one hit marijuana pipe

13 Best One Hitters – The Ultimate Guide for 2020

If you’re looking for an easy way to smoke herbs while you travel, or get your hit on the downlow, these one-hitter pipes might be the answer you’ve been looking for. These little pipes are exactly what they sound like: a handy dandy tool that allows for one hit. They’re easy to use, requiring just a mild amount of grinding beforehand, and a light puff as you’re lighting your gently packed bowl.

Beyond being great for their convenience and ease of use, one-hitter pipes are also the pinnacle of discreet smoking accessories. Stoners have loved one-hitters long before companies manufactured them. Some smokers even tried to make a diy one hitter, constructing their own zebra pen one hitter. Nowadays, there are all types of one-hitters, ranging in discreetness and styles. You can find one-hitters shaped like cigarettes, a lighter one hitter, one-hitters made of glass, and even a belt buckle one hitter.

We’ve created the ultimate guide to the best one-hitter pipes on the market, so keep scrolling to find the one that’s best for you!

Grav – Helix Chillum – $24.99

If we could choose one one-hitter pipe to rule them all, this would be it. The Helix Chillum one hitter is one of the greatest inventions to come out of Grav. Finally, there’s a stand-alone, glass Helix one hitter! This glass one hitter is the perfect way to enjoy your herbs. It’s small, easy to hold, and easy to use. This Grav one hitter provides an incomparable smoking experience, like only a Helix pipe can.

What we love!

  • Helix smoking experience
  • Quality construction
  • Classic Helix vortex design

Looking to toke on the go? Just need a single hit? The one hitter might be just the tool you've been looking for! These awesome little pipes (and vaporizers!) can slide into just about any pocket, so you and your best bud, Mary Jane, can be together forever. And to think some people don't believe in true love!

One hit marijuana pipe

Ahh, the beloved dugout. It’s a classic smoking accessory. That classic just got a makeover courtesy of the folks at Elevate Accessories. Behold the classiness of the Colfax handmade luxury wood dugout kit. Are you beholding it? Good. Now smoke it. Oh, you don’t have one yet?? Well you’re gonna need one, cuz, cause .


Take your portable weed game to the next level with this cool leather dugout kit from SilverStick. This beautiful leather kit is made from premium Italian leather and makes the perfect classy companion for smoking about town. Open up this leather dugout kit to find a SilverStick filtered pipe (which you may remember .


3-in-1. Oh yes. It’s 1. But it’s also 3. How can that be, you ask? Cause it’s the Hydra 3-in-1 Modular Smoking System, a very cool weed gadget from Cali Crusher with multiple personalities (but in a good way, not a creepy Law-and-Order-suspect kinda way). In “bubbler” mode it delivers smooth, water-filtered .


The Dynavap M is a battery-free vaporizer that works with a lighter, hits like a champ, and vapes like a dream. This snazzy titanium and stainless steel vaporizer is packed with thoughtfully engineered features. With just the power of a flame, the Dynavap M delivers the kind of truly tasty flavors and big puffy hits .


You’re classy. I can tell by the way you clicked on this product. You were like, click. And now here we are. So let’s talk about this cool filtered one-hitter, you classy thing, you. This is the SilverStick, a metal one-hitter with a filter! That’s right, the SilverStick unscrews to accommodate a replaceable filter .


If there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you’re one classy son of a bitch. And there’s nothing that classy sons of bitches like more than rich, exotic wood. That’s why you, my friend, are going to want to check out this lovely Wooden Dugout One Hitter from RYOT. The RYOT wooden dugout is a classic smoking .


We all know and love the classic magnetic one hitter box from Ryot (as lovingly featured here on Weedgadgets). Well prepare to have your brains blown as I reveal to you a twist or two. What we’ve got here ladies and gentlemen is the Ryot Magnetic Dugout One-Hitter Box in CLEAR are you kidding me?! No I’m serious. .


This is the Ejectable Twist Bat from RYOT, and it is one tasty, twisty taster! Whether you call it a taster, a bat, a one-hitter or a pipe, there are plenty of these little smoking devices out there, but this guy’s got a little something extra going for it. It twists! Yep, this beautiful one-hitter has a threaded .


Look at this nifty little thing! This is the Smoker’s Survival Kit, and it’s all you’ll need to survive the apocalypse (depending on your priorities). The Smoker’s Survival Kit is water tight and built out of super strong, high-grade impact resistant material, which really helps to keep the zombies from getting into .


Check out this beauty! It’s the Limited Edition Mighty Hitter Pipe in Skateboard Wood from Elevate Accessories, a very cool, unique glass one-hitter made with wood from recycled skateboards! This big boy is constructed from 4″ of extra thick glass tubing. The multi-colored skateboard wood tip pops on and off for easy .

One hit marijuana pipe Ahh, the beloved dugout. It’s a classic smoking accessory. That classic just got a makeover courtesy of the folks at Elevate Accessories. Behold the classiness of the