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Pax Vaporizer Secrets and Tricks – Pax 2 & Pax 3 Vapes NZ

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Answer : Yes.

Spin Technique

Holding the Pax 2 horizontally in front of you spin it smoothly three times towards or away from you to change modes. Be careful not to shake the Pax 2, this will not register as a spin and throw your count off. The below modes are listed in the order they show up. It’s easier to count spins in successful cycles of 3 than in total. Therefore Simon is five cycles of three spins, instead of 15 spins in total. If you try to keep count you’ll constantly find that you’ll need to add a few extra spins because it’s difficult to make every spin count.

Party Mode

All four lights are different and cycle through different colors. There appears to be a rhythm/pattern to the color cycle. Lip sensor activation increases speed of color change. Oven is on. Standby timer extended to one minute between sensing movement or lip.

Party Timer

All four lights are stationary. When the Pax 2 is moved the lights jump into a random light configuration, occasionally one or more of the lights are very dim or off. If the Pax 2 is held face down the lights flicker and change rapidly. Lip sensor activation makes the lights flicker and change rapidly for up to 10 seconds. At 10 consecutive seconds of lip sensor activation the lights freeze. Removing your lips and replacing them starts another 10 second flicker display. Oven is on. Standby disabled.

Light Painting

In this mode all four lights show the same color and cycle through colors while the Pax 2 is being moved, when still, the lights are off. Waving the Pax 2 through the air yields a color changing stream of light. The heater can be turned off in this mode by selecting a fifth available temperature, all four lights blue.

Color Carousel

The lights react to movement and position of the Pax 2. When laid flat the Pax 2 shows blue. When face down, an orangish-yellow. When I hold the Pax 2 upright and give it a little circular flick, the colors begin to cycle with a noticeable pattern. The colors can be seen transitioning from one light to the next, as if there is a big globe of colors inside and the lights reflect whichever colors face forward. The heater can be turned off in this mode by selecting a fifth available temperature, all four lights blue.


Spin the Pax 2 until all four lights flash white three times. The Simon game will begin. Hold the Pax 2 face up, horizontally in front of you. Observe the pattern displayed on the lights, then repeat the sequence by leaning the Pax 2 towards the appropriate light. The heater can be turned off in this mode by selecting a fifth available temperature, all four lights blue.

Funky Town Tone

Pax 2 faintly plays the tune to Funky Town when it turns on. You can hear it if you’re within a few inches of the Pax 2 when it plays. Difficult to hear unless you’re listening for it. To unlock this feature beat a 20 step sequence in the Simon game. The Pax 2 will confirm unlock by flashing the four lights red, blue, green, and yellow and playing the Funky Town tune. To disable the tone simply go into the temperature settings and press the button five times quickly. The Pax 2 will confirm by flashing the four lights red, blue, green, and yellow.

Green Mode

Activating this mode causes the petals to flash a green pattern which moves back and forth. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to roll your Pax 2 three times in the opposite direction to enable it, unlike the rest of the Easter Eggs!

Stealth Mode

Although not technically a secret feature, stealth mode comes in really handy in certain situations so I thought that I’d share it. To activate stealth mode, simply shake your device while its displaying the startup pattern. Stealth mode will keep your Pax 2’s LEDs at a dim white for the duration of your session. To turn off stealth mode, simply turn your device off and then back on. I find stealth mode is great to use while I’m vaping before bed as well as in other places where low light is desirable.

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PAX Vaporizer Tips: How to Get More Vapor & Use Less Herb

In this post you’ll learn how to get the best performance from your PAX vaporizer and also how to use it with a very small amount of herb (like 0.15g).

This is the PAX 2 on the far left and both shiny vapes on the right are the PAX 3, and everything I’m about to show you applies to both models:

Question: I’m not getting enough vapor, how do I get better results?

Answer: Grind finer and pack tighter!

The main things that affect how much vapor you get are how fine you grind your herb and how tight you pack the oven. If you’re not getting the performance you want then this is the first area to look.

