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PAX 2 Review

The PAX 2 is intuitive, efficient, durable, and produces great vapor. An everyday carry vape with an all-in-one form large.

The PAX 2 is intuitive, efficient, durable, and produces great vapor. An everyday carry vape with an all-in-one form factor, large herb chamber and great battery life. You don’t need anything but your PAX 2 once you’re loaded up. PAX Vaporizers put noticeable thought into the design and features of this sequel, in my opinion, blowing away the original PAX 1. Now at $149, the PAX 2 is one of the easiest to recommend portable vaporizers on the market.

Table of contents

Intelligently Designed
What’s in the Box
Discreet, Ultra Portable
For Best Results
Great Vapor Quality
Hidden Features
Cleaning & Maintenance
PAX 2 vs. PAX 3
Battery Life
Who’s This Vape For
Isolated Air Path
Who’s This Vape Not For
Final Thoughts

Intelligently designed

It’s clear that the PAX 2 was designed with the user experience front and center. Featuring an intuitive user interface, technology that preserves your herb and battery life, an all-in-one form factor and dense, pure vapor, the PAX 2 is a joy to use.

Discreet, ultra portable

The PAX 2 is small. Really small. It stands less than 4 inches tall and features an oven that holds about a third of a gram. With that much space, you can expect 15-25 draws from a fully packed oven making it perfect for extended on-the-go sessions.

Its size makes it pocket friendly, even an every day carry, and with its inconspicuous gadget look the PAX 2 can sit out on a table without drawing attention. It feels good to hold, has some weight to it and most people will be able to conceal it completely in their hand.

Size Specs

Great vapor quality

The PAX 2 puts out some very dense vapor that’s smooth, with good flavor. Featuring a 30 – 60 second heatup time and four preset temperatures that cover all the bases.

Temperature Settings

The first two are great for taste and produce light vapor, while the last two deliver thicker clouds and a bit more punch. I landed on 400F as my regular start up temp. Personally, I finish my sessions on the highest temperature, and not having a traditional shut-off timer lets me take my time here, which I really enjoy.

The PAX 2 utilizes the same smart airflow path as the PAX 1, with the oven as far away from the mouthpiece as possible, at the bottom of the unit. This distance, the isolated airpath and the new, flush mouthpiece cools the vapor extremely well giving you smooth draws, without any harsh taste.


The user interface of the PAX 2 is extremely simple. A single, hidden button in the mouthpiece controls everything and the signature ‘petal’ LED tells you all you need to know.

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Push the button once, the PAX 2 is on. Push it again, it’s off. Need to change the temp? Just hold the button for a second. It takes some getting used to, but becomes second nature after regular use. I really appreciate the departure from all the button clicks other manufacturers are using.

The PAX symbol on the front of the unit is made up of four LED lights that let you know battery level, temperature, and if your unit is heating up, in standby mode or ready to vape.

Want to check the battery life or exit temp mode? Just shake it. There’s a lot of tech under the hood, including an accelerometer, that lets you control everything with just one button.


In addition to ease of use, the PAX 2 was designed with herbal efficiency and battery life in mind. Lip sensing technology and an accelerometer tells the unit when you’re vaping or not, dynamically adjusting the temperature to conserve your herbs and battery life.

Set the PAX 2 down and it will drop the temperature after 30 seconds. Pick it up or put it to your lips and the PAX 2 will boost the temperature to your set temperature on the fly.

And the auto shut-off time is intelligent. After three minutes of no movement, the PAX 2 will shut itself off. There’s no set timer so the PAX will adjust to your session length.

Battery life

I got on average 90 minutes of vaping time from a full charge while testing the PAX 2. Taking my time, I went through 3 full loads and about 75 total draws. Some of my more leisurely sessions lasted around ten minutes, but I still got three evenings worth of use before it needed to be docked for a charge. The PAX 2 takes about 3 hours to charge with the included USB dock.

