pax 2 car charger

Pax2 Portable Charging Dock

Product Description

Finally! The perfect place to safely stow your Pax2 in your bag with a USB battery bank and charge on the go! This small dock was designed to securely hold your Pax2 Vaporizer and charger while charging (charger not included).

Includes one 8-inch black velcro strap (pre-installed)

To use:

  1. Install charger into slot with Micro-USB facing upwards
  2. Slide Pax2 into dock with mouthpiece facing up.
  3. Tightly wrap velcro strap around vaporizer and dock.

Dock was designed to fit the original Pax2 thick block charger, this dock does NOT fit the new Mini Charger block included with all Pax2 and Pax3 vaporizers manufactured after January 2019 – please see the new and improved Pax3 Mini Charger Dock . We cannot guarantee this dock is compatible with any 3rd Party vinyl or silicone “skins”.
(Dock is not compatible with imitation Pax clones)

(This listing is for the 3D Printed dock itself – charging unit, cable, and power bank NOT included with purchase)

* This dock is NOT compatible with the Pax1 Vaporizer or the Pax Mini-Charger *

Product Reviews

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Doesn’t fit new pax charger

Posted by Unknown on May 15th 2020

I ordered this and it didn’t fit my charger. I still think it’s a great tool and that it’s worth it. Customer service is amazing when I told them about this I got a refund.

Necessary for every pax 2/3 purchase

Posted by Unknown on Jan 24th 2020

It does what it’s designed to do. Now I can charge my pax on the go. Gave new life to my old pax

It’s not you it’s Pax.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 27th 2019

CONS – Doesn’t fit with the latest version of the Pax3 that Pax is shipping. They’re shipping with the Mini-Chargers. Have I known this I could’ve left this off my list until you genius’s (not attacking you guys, I seriously think ya’ll are geniuses) marketed a slim version. Unfortunately I’m a brand new owner of a Pax3 and had no way of knowing this. (Once again it’s not you it’s Pax.)

PROS – A ingeniously designed piece. A must have if you own the Pax2 or if you have the Pax3 but have the old “fat” charger (Not the mini-charger)

I’m writing this review in hopes that in helps other people who may be interested in buying this product, but aren’t aware that latest Pax that are being shipped come with the mini-charger.

One small issue

Posted by Gil on May 4th 2019

Really like this product, great idea. The only issue I had was with the fit of my Pax 3 charger . I had to put a piece of thin cardboard behind the charger base when putting it in the dock so that the contacts on the charger and vape remained in contact with each other.

Precision 3D Print

Posted by Lance W on Dec 31st 2018

Excellent detail and consistency. Fits my PAX 3 perfect and securely

A must have for charging on the go!

Posted by Unknown on Oct 19th 2018

If you need to charge your vape outside your house this is a must have item.

Snug Fit

Posted by Unknown on Apr 9th 2018




Posted by Unknown on Mar 23rd 2018

Fits the pax 2 and 3 perfectly

A Must Have Addition For Your Pax2

Posted by Rob on Mar 21st 2018

This works great. My use of the Pax2 was limited because I could only charge it while it was stationary on my table at home. Now with the charging dock my Pax2 goes everywhere with me. It has really improved the portability of my Pax2. Highly recommended.

Perfect solution

Posted by Unknown on Feb 5th 2018

It’s toted as a travel charger but it’s nearly invaluable as regular charger as well. I could never get it on the charger just right before this. Now it’s easy.

Pax2 Portable Charging Dock Product Description Finally! The perfect place to safely stow your Pax2 in your bag with a USB battery bank and charge on the go! This small dock was designed to

Pax Vaporizer Car Charger for Pax 1-2-3 NZ

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Pax Car Charger NZ: WAS $69 NZD Incl. GST.
NOW Reduced Price, clearance, over 50% off.

Pax 1 Portable Vaporizer – Car Charger NZ.

Also works on Pax 2/3 Cradle.

Pax – Car Charger – works on Cradle for Pax 2 and Pax 3, plugs into your cradle just like your USB lead does. It plugs into the 2nd round hole on the cradle.

Does not come with an extra cradle, just the Cig Lighter lead and plug to plug into your existing Charge Cradle for your Pax 2 or Pax 3. Comes with a Pax 1 Cradle.

Car Charger for the Pax 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer, Ploom USA.

  • Comes with a weighted base for the car. (Pax 1)
  • Charge Lead compatible with Pax 2/3 Charge Cradle

* All you need to do is swap the cradle and hit the road . we suggest using a rubber band or a hair tie to wrap around the Pax and the Charge Cradle if charging in the car, remember the Pax 2 and 3 both sit on a magnetic cradle, it would be a lot more stable and unlikely to fall off in the car if you secure it with a band.

For the PaxLabs Genuine Pax 1, 2 & 3 Vaporizers.

Fits the Pax 1, 2 and Pax 3 Portable Vaporizers.

*Helenskinz imports and sells Pax Vaporizers, Pax Parts, Pax Mods and has been selling Pax products in NZ since 2009. Helenskinz is a Pax specialist in NZ.

50% OFF – Half Price. Pax – Car Charger. Car Charger for the Pax 1 & 2 & 3 portable vaporizers, Pax Labs USA. Charge your Pax 1 Pax 2 or Pax 3 on the go in the car, compatible with all 3 Pax models.