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The best one-hitter quitter pipes

One-Hitter pipes have gained in popularity over recent years and are now most recommended as the go-to device for anyone shopping for small, discreet smoking pipes. With trends like THC and CBD microdosing hitting the headlines, there has never been more for options to choose from. The market has exploded with hundreds of new brands being sold every single day as a result of the one-hitter pipes being in such high demand.

What is a one hitter pipe?

A one-hitter AKA one-hitter quitter pipes are small handheld devices that are designed with a small bowl that can hold enough herb (25 milligrams) for one single hit. There are many different types of one-hitter pipes that can range from super discreet and designed like a metal cigarette, to something flashier and breakable like a small glass one hitter pipe.

Types of one hitter pipes

Every pipe is designed for a sort of user. With such a large market the needs and wants of the many are vast and difficult to manage. Some want a discreet experience that only a cigarette style one hitter pipe can provide. Other prefer unique functionality features like bright colored casings or push button bowl emptying ability. The perfect one-hitter for you will depend on personal taste and preference. Below you will find some of the most common types of one hitter pipes on the market today.

1. Taster Bat with Spring Ejector

Tasters bats equipped with spring ejectors are designed to make use of the device as simple as possible. The bowl once packed much be pressed down and once the smoke has been inhaled one additional press of a button will empty it. Measuring at 3” long and made using a wood casing that provides a sturdiness that most other materials cannot stand up to.

2. Metal Cigarette

Metal cigarette one-hitter pipes are often painted to look exactly like a cigarette so they can be packed well in advanced and smoked in front of others without being noticed. They can range from a regular cigarette length of 3 inches to a long 6 inches for flair. They are lit at the tip and used in the same way a joint or cigarette would be. The type of metal used depends on the manufacturer, but the most commonly used metal is steel.

3. Ceramic Cigarette

These types of one-hitter pipes are similar to that of the metal cigarette with a few distinct differences. Ceramic materials impact the durability of a device as it is breakable. However, the flavor of the smoke produced by these tubes is greatly enhanced. Ceramic is tasteless when used, unlike its metal counterparts.

4. Ceramic Cigar

Cigar type one-hitters are always fatter than cigarette styles and can usually hold up to twice as much cannabis inside, as other styles of one-hitter pipes. The size changes the amount it contains as well as the quality of the experience when cigars are chosen over cigarette styles remains unchanged.

5. Glass Bat

A glass bat is one of the most basic one-hitter pipes on the market. They are rarely ever painted and are often one of the cheapest styles available due to their basic design. A glass bat is a 3-inch glass tube that runs four times wider than the average cigarette style while still maintaining the smooth experience and versatility that comes with its conventional shape and size.

6. Aluminum Smoke Reducer

These types of one-hitter pipes are marketed towards those who want to reduce the amount of tobacco they are consuming. While many still buy them for recreational use, the idea is that using a smoke reducer filled with marijuana can replace a cigarette for those on a journey to quit. They run 9 millimeters in diameter and come in a variety of colors to suit any preference.

7. Acrylic Bat

Acrylic is used for one specific purpose, and that is to maintain a cooler temperature than glass or metal pipes can offer. They also cool the smoke as it travels through the chamber without the need for water. The material holds properties that make it heat resist and fast to cool after and during its use. There are both large and small sizes available, and they come in a range of 20 different colors.

8. Anodized

These one-hitter pipes provide the user with a safe contained space to store loose herb while on the go. Anodized pipes are unique because of their ribbed feature and a non-slip ergonomic grip that no other one-hitters will some equipped with. Anodized one-hitters hold the most of any other design listed here, with the ability to hold up to an entire gram within its chamber.

9. Brass Bat

A brass bat has similar dimensions to other bats which average a ¼ inch diameter at the widest end, and a ⅛ inch diameter on the smallest. Though some dislike the taste that brass has, others feel that it enhances the flavor of any herbs that are put through it. Brass is also one of the easiest material types to clean and can last through years of use and abuse.