Isolated air path

The PAX 2 has a stainless steel oven and vapor tube leading to a silicone mouthpiece located at the opposite end of the unit. Both materials are medical-grade and considered safe to vaporize with. The heating element is a “non-ceramic tuned thin film heater” bonded to the oven and outside of the vapor path, according to PAX.

The draw resistance will depend mostly on how tightly you pack the oven, but I liked it best when using short, gentle draws instead of long, strong pulls.


The PAX 2 has no moving parts or glass to break. The outer anodized aluminum shell makes it tough so I don’t worry about tossing it in a bag, or in my pocket with my keys or phone, making it great for on-the-go sessions and outdoor activities.


The PAX 2 previously had a 10 year warranty, but the price drop to $149 shortened that to just two years. That’s right in the middle for the price point, and if you really want the longer coverage, the $199 PAX 3 Basic Kit has the 10 year warranty. We also back this one under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No worries here!

What’s In the Box

For best results

With all the amazing user oriented design of the PAX 2 there are still some best practices when it comes to this slick little portable vaporizer.

    1. Grind your material as fine as possible. Consider a Magic Flight Finishing Grinder or flip your grinder upside down grind longer than usual.
    2. Pack your load tightly, tamp it down. Consider the PAX Pusher or Half-Pack Oven Lid if you want to use less material.
    3. Use a short puff to start and gentle draws from there.
    4. Draw a few times after turning the unit off to clear any remaining vapor and reduce the smell.

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Hidden features

PAX decided to have a bit of fun adding hidden features to the PAX 2. Seems there’s no rhyme or reason to which you’ll get but they are assigned “randomly” so your PAX 2 will have its own “personality”. To see which your PAX 2 has, roll it horizontally three times. Every three rotations will change it to a new mode.

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Cleaning & maintenance

The original PAX was a pain to clean, but they fixed that with the PAX 2 leaving you three things to take care of: the oven, the mouthpiece, and the vapor path tube (connects the mouthpiece to the oven). The PAX 2 comes with Isopropyl alcohol (ISO) and some pipe cleaners. Pick up some Q-Tips and maybe some cotton swabs and you have everything you need to get the job done.

PAX 2 vs. PAX 3

PAX continues to offer both the PAX 2 and PAX 3 side by side, and for good reason. The budget-friendly PAX 2 is still a great option for casual users that don’t need any bells and whistles. The PAX 3 Basic Kit for $199 is similar except for the upgraded device, smartphone app and warranty, while the PAX 3 Complete Kit tosses in the concentrate lid and a bevy of other accessories for $250.

PAX 3 > PAX 2

Who’s this vape for

The PAX 2 is for anyone looking for an everyday carry vape or a nice, discreet at-home vape without the cords and parts of a desktop. It’s made to withstand the trials of travel and fits easily into any pocket. With the size, oven capacity and battery life, when I leave the house with a freshly packed PAX 2 I know I’m going to be good for the day.

Discretion is important to me and the PAX 2 is definitely discreet enough to not draw anyone’s attention when I’m out. A perfect vape to bring along to a show, share a park session with a friend or a hike to a nice vista!

Who’s this vape not for

I’ve always preferred convection vaporizers for flavor and efficiency. The PAX 2 has a lot of tech to make conduction more efficient, but if you’re looking for convection the PAX 2 isn’t for you.

If you vape A LOT or are forgetful about charging and 3 hours sounds like too long to be without your vaporizer, you should look for an option with a quicker charge time or interchangeable batteries.

Final thoughts

The PAX 2 is a great vaporizer for $149 and I’m very happy with it. The heating technology puts me at ease when I normally worry about wasting herbs, and it’s small, all-in-one design is pretty hard to beat. Add to that an exceptional user experience, 2 year warranty, discrete size, new lower price, and I now have a new vape to confidently recommend!

PAX 2 Review – The PAX 2 is intuitive, efficient, durable, and produces great vapor. An everyday carry vape with an all-in-one form factor, large herb chamber and great battery life. Learn everything about the PAX 2, its features and how to get the most out of it here in our PAX 2 Full review.

