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Explore our one hitter amazon of the best dugout one hitters , wood chillums, metal incognito pipes, and smoking accessories. Currently, we are offering free shipping on our entire one hitter box inventory!

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High-Quality Wooden Dugouts

Choose from our large assortment of handmade wooden dugouts.

Classic Wooden Dugout – Wenge Wood

One Hitter Dugout & Metal Pipe – Modern

Classic Wooden Dugout – Bacote Wood

Classic Wooden Dugout – Paduak

Locking Wooden Dugout – Wenge

Classic Wooden Dugout – Mahogany

Wooden One Hitter Dugout & Metal Pipe – Stripes

Wooden One Hitter Dugout with Metal Pipe – Checkerboard

Slide-Top Wooden Dugout – Paduak Wood

Slide-Top Wooden Dugout – Purple Heart Wood

Locking Wooden Dugout – Purple Heart

One Hitter Dugout with Metal Pipe – Crisscross

Best Dugout One-Hitters

Handcrafted by the Best Wooden Dugout Artisans

These fine pieces of craftsmanship blend talent and beautiful materials to create the best dugout one hitters.

These wooden hitter boxes are equipped with a digger bat for easy tobacco retrieval.

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One Hitter Dugouts


One Hitter Bats & Chillums

New On-the-Go Pocket Pipes

These pocket pipes are the perfect travel companion for smoking on-the-go. Fill the deep bowl with tobacco, swivel the tight-fitting magnetic lid, and toss it in your bag for later.

Quality Hitter Boxes

One hitter boxes are designed to discreetly smoke where you want, when you want. Before shipping, our hitter boxes undergo quality inspection to ensure you are getting the best dugout box possible.

While we didn’t invent the one hitter dugout, we elevated quality to offer you the best dugout system.

New wood one hitter boxes just added!

Unique Wood Dugouts

Forged from real wood, each dugout will be truly one-of-a-kind because of the wood grain patterns. Recently, we partnered with an Indiana family business to offer you the highest quality wooden dugouts available.

Drilled with precision and sanded by hand, you can expect a perfectly, unique wood dugout delivered to your door.

Cool Dugouts and Free Shipping

That’s right, we’ll ship you these cool dugouts for free in a discreetly labeled package.

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For a limited time, our chillums, pocket pipes, and bats also ship free. Some lucky customers will even receive cool stickers.

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Easy-Grip Digger Bat

Check the description your dugout to see if it includes our spiked top digger bat which will allow you to grasp the perfect amount of tobacco in a single dip into your hitter box.

No more endless digging and twisting to fill your bat! If you understand the struggle, then you will enjoy this feature.

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One Hitter Dugout

The one hitter dugout is a container to store your pot and a small pipe that looks like a cigarette. Originating in the 1970s, when smoking pot was illegal in most places, the dugout simply looks like a small box. It was usually made of wood that had been gouged out to create a container – hence the name dugout.

For people who smoke marijuana either as a prescribed medical dose or in areas where only a small amount is legal to carry, the dugout provides both a place to store finely ground weed and a simple pipe that is disguised as an ordinary cigarette. The finely ground weed is packed into one side of the dugout. The straight pipe is then ground into the powdered leaf, picking up enough pot for one hit – hence the name “one hit.”

The advantages of this handy container are several. It serves as a disguise for what is being smoked – providing the people around you are unaware of the distinctive aroma. If you want only a small amount, the “one hit” pipe serves as a way to conserve the substance. For those areas where limited amounts are allowed to be transported, such as where you need a prescription and only a small amount will be dispensed to you, the container and small pipe make it easier to smoke only a little at one time. The pipe and dispenser eliminate that whole messy process of rolling your own in cigarette papers.

In today’s environment of cracking down on smoking tobacco in public places, the dugout could also serve as a place to store tobacco. It could even be used as a means to transport a small e-cigarette if you enjoy the flavor of the various Vape liquids available to those who are not into pot or tobacco.

If you regularly carry a dugout, you should be mindful of your location. Marijuana has not been legalized in all locations, and in some areas – even if you are only using the dugout to carry your e-cig and its supplies – a dugout could be viewed as paraphernalia.

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