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PAX 3 (Complete Kit)

15056 PAX Labs Inc.

Prices incl. VAT

  • Free shipping at €50
  • Everything you need
  • Exceptional service
  • Order number: 15056

PAX 3 is PAX Labs’ most complete portable vaporizer, bringing the latest in vape technology. The PAX 3 is a dual-use vaporizer that can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates.

The reworked heating element allows for even faster heat-up (PAX 3 heats up in a mere 15 seconds) and even smoother and more consistent clouds of vapour. The looks of PAX 3 are sleeker than ever, featuring beautifully rounded corners and a matte anodized aluminium shell. The PAX 3 is now available in four new elegant colourways: sage, sand, burgundy and onyx.

Complete Kit/Device Only package

In the fall of 2017, PAX Lab’s made some changes: you can now choose from a Complete Kit or Device Only package.

The Complete Kit is the best choice for those looking to vaporize both herbs and concentrates. Besides the unit itself, a charger, a maintenance kit and two mouthpieces, this premium edition includes almost 100 € worth of extra accessories. When choosing the Complete Kit, you also receive a concentrate insert, carry case (*matte version only), multi-tool, half-pack oven lid and additional screens.

For both dry herb and concentrates

Switch from dry herb to concentrates in just a few seconds with the concentrate insert. Achieve equally dense vapour, regardless of your material of choice. Also included in the Complete Kit is a special half-pack oven lid.

Haptic feedback and motion sensors

PAX 3 is equipped with haptic feedback and conveniently vibrates when it is ready for use. The built-in accelerometer and smart gesture controls provide heating when you bring the device to your lips. Additionally, the device cools off when you set it down.

Full temperature control with the smartphone app

Use the PAX Vapor App to set an exact temperature and find the perfect heat setting for you. App features include:

Precise temperature settings
LED colour themes
Device locking
Firmware updates as soon as they become available

Use of the app is optional; you can also choose from 4 temperature settings accessible through the device itself.

Powerful battery

PAX 3 is powered by a 3500 mAh internal (non-replaceable) lithium battery, giving you great battery life. This battery is 16% larger than the battery used in the PAX 2.

Super-rapid heating

The PAX 3 heats up no less than 30 seconds faster than its predecessor. Depending on the temperature selected and material you use, PAX 3 is ready for use in 10 to 20 seconds.

Genuine ten-year warranty

VapoShop is a long time authorized reseller of PAX products. When purchasing your PAX 3 vaporizer from us, you are guaranteed to receive an authentic unit, complete with 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

In the box

PAX 3 portable vaporizer
Charging cable
Maintenance kit (1 wire brush, 10 pipe cleaners)
Standard and elevated mouthpiece
Standard oven lid
Half-pack oven lid (Complete kit only!)
Concentrate insert (Complete kit only!)
3 screens (Complete kit only!)
Multi-tool (Complete kit only!)
Protective pouch (Complete kit only!)

  • + chamber for concentrates
  • + control heat with app an no app
  • + efficient
  • + good temp control
  • + Good vape test
  • – after using 10-15 gets warm
  • – specific charger

My order just arrived today and I’m super happy with the product 🙂 Really beats my old vaporizer. Cool design and a compact size also makes it a great purchase 🙂 thanks again Vaposhop 🙂


Discrete and very convenient design.Smart function and temperature control.With a tight packaging the herbs are vaped properly giving to you a full of taste experience.The cleaning process is simple,due to the disposal parts.I would recommend occasional cleaning of the chamber and the inner parts to maintain PAX 3 at its best performance.


PAX 3 is my first vaporizer and a device that allowed me to seamlessly set smoking aside forever. Occasional yet the extremely annoying and distracting smoker’s cough which I’ve been experiencing for the last half year is gone and so is the mucus buildup in my throat. For this I am grateful and would like to thank the high quality vapor that PAX 3 consistently produces and for the way PAX 3 respectfully treats the herb you pack it with. I’d like to share some of my thoughts on this device right here with you fellow people.

In my opinion the PAX 3 is, as advertised, a very smart vaporizer. It is simple to use and I find the four LED petals pleasing to look at. And those LEDs aren’t there just for show either; they noticeably aid user-device interactions without over-complicating anything.

I also find that the heat up time on my PAX is often slightly quicker than what is stated by others which allows for seamless, care-free sessions.

Packing the PAX is breeze and takes only a moment but make sure to pack it with something that’s worthy of the device 😉

Another aspect of the PAX 3 which I appreciate is its discreetness. The minimalistic design of the PAX creates a stealthy aesthetic about which the people around you are mostly unaware. Vaping with a crowd nearby is no problem.

Personally I am just an occasional vaper (10 minute sessions 2-4 times a week) and therefor I find the half oven lid very handy. You see, it doesn’t take a lot for me to get where I’m going 🙂

All in all the PAX 3 is a beautifully designed and a carefully engineered machine that lets you get the most out of your botanicals. But there is one thing I do not believe it excels at. That thing is maintenance. It is harder and takes more time and plenty of finesse to clean the PAX properly than is often preached by others. If this is a device which you are thinking of spending a considerably amount of money then do keep this in mind. It’s an investment after all. A well-cared for product means a product that will last longer and work well even as it ages.