Pax 2 Review:

The Pax Vaporizer was a herbal vape made by Ploom. This model arrived on the market a few years ago, and is now available in an updated version called the Pax 2, which has all of the features that made the Pax Classic Vaporizer a success and more! Read on to discover what’s great about this dry herb vaporizer and the few areas where Pax Labs could still improve their design.

  • Allows you to take short or long draws
  • All-around good vapor quality at the start of a session
  • Potency and cloud size remain consistent throughout a session
  • Very compact sized vaporizer
  • Simple to operate
  • Heats up quickly
  • Variable temperature settings with four options
  • Built to last with a 10-year warranty

  • More expensive than other vaporizers
  • Vapor taste and smoothness diminish as you vape
  • Requires frequent cleaning to keep draw resistance to a minimum
  • Does not work as well for multiple sessions without reloading the chamber
  • Takes three hours to fully charge

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Pax 2 Breakdown

Pax 2
Price $149
Materials Type Dry Herb
Heating Style Conduction
Oven Material Stainless Steel
Vapor Path Stainless Steel
Removable Battery No
Battery Life (Usage time) 90 minutes
Charger Micro-USB
Charge time 90 Minutes
Bluetooth / APP No
Heat-up Time 45 Seconds
Easy to Load? Yes
Draw Resistance Moderate
Vapor Production Moderate
Vapor Smoothness Excellent
Flavor / Taste Moderate
Odor Level Low
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range Four temperature settings
Vape While Charging No
Warranty 2 years

In-Dept of the Pax 2

Price – The Pax 2 sells for roughly $200, making it one of the more expensive models on the market today.

Vapor Quality – Throughout a vaping session, the Pax 2 portable vaporizer will provide plentiful clouds of vapor that are highly potent. At the beginning of a session, the dry herb vape produces flavorful vapor that is very smooth, but by the end of the session, vapor will become less flavorful and run hotter.

Guarantee – Pax Labs offers a 10-year warranty on the Pax 2 herbal vaporizer, which is longer than what’s provided on other similar models.

Prep Time – You won’t have a difficult time loading the Pax 2, as it’s very simple to use. The vape also reaches working temperature rather quickly.

Portability – The Pax 2 is a dry herb vaporizer and is very compact for easy carrying. The silicone mouthpiece can be hidden away inside of the lid to keep it sanitary when you’re on the go.

Ease of Use – Operating the Pax 2 is very straightforward, as the controls are intuitively designed. One of the nicest things about the Pax 2 is that it allows for both short draws and long draws. This device can have an uncomfortable level of resistance if it’s not cleaned often. Any build-up on the interior screen can interfere with airflow. As a result, this vaporizer is more maintenance intensive than some other portable vapes.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – There are four temperature settings available with the Pax 2, so you can set the heat to the ideal level to suit what you’re vaping.

Power Supply – On a single charge, the Pax 2 can be used for 90 minutes, which is longer than many other portable vaporizers. Unfortunately, the battery takes longer to charge than most competitors, requiring three full hours to reach full battery status.

Pax 2 vs the Pax Classic

  • Size – The 2nd version is more compact in size.
  • Style – The Pax 2 has a more modern appearance, with its silver polished aluminum housing.
  • Mouthpiece – the Classic has a retractable mouthpiece, while the Pax 2 has a silicone rubber mouthpiece that disappears into the top. This makes care easier.
  • Draw Resistance – It’s easier to pull from the Pax 2 than from the Pax Classic vaporizer.
  • Heating Chamber – The Pax 2 holds more material than the previous model.
  • Battery – With the Pax 2 vape, you get a longer battery life at 90 minutes versus 1 hour; however, it takes three times as long to charge at 3 hours versus 1 hour for the Pax Classic vaporizer.

Pax 2 Editions

What is the Gold Pax 2?

Vaping has been causing a cultural revolution! All over the world, people are choosing to use portable vaporizers instead of smoking, and the use of these devices is on the rise. The Gold Pax 2 Limited Edition’s arrival to the market is sure to only further increase sales. Part of the reason why herbal vaporizer use is booming is health; people believe that it’s healthier to vape rather than smoke. And because of it certain dry herb vaporizer models have become fashion accessories and status icons, making vaping chic. The Gold Pax 2 Edition is definitely one one of the vapes that is changing what people think of vaporizers. Available for sale in boutique stores and brick & mortar vape shops only!