How to use a one hitter pipe

Regardless of which types of one hitter pipes, you are currently considering, the mechanics still function the same. To use one of these pipes the bowl must first be packed with a small amount of dried cannabis. Once it has been filled the user presses the device to their lips while holding a heating element such as a lighter to the bowl to ignite it. Once the herb has lit one deep inhale is all it takes to empty the contents of the bowl. One-hitter pipes are designed to deliver one hit at a time as efficiently as possible.

Where to buy a one hitter

If you have a local head shop or smoke shop, then chances are you will find a one-hitter pipe of some sort available there. The problem then is the overall selection that each establishment may or may not have available. If you are looking for a specific type, then your best bet may be online. Below you will find the two largest online selections of one-hitter pipes that money can buy from trusted websites.

One-Hitter pipes have gained popularity over recent years and are now most recommended as the go-to device for anyone shopping for small, discreet pipes.

Here are 2018’s Most Efficient One-Hitter Pipes, According to Science

If you’re like us, you’re also trying to get high everywhere you go without anyone hassling you. That’s why sneak-a-toke one-hitter pipes are ideal for almost all public smoke-sesh situations. So, if you’re looking for something more portable than a bowl to smoke from, you’ve come to the right list. We’ve done the research, and we know what works– and what will have you running from event security, weed-trolls, or (god forbid) the cops because you got caught smoking. Here’s our guide to the most discreet and efficient one-hitters of 2018, according to science.

Best One-Hitters For Smokers with Butterfingers

Acrylic One-Hitter: Ryot is king when it comes to one-hitters and dugouts. They have tons of unbreakable designs in their line-up including the acrylic style. If you’re constantly dropping and breaking your glass pieces, you should give an acrylic one-hitter a shot.

Price: $9.50

Pros: Classic one-hitter design that won’t break if dropped. The acrylic material can be worked into tons of different designs allowing you to pick something that really suits you. Easily fits into your pocket or a dug-out for easy concealing on-the-go.

Cons: If you’ve got quality flowers you might want to put it through glass because the flavor is slightly compromised with acrylic.

Why We Like It: Portability and indestructibility.

Digger: The digger is one of the easiest and most popular one-hitters. The metal teeth at the tip make it one of the most effective little pipes to use because flower is easy to pack and smoke. All you need to do is stab the pipe into some nugs and literally watch it take bites. Once the end is filled with green, you’re ready to light and take flight.

Price: $5.99

Pros: The teeth at the end make it easy to pick up and pack weed. Just stab some nugs with it until it looks full. The all-metal design means it won’t break, no matter how hard you drop it.

Cons: The sharp edges might poke a hole in your pocket and they make it harder to clean. You’ll need a tool handy to get resin and ash from previous sessions out.

Why We Like It: One of the fastest ways to get right to smoking.

Budbat: The Budbat holds a little more than your average one-hitter with a couple of unique features. The nine-hole flame entry makes it easy to light only part of your weed instead of all of it like most other one-hitters. If you’re not trying to conserve the nine-holes increase burning capacity so you can torch it all in one hit.

Price: $26.24

Pros: Made from durable metal so it won’t break easily like glass. Detachable parts make it easy to clean. There is an extra air flow hole for smoother pulls. The fact that the flame is prevented from directly touching the herbs makes the hits less harsh.

Cons: The all metal design causes a compromise in flavor. When some of the nine-holes start to clog up, it can be hard to spark everything in the one-hitter.

Why We Like It: Holds more than your typical one-hitter.

Best One-Hitters for Self Ashing

Better Bat: The better bat’s ejecting function makes cleaning after each session easy. Normally you would have to go in with a metal tool. Now you can leave that stinky tool at home. The stainless steel spring sets this metal bat apart from the rest.

Price: $7.49

Pros: You can get a quick hit anywhere and easily eject the ash out before concealing it. Just push the mouthpiece inwards, and the ash will come falling out of the end. The anodized aerospace aluminum design makes it safe to carry in your pocket.