The grind consistency that everyone is used to from a common 4-piece grinder will work with most vaporizers, but if you really want maximum performance you need to grind your herb even finer than that.

I really can’t stress this point enough – I can almost guarantee that grinding finer will get you better results if you’re not doing it already, especially with a vape like the PAX.

If you don’t want to buy a new grinder there are a couple of things you could try with what you have. First thing to keep in mind is that you’ll get a finer grind and more vapor if your herb is fully dried out with very little moisture left in it. After you initially grind your material you can try spreading it out on a sheet of paper for a short while to dry even more, then you can try vaping as-is or re-grinding again to break it down a little more.

With a 4-piece grinder one thing you could try is holding it upside-down when you grind, this will mimic the action of a 2-piece model which can usually help get your herb a little finer.

It is also very important to pack your herb tight inside the oven, you don’t want it loose in there at all. What I usually do is pour enough ground up herb into the oven to overfill it so that there’s some extra on top, then I take the loading tool and pack the herb back down into the chamber until it’s even with the top edge.

The animation on the right shows me packing my PAX 2, notice how fine the herb is and how tight I pack it down.

Loose material in the oven and not grinding fine enough are the leading causes of poor vapor production and disappointing results.

Question: How much material do I need to use with this vape?

Answer: A minimum of 0.15g and a maximum of

The recommended way to use this vape for maximum vapor production is with a fully packed oven. Depending on how fine your herb is ground up the amount needed to fill the chamber ranges from 0.3g to 0.4g. When you fully pack it you can expect roughly 20 full draws before your herb is spent.

There is also a way to use the PAX with less herb, like as little as 0.15g. Using the method I’m about to describe you can get away with only packing the oven half full and still get great performance and vapor production.

The first thing you do is load your oven with about 0.15g and then pack it down so it looks like this:


You can easily make your own oven spacer with any small pipe screen, the ones that are the size of a nickel are just about a perfect fit.

What you want to do is bend up the edges of the screen so that it creates somewhat of a U shape – you can try bending it around a pencil to keep the curve uniform. Then, depending on the size of the screen you use, you’ll probably need to trim off the edges so that it will fit inside the oven properly, which you should be able to do easily with scissors.

Next you take the screen and with the bottom of the U facing down place it on top of your material in the oven. The screen’s job is to take up the extra space in the chamber while keeping some pressure on your material so that it stays pressed against the base and walls of the oven.

Here’s what the screen should roughly look like:

You may need to trim the screen a few times to get it to fit perfectly – you basically want the top edges of it to just reach the top of the oven. It’s important that the oven cover still closes completely with the screen in there so just make sure it’s not sticking up at all after you put it on.

The comments section is now closed on this page – please visit the forum if you have any questions or need advice!

Previous comments:

Just upgraded from an original PAX to the PAX3, although I haven’t used the consentrate insert yet, I was quite impressed by this unit.
First the smaller size is a plus, no sliding out mouth piece, reaches even the highest temp in 30 seconds or less and the fact you have two oven size options (half pack or full pack lids)is very convenient, I usually go with the half pack lid for a faster session. Way easier to clean than the original PAX with the elimination of the sliding mouth piece and better lid design, like it alot, it’s pricey but well made and I’m sure it will last

I bought a Pax 3 4 days ago. I spoke to the Pax people about why they didn’t include some kind of carrying case as to avoid scratching it up by carrying it in my pocket with keys and change. I was told with the new finish on it it’s not something I have to worry about. Two days later I was using it with my son and just noticed there was a chip in it. I had already bought a leather case to protect it and to carry it with its accessories. I just left them a message. I will post what they do about it. PLEASE great video great instructions. Thank you

Very helpful. Thank you. It’s my first time vaping the good leaf and I had no idea how much herb to pack in the oven and how coarse, or finely ground it should be. Now I know!

Super helpful, thank you!