The Gold Pax 2 Limited Edition is the newest version of the classic to hit the market. While it works and looks like all of the other Pax 2 models, the gold edition has a lustrous golden finish that gives it a sophisticated, elegant look. Much flashier and more stylish than the basic models, the Gold Edition makes users look fashionable as they vape. The Pax 2 is not a new product. It’s been on the market for some time now. Sleeker and more modern in its design than any average vaporizer pen, the Pax 2 provides a very satisfying vaping experience. It has four heat settings, and uses a lip motion sensing technology to increase heat levels when you draw, and then decrease them afterwards for optimal vapor quality. In most reviews, the vaporizer consistently earns top marks, and is considered by most to be a better solution for vaping than smaller dry herb vape pens.

PAX Labs Meets The Weeknd

The vape movement is growing, with more and more people using herb vaporizers. This has led the manufacturers of such devices to compete with one another, differentiate themselves, and increase their market shares by offering new and innovative products. One way to gain brand recognition is partnering with celebrities, which is what Pax Labs is now doing with musician The Weeknd.

PAX brand is well known in the vaporizer industry as the company that pioneered the Pax by Ploom, which is considered by many to be the first luxury pocket vaporizer ever made. Now, the company has shed the Ploom brand name but continues to innovate and come up with new ways to enhance its products. The company’s team is actively marketing to affluent individuals discovering vape culture for the first time. To promote their brand, Pax Labs is the official sponsor of The Weeknd’s North American Fall Tour. In celebration of the event, the brand has developed a limited edition Madness Tour Limited Edition Pax 2, which is sold at concert venues and is sometimes available to purchase online.

Some of the key features of the new limited edition Madness Tour PAX 2 vape include:

  1. Redesigned Housing – has The Weeknd’s XO logo on its front and is all black in color – was designed by the engineers at PAX Labs with the help of the Weeknd.
  2. Musical Feature – when you power on the Madness Tour Limited Edition Pax 2 vaporizer, it plays the tune of The Weeknd’s song “The Hills”.
  3. Customized Light – instead of the usual LED light featured on other Pax vaporizers, the Madness Tour Edition has a golden light indicator.

Like the original Pax 2 vaporizer, the Madness Tour Limited Edition can be used for dry herbs only with four heat settings, and lip sensing technology that adjusts heat levels automatically when you draw for optimal vapor quality. It is compact in size and has a long-lasting high-capacity battery. The cost is $325, which is more than the $280 price point of the standard Pax 2 vaporizer. When releasing the news about this Pax edition, produced with the help of The Weeknd, brand’s marketing team revealed that they have more celebrity collaboration vaporizer products in the works. So keep a close eye out for more information on the latest vapor products from the brand, and stay tuned to see what’s next from Pax.

Some Reviews by Our Customers:

By Jeffrey J. – I have a Pax 2 and it’s proven to be a really good investment. It works well. It’s not hard to maintain and the vapor quality is good. I don’t know if I need a gold one, but it sure does look nice in the pictures. I never thought about the style of the vaporizer when I was buying it, but a lot of people compliment me on it, so I guess it does attract attention

By Sean Hamlin – That’s pretty cool that The Weeknd designed a vaporizer. I do think it’s kind of silly that the only difference between it and the regular Pax 2 is the engraving and the black shell, but it’s more expensive in price. I guess it does play The Hills, too, but to me, that’s not enough to justify the increase in price. That said, I love my regular Pax 2 vaporizer. The battery life is great. It feels great in your hand. It fits good in your pocket. I get good vapor from it and have never had my herbs burn.

New PAX 2 Vaporizer Review: 30% higher battery capacity, a deeper oven chamber for optimal vapor, 25% smaller and 10% lighter than the original PAX Vaporizer!