Cons: It gets harder to eject when things get dirty. At that point, you’ll have to soak it in a liquid cleaner designed to lift resin or isopropyl alcohol.

Why We Like It: It makes the one-hitter experience easier and more enjoyable.

Best One-Hitters for Flavor

Kleen Hit Quartz: Kleen Hit provides exactly what the name would lead you to believe—a clean hit. If your metal one-hitter is hitting too harsh or lacking in flavor, you might want to switch things up with an all-quartz one-hitter.

Price: 3 for $9.99

Pros: The all quartz design provides more flavor than a plastic, metal or even wooden bat. The flat wide mouthpiece functions to coo the smoke a little before it reaches you. If you purchase online you get two extra one-hitters in case you break the first one.

Cons: They’re made of quartz that will break if you drop it on any hard surface. Probably not safe to just carry in your pocket either. You may need a dug out or case if you want to keep this thing in your pocket or in a bag while you’re mobile.

Why We Like It: Affordable and flavorful.

Marley Natural Small Taster: Some one-hitters stand out from the rest. Marley Natural has a one-hitter with a black walnut wood base, finished with natural carnauba wax.

Price: $35

Pros: The pieces are detachable so it’s easy to clean. You can expect smooth smoke every time from one of the best-looking one-hitters on our list. The compact size makes it one of the most portable too.

Cons: There’s no wedge of glass to keep it from rolling off of a slanted table if you lay it down sideways.

Why We Like It: One of the most elegant looking one-hitters on our list.

Upline Taster: The Upline taster looks like your classic one-hitter but it functions differently. The body is fitted with several discs of glass on the inside, creating separate chambers for the smoke to travel through.

Price: $12.99

Pros: Smoke is forced to travel through multiple chambers with restricted air flow. As a result, smoke is cooled and flavor can be savored. The inner rings apparently also help to protect the glass from breaking after a fall. The Upline has nothing but positive reviews.

Cons: Lightweight, and tricky to clean with a pipe cleaner. You’re better off soaking it in a bag of liquid glass cleaner or a high percentage alcohol.

Why We Like It: Affordable with an interesting twist on the one-hitter design.

American Helix Solo: The Solo by American Helix still features their signature, smoke-spinning Venturi technology. As the smoke spins it is further cooled. They come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

Price: $39.99

Pros: Micro-hole and direction air-intake causes smoke to swirl and mix with air for a smoother more satisfying hit. There is a colored glass half circle coming out of the side to prevent the solo from rolling off of a table.

Cons: Slightly bulkier and more expensive than most glass one-hitters on the list.

Why We Like It: Some of the smoothest hits we could find for a one-hitter.

Ryot Wooden with Twist Ejectable Taster: Ryot makes just about any type of one-hitter you can imagine. Their wooden taster bat with the eject function is one of their sleekest, most convenient designs.

Price: $13

Pros: Easy to clean and remove ash after each hit. Wood feels nice, and the spring seems more durable than some of the others on our list. This is one of the best one-hitters of 2018 for the style, function, and price.

Cons: You have to unscrew the mouthpiece area if you want to use the spring.

Why We Like It: Aesthetically pleasing with functions that make a smoke session simpler.

Best One-Hitter Overall

Prometheus Nano: The makers of armored bowls and steamrollers have brought us something more portable. The guys at Pyptek have used their exoskeleton technology to bring us one of the best one-hitters of 2018.

Price: $50.00

Pros: The metal armor makes the piece nearly indestructible, and you still get the superior flavor of glass. There are several sleek colors for you to choose from.

Cons: A little bulkier than your typical one-hitter because of the metal body armor.

Why We Like It: It’s got the top-notch flavor and metal armor so you won’t break and have to replace the glass.

Final Hit: Best One-Hitters Of 2018

The best one-hitters of 2018 vary in size, shape, and materials used. Glass pipes are ideal for flavor while metal is recommended to anyone who is clumsy. If you want the best of both worlds– which at High Times we definitely do– opt for the Prometheus Nano. Good taste and anti-clumsiness? Yes, please.

We're just trying to get high, you know?