Awesome article! I still have my original Paxbyploom, and thought that the lack of vapor cloud was because my unit was purchased around the time when the PBP first came out. I keep it clean, so I knew it wasn’t that. There was a while where I just let this thing sit around, so I forgot how to properly pack it to get the best results. I just cleaned it and did exactly what you said in terms of how to pack it right, and now it’s hitting like a beast! I was looking at other possible vaping options, but now I feel like as long as I keep this clean I won’t need anything else from a portable standpoint. Have a blessed one !

I have been wanting a Pax 2 for a while now ( to replace my VaporBlunt 2) and was was thoroughly convinced when my daughter and her girlfriend bought one and started raving about how much they love theirs! My husband surprised me and bought me one a few days ago, and I couldn’t be happier! I seem to be transitioning over to using it quite well (thank God for your user guide and U-tube), but I noticed the unit gets really hot, so hot, I have to stop it and set it down, albeit, probably at the end of my session. I only have the heat set on 2 and use the flat mouthpiece. Please advise. Thank you.

Can I use anything else besides a screen? Do you recommend any household items one may have that i can break a piece off and use it to substitute the screen? Thanks in advance.

Great idea screen! Any solutions for intense heat on outside when using makes it hard to hold and have blistered lips?

Your vaping from the wrong end I think?

Thanks for all your research. My question is about the Pax lube. Is there a good cheaper substitute available?

us a little vaseline. i do and it works fine

Brand new Pax2 and I cannot get vapor/ smoke. I about pass out trying to suck hard enough.

same here… my pax 1 makes bigger clouds.

Try not pulling hard and keep it at a 90° angle. Sip it slow and steady.. also maybe dbl check that there is nothing blocking it..

I usually only like to take a couple hits at a time before setting it down for a couple hours. Is there any way to control the amount that is being vaped so that I don’t have to smoke the entire pack in one sitting? I don’t want it going stale either.

Leah, Using the NewVape “Pax2 Non-vented Lid 2 with pusher combination” and a clean Pax2, if I elect to, I can put in only a miniscule amount. Just enough for 3 or 4 pulls.
I have noticed that the draw is difficult and the vapor production minimal if I pack more and attempt two sessions on the same pack.
Obviously more work for your couple of hits at a time.

Could you just pack a full oven each time and then take a few hits and save the rest? Seems like it would make more sense than buying a pusher or screen.

use already vaped bud to stuff the chamber when using a tiny bit of bud. supper efficient and tastes good.

How can you tell when you are done? I seem to stop getting vapor after the second or third pull. Sometimes after the first. I have read the reviews and comments and I think I am doing it right.

First anchor screen by pushing down on end opposite chimney hole and lightly pushing down hole end. You are good as long as screen doesn’t fall out. Next fill up oven, tamp down. Use middle temp. setting on a full charge. Savor the best tasting new draws at some point take a pen knife and slice thru the oven material, repack and vape away, slice again (fine powder by now) and vape away til you are still getting great draws but not the effects as when fresh. Material should be some blackish in with various shades of brown, remove this and save. Repeat again and again saving spent for rainy day. So when you now have no fresh material get your spent stuff and kick you pax up to red #3 and pack the oven full, repeat turning material. You can quit when you are still getting draws but not much effects. Taste isn’t great but never as bad as combusted. You can toss material after the red sessions. This will get you through rainy days until your fresh supply is replenished. From pax first model perspective

Very informative. More info than provided by Ploom. No the product can do its job. Thanks

OK, I’ll try this stuff before trying to sell my Pax 2. Total waste of money so far. Even been on the phone with Pax for HOURS trying to get their advice. All to no avail. They know nothing of this. How can anyone want one of these if your ideas don’t work? Why aren’t they in the instructions? Why doesn’t a device at this price come with it’s own grinder if it is so essential to proper performance? I get 4 to 7 diminishing draws with only one full draw out of .4 gram! In my bong .4 gram would provide two to three times the number of draws and ALL of them as much as I can hold. This means my bong is 3 to 5 TIMES more efficient! I am disabled and cannot afford to dump oz’s of expensive herb into the worlds most over publicized and acclaimed product of it’s type. How can so many people be so wrong? Will have to dump it if this doesn’t work. And believe you me, I will be sure EVERYONE knows about it. For me, with an incurable disease, I need the medicine, but right now morphine or even oxycontin are cheaper.

