panda smoking pipe

Chameleon Glass Panda Pipe

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Not Your Typical Soft and Cuddly Giant Panda

  • 4.5″ Long
  • Sculpted Panda Head
  • Made by Hand in America

The Panda Glass Pipe is the one that you reach for when you want a slow, lethargic pull. Typically, Pandas prefer bamboo, but this one will smoke whatever you’ve got.

Chameleon Glass modeled this pipe on “Notorious Gu Gu”: This Panda looks cute, but don’t come knockin’ when leaf is involved… this bear protects its stash like no other!

Hand Made in America

Unlike this pipe’s model Gu Gu, this piece of art is made in California, America. Being made by hand, each piece is unique and may vary slightly from what’s pictured above.

This isn't your typical cuddly panda! Perfect when you want slow, long sessions, the Chameleon Glass Panda Pipe is sculpted for success. Enjoy one today!