packed joint

loose-packed position

loose-packed po·si·tion

loose-packed position

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Looking for online definition of loose-packed position in the Medical Dictionary? loose-packed position explanation free. What is loose-packed position? Meaning of loose-packed position medical term. What does loose-packed position mean?


The close-packed position of a joint is that position of the joint that results in maximal tautness of the major ligaments, maximal surface congruity, least transarticular pressure, minimal joint volume, and maximal stability, allowing least distraction of the joints surfaces, and reducing the degrees of freedom to zero. It is for this reason that most fractures and dislocations occur when ajoint is in its close-packed position. The close-packed position of a joint always occurs at the end of range with habitual movements (e. g., hip extension). Once the close-packed position is achieved, no further motion in tliat direction is possible. Therefore, movement toward the close-packed position involves some degree of compression, whereas motion out of this position involves distraction.

From a clinical perspective, this position is avoided when the clinician is attempting to assess joint play. However, if the aim is to restore motion to a joint, tlie close-packed position is sought first as it is this position that provides maximum stability and nutrition to the joint, and it is the position the joint uses when special effort is undertaken.

The open-packed position of ajoint is that position of the joint that results in the slackening of the major ligaments of the joint, minimal surface congruity, minimal joint surface contact, maximal joint volume, and minimal stability, allowing maximal distraction of the joint surfaces.

It is for this reason that most capsular or ligamentous sprains occur when a joint is in its open-packed position. In essence, any position of the joint other than the close-packed position could be considered to be the open-packed position. It is this position that a joint tends to move into when inflamed. From a clinical perspective, this position is used for joint mobilizations when the joint is in the acute stage of healing.

The close-packed position of a joint is that position The close-packed position of a joint is that position of the joint that results in maximal tautness of the major ligaments, maximal surface ]]>