bong as well as the skill of the artist. The result is a color-changing bong that is both pleasing to look at yet has an awesome function.

If you want a massive rip, you can have a 24” Beaker Bong with a Donut Perk. It’s definitely not for someone who’s a lightweight and a beginner in smoking. This is perfect for those who want it heavy or find hitting a standard-sized bong isn’t doing them any good.

Most of their bongs are clear, scientific glass pieces that bear, of course, their colorful Graffix clown logo. Each is beautifully made, with some colorful glass pieces that are sure to catch your eye. Unfortunately of us, there are no details included in the glass thickness, diameter, and joint size. Because these are exclusive to the website, you won’t be able to see information about their pieces elsewhere. With price ranging from $119.95-$420, you have to make sure that you know what to expect when you open the box.

Should you get a Graffix bong?

Old school never grows old with Graffix. They’ve made a mark with their acrylic bongs, but the quality seems to be diminishing with a few modern designs. The glass pieces, beautiful that they are, needs further studying to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

A Graffix bong is sure to stir up fond old memories of smoking during the 80’s. Was Graffix able to hold its name and carry its history to new smokers?

Old School Graffix bong!! Remember? Maybe? Lol


So I tried to google Graffix bongs and hardly anything came up. I used to have a few of them a loooooooong time ago (mid 80’s), the ones with the weighted cans on the bottom of the bong. Almost like a freaking soup can or something.

Well I figured they were out of business or at least stopped making those old soup can bongs and I was right. I can’t even find one good pic online for one of those old suckers!

Anyway I’d love to find one of these again, don’t think I’d smoke out of it (ok maybe one hit :head but I’d treat it like I would an old bike or skateboard that I had when I was younger. Like a keepsake.

So if anyone has any good pics of these old bongs or even better a line on where I can get a closet classic like this post away. I’d even love to hear about your all’s old favorites.

Good weed + Graffix bong hits + Dark Side of the Moon = Old School Memories

So I tried to google Graffix bongs and hardly anything came up. I used to have a few of them a loooooooong time ago (mid 80's), the ones with the weighted…