Hey please watch my new PAX 2 vs. Crafty vs. Firefly 2 comparison video, when I get to the PAX section I tell you everything you need to do to get good results!

Thanks. With so much disinformation out there, it is refreshing to find your candid reviews.
Questions please.
1 For a partial load which items are required from newvape? The combination vented/non-vented lid and pusher accessory OR just the pusher accessory? (confused!)
2 Is CBD extraction optimised on one temperature over another: 1 or 2 instead of 3 or 4?
3 Somewhere in the comments you mention mixing concentrate in with the flower. Works fine? And is it true that an e-liquid accessory is coming onto the market in 3/2016?
Bud, thank you much.

1 From newvape picked up Pax2 Non-vented Lid 2 with pusher combination. Expensive but excellent.
2 Please edit indiscretion above. I suspect the extraction depends more on the specie. Normally start on level 2, 3, then 4.
3. Still unsure about this e-liquid accessory.
Thanks Bud for this forum.

Good post. Should I ever mix herb like half way through hit cycle, once it’s cool down?

Yes you can mix it. I usually mix in between 2 sessions. The best tip for the pax is one that not many people know about. The mouthpiece hole is too restricting. For really thick deep draws you should ream out the plastic mouthpiece hole to the size of the metal tube inside it. Scissors or a knife will do fine. Then clean shavings off and puff away.

Great hints on PAX.

My Pax doesn’t produce much vapor; I am working with the Ploom support staff, they said the material was too dry…the opposite of what you recommend. They said to wrap the bud in a damp towel, refrigerate for 24 hours. I guess I’ll know more tomorrow.

Ok so hello, I just recently purchased a gold pax 2 a couple days ago, I’ve watched SEVERAL different videos on how to use it and the people at the vape shop I got to are pretty knowledgable yet and still, I am NOT getting a hit off this thing…I’ve tried a FEW times with very little success, HELP!

Hey, VapeCritic! Allow me to say first, thanks so much for your advice, it is very informative. Second, I need help. This is all new to me and I’m already feeling frustrated. I made my purchase (PAX2) based upon your recommendation. My question begins the same as elit923, add to that, even after following your directions I only get about 5 pulls with vapor. What am I still doing wrong? I used a coffee grinder and allowed it to dry for 15 minutes and thought I packed it well. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Do you need to, at any point, move the herb around during the vaping session? Or is it perfectly fine to leave it as is after it is fully packed, and the vape session started.

Thanks so much for posting this blog. A few weeks back i spent $250 on the Pax 2. Unfortunately, i couldn’t get it to work. I was so frustrated and wanted to give it 1 more shot. Thankfully i found your blog. I ordered a new screen and pusher exactly from where you recommended and a new grinder. I finally received all 3 yesterday and wow what a difference it made. The Pax 2 is now working perfectly and now excited that i own it. Thanks again and great blog!

What can you share about making a charger for my recently acquired, used pax?

Does the PAX 2 screener work on the PAX 1 or do I have to buy it for PAX 1?
Thanks and great post !

I just got the pax 2. I used the raised mouth piece and it got hot on my lips after like two draws but the flat mouth piece didn’t is this common

Whats up , just got the pax a couple days ago…absolutely luv it..
Why is only half the material turning dark brown ? The top half of the bowl only turns a light brown and the bottom of the bowl is a very dark brown… completely stops vaping 3/4 of the way thru the material it seems…am i packing it too tight ? Not sure what causes it not to fully vape all the bud closest to the top of the bowl ? Other than a little wasted material theres no issue. I like the screen on top idea for half bowls..if anyone has any info on this i greatly appreciate it….

Hi… 🙂 grind it very finely … 🙂 coffee grinder helps… But short intervals so it won’t heat up.. 😉 packet it well… 🙂 vape in medium until dies… Empty… Cut it up with a credit card… So it all mixes well.. And some lumps will come losses… And re pack it .. And use it again this time in high… 😉

If you like this tip… Let me know… Have some other… 😉

high Bud, My temp control button has been stuck for months; any advice on loosening up ? also with the new pax that came out is 10 year guarantee still good ?

How do I know which USB AC Adapters are compatible w/ my PAX2? Also, I see a ‘pin port’ on the charger – is that for a special AC plug adapter? Thanks in advance, you info is very helpful.

Hi there! I’ve been a pax user for about a year now and love it. I have discovered a “sandwich” you can buy for your pax which is a permanent titanium screen and a titanium top-plate for doing half loads. You can get them at a site called NewVape in a bundle for $25. They work great! I never get that clogged feeling using them. Just thought I’d pass this info along. Great job!

Sometimes my Pax works without much odor, and other times it smells a lot. What impacts the amount of aroma it gives off? There are times when I want to use it discreetly without any smell.

Hi. I bought my Pax about a year ago. I keep it on the charger all the time. But when I use it, after about 5-6 draws, it goes totally black-dead.Any suggestions as to why and what I can do. I’m 62, on a fixed income and on chemo. I can’t afford another one. Thanks!

After doing some reading on this board and others, it seemed like the consensus was to use a very fine grinder for the Pax 2. I went out and bought the Magic Flight finishing grinder. It felt like using material that fine led to A LOT of residue build-up both in the vapor pipe and in the mouthpiece crevices. The build-up was to the point that I would have to clean the Pax after every use because the vape pipe would be clogged. Is this amount of residue buildup normal? Maybe the finishing grinder is too fine of a grinder for the Pax 2. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I got my pax a day and a half I go. it worked pretty well the first night but I wasn’t getting any visible vape the next day and drawing from it felt clogged. Should I have lubricated before I even started using it? Also, in terms of packed ovens, how often do you recommend cleaning?

I spend a lot of time at music festivals.
Doing a lot of camping with no AC plugs available.
What is my best choice for recharging ?
Something that can be hooked to an external back up battery or batteries that come out all together

Is it normal for the pax to hiss after you close it? I used the pax for the first time last night and it did that. I am new to vapes and I want to make sure this is ok.

Sometimes mine has done that after a good cleaning. I figured it could still have moisture in it.

How long (seconds) do u suggest to take each hit from the pax vape? I’ve heard n more than 6 seconds but i’ve also heard pull for as long as possible. Also, would u get more from it by pulling nice & slow or hard & fast? Thanks man

You don’t necessary need to see vapor to be getting vapor i assume. I experimented with what looks to be spent herb and i am still getting wise.

Just started vaping and immediately purchased the pax upon recommendation. I find that after 3 short sessions in a day, I need to recharge the unit. Is that normal? Also, can you leave herb in the oven while the pax is charging? And, do you have to wait until it is completely charged to use it again?
Thanks for any input on this.

I think that is about normal. Had mine for about a year and a half. That sounds about right for battery life I leave mine on the charger between sessions because of battery life.

I just got my pax today and after charging it completely, I started packing it. I put 3 small flowers in it. I didn’t think to grind my herb 1st and I held the mouth peice down for 10-15 seconds before releasing. I didn’t know I just need to click the mouth peice down for it to start cooking. It started to taste very nasty like an off burnt plasitic. The pax got VERY hot in my hand each time I took a drag and I was barely getting visible vapor. I read online and learned to grind, pack tight, and click on. I am wondering if I started cooking the internal plastic parts and how to get the taste/smell to go away. I just bought it and really hope I didn’t mess it up forever.

Hello guys, I pax, in addition to the herbs you can also use [solid concentrates]? Please tell me how can I do? Loading mixing chamber with tobacco and [the concentrate]? Or the room must be filled only [concentrate] as small as possible? Help, please! No one answers me greetings and thanks.

Just got my pax about three days ago. When I smoke my herbs it really smells up my apartment. I didn’t think it was supposed to have Amy smell. Any recommendations?

PAX Vaporizer Tips: How to Get More Vapor & Use Less Herb In this post you’ll learn how to get the best performance from your PAX vaporizer and also how to use it with a very small amount of herb