Vaposhop: fast delivery and incognito packaging !!

Pax 3 :
Great product gets me higher than i tought i could be. A better and a longer high than smoking. Smaller than what i expected but its packs a punch. Easy to clean and good battery life. Overall a very happy customer!


Great product, love the taste and simplicity to use. Definietly worth the money. The service of the vaposhop is absoultely fabolous. I had some miner technical issues with using it for the first time, but those were linked to my inexperince in vaping. So Simon, one of the vaposhop guys, made a step by step e-mail for me how to use the device. Which is really simple in fact. So to conclude everything PAX3 is great choice but VAPOSHOP service is even better 🙂


Great product so far.


Worked perfectly for 2-3 weeks, then mysteriously stopped charging. Very disappointed.

[Answer from VapoShop: We’re sorry to hear you’ve experienced this problem with your PAX 3. In case you have not been in touch with our technical support yet, please contact us so we can arrange a repair/replacement.


Received my pax 3 two days after purchase,
Works beautifully.
This was my first time buying anything like this so I had a lot of questions and the customer service was unreal, fast responses, really honest and helpful..
will always buy through vaposhop it’s a really great company! Thanks a lot legends!!


Fast delivery,And the pax 3 works like a charm,Amen,

PAX 3 (Complete Kit) Questions

The Complete Kit is the best choice for those looking to vaporize extracts and herbs with their PAX 3. Besides the unit itself, charger and maintenance kit and two mouthpieces, this premium edition includes almost 100 euro worth of extra accessories. When choosing the Complete Kit, you also receive a concentrate insert, carry case (*matte version only), multi-tool, half-pack oven lid and additional screens. The Device Only edition offers great value and includes everything you need to vaporize your favourite herbs. This edition comes with a PAX 3 vaporizer, charger, maintenance kit, two mouthpieces and a standard oven lid.

Petr Berger 5-07-19 14:53 Hallo,ich möchte wissen welche Temperaturen kann man beim PAX3 über Applikation (iPhone) einstellen, gibt es dazu ein Manual? Ich habe mir die App runtergeholt, aber da muss man es erst mit einem Gerät verbinden. Ich bin gerade beim Überlegen.Ich bed

Neben der Standardoption, die Temperatureinstellungen in Schritten von einem Grad anzupassen, bietet die App die Möglichkeit, aus vier Heiz-Modi auszuwählen. Im Stealth-Modus werden niedrigere Temperaturen gehalten, so dass kaum sichtbarer Dampf erzeugt wird. Im Aroma-Modus erwärmt sich das Gerät auf diese niedrigere Temperatur nur wenn man inhaliert, damit die Kräuter noch länger halten. Der Boost-Modus begrenzt die Kühlung des Geräts, was nützlich ist, wenn man dicke Wolken produzieren will, und der Effizienz-Modus erhöht automatisch die Temperatur während einer Session, so dass man nicht manuell durch die Einstellungen wechseln muss.

Mr P 27-07-19 07:53 Can I use pax 3 for Microdosing? Very small amounts. And Im not a smoker normally! So i hate to smoke it. Thats why I want a vaporizer. Or what can you recommend?Thank you!

You can absolutely use the Pax 3 with small amounts, using the Pusher accessorry : /vaporizer-brands/pax/pax-2-pusher/

Paranoya 20-02-19 00:22 Does only pax3 have the possibility of having extracts as well? By extracts. do you mean solid too? thanks

Of the Pax branded Vaporizer only the Pax 3 complete Kit comes with the concentrate insert. It is possible to use solid concentrates in it although maybe a little bit more cleaning is required compared to concentrates in oil or wax form.

Aurezio 30-10-19 17:35 Hi there, is it possible to use every PAX2 stuff on PAX3?

This question is a little too general, most accessorises for the Pax 2 will also work on the Pax 3 but if you wanna know for sure for a specific Pax 2 accessory feel free to contact us: /contact/

Larissa 14-01-19 20:25 Ist die Garantie des Herstellers auf das Produkt gegeben? Ich habe mehrfach gehört das PAX keine Garantie mehr gibt, wenn bei einem Online Shop gekauft wird der kein Patner ist. Sind Sie Patner von PAX?

Ja die 10 jährige Garantie seitens Pax Vapor besteht, wir sind ein offizieller europäischer Verkaufspartner von Pax. Du kannst dir sicher sein das die 10 jährige Herstellergarantie ihre volle Gültigkeit besitzt und bei Bedarf natürlich in Anspruch genommen werden kann.

Wout 6-01-19 23:04 Is dit daadwerkelijk de late 2017 matte editie? Of hebben jullie de glanzende variant? MvG,Wout

Dit is inderdaad de matte versie. De glanzende versie is niet (meer) beschikbaar.

Marco 7-01-19 10:41 Non so come devo fare per pulire il mio Pax3Nelle istruzioni non è illustrato o spiegato nulla.Questo è un problema per pax3.

Per la corretta pulizia del Pax 3 può trovare tutte le informazioni necessarie in questo video:

Santiago Ospina Lopez 22-04-18 16:19 Si lo compro aquí trae la garantía de pax? o trae alguna garantía? Y por cuánto tiempo? Gracias!

Si, todos nuestros clientes cuentan con la garantía de Pax que es de diez años.

LSW 1-01-19 21:23 What does the 10 year warranty cover? I’ve heard that it doesnt cover faults with the concentrate adapter, which seems strange given that its an included component of the product. Is the concentrate adapter reliable or prone to defects?

You can find the Terms of the warranty as well as everything that is covered here on the Website of the Manufacturer Pax Vapor: The concentrate Adapter itself / damage on the Pax 3 caused by it, is indeed not covered by the Manufacturers warranty. The concentrate Adapter is quite reliable as long as you follow the instructions provided by the Manufacturer and do regular maintenance (such as cleaning it and replacing consumables: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/pax-3-concentrate-insert-lid-o-rings/ ).

Wout 27-12-18 01:49 Hoeveel keer kan je trekken wanneer je er 0.3gr in doet?

Dat ligt eraan op welke temperatuur je vaped. De kruiden zijn ‘klaar’ wanneer ze bruin kleuren.

Riccardo 20-12-18 20:19 Hi, i want to know what’s in the PAX 3 Complete Box (price 249€), that in the PAX 3 Standard Box(price 199€) there isn’t. Thank you so much.

In the Pax 3 complete Box are included accessories that you will not find in the standard Box. This elements are : the Half-pack oven lid, the Concentrate insert, 3 screens, 3 screens and the Protective pouch.

Alfred Müller 12-12-18 08:31 Hallo,wie heiß wird das Gerät?Spezifisch das Mundstück.Kann man ihn auch für längere Sessions benutzen?

Die Erwärmung des Geräts kommt natürlich auf die gewählte Temperatur an hält sich beim Pax 3 jedoch in Grenzen. Das Mundstück (besonders das erhöhte Mundstück) wird unter anderem durch den räumlichen Abstand zum Ofen nicht sonderlich warm, der Pax 3 ist durchaus für längere Session geeignet.

Mat 21-11-18 14:50 Va bene anche per il tabacco? Nel caso la risposta sia no quale vaporizzatore mi consigliereste per il tabacco?

Per vaporizzare tabacco e`necessario poter regolare il vaporizzatore tra i 125-150 gradi. La temperatura del PAX 3 e`regolabile tra i 180 -215 gradi per cui non e`possibile.

Eugen Stroh 27-03-18 18:27 HalloIst bei dem Set für 199 Euro auch der höhere Verschluss für halbe Ladungen dabei?Danke

Das Half Pack Oven Lid befindet sich nur beim Komplett-Set dabei. Bei dem Set für €199 müsste es dazu bestellt werden.

andreas 29-04-18 14:33 hi there i have some questions about pax3!1. does the new pax 3 (250e) have 10 years warranty? 2. if i choose to buy one of your refurbised pax3 how many years it is going to have warranty?THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!

1. Yes the new Pax 3 comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. 2. All our refurbished products have a warranty of one year.

Ηρόδοτο&#9 2-06-18 19:36 Hi I bought a pax 3 from it has 60 euros without the Bluetooth application and 75 euros if you wanted the Bluetooth app. I’m sure this is a clone for sure. I hope the application works cause In the reviews 2 Americans said that the app

We strongly recommend only buying vaporizers – like the PAX 3 – from authorized resellers. This way you will make sure you are buying the real, high quality product instead of a counterfeit one.

Alexander 16-06-18 17:16 Gilt die 10-jährige Garantie auch für den Akku?

Nein da die Batterie im Laufe der Jahre natürlich immer Wirkungsverluste hat ist sie nicht von der limitierten 10 Jahres Garantie abgedeckt, solltest du jedoch in der ersten 6 Monaten Probleme mit der Batterie haben melde dich einfach bei uns und wir finden sicher eine Lösung für dich.

Milo 21-07-18 10:06 Hey! Washington thinking about buying the Pax 3 with the matte black finnish. All of your pictures of the Pax 3 on the same site where you place the order are in a glossy black finnish. So im just wondering, which is it – glossy or matte? Thanks/Milo

The Pax 3 is only available in the matte finish, maybe the pictures look a little more glossy due to the lighting but it is indeed the matte finish: /images/resize/product_zoom/15056-pax3-complete-kit-device-only-matte-black-vapo-main.jpg

Newton Biggelow 30-07-18 19:22 Is it possible to get the Batterie changed if you send it in, like with the smartphones, where you can´t change the batterie yourself as well?

We do not offer a repair/replacement service for batteries. Please note that in general, normal performance degradation of batteries is not covered by warranty, as stated on PAX’s own website: /nl/support/warranty/

Germano 30-07-18 11:53 La batteria del PAX 3 è sostituibile? Se è sostituibile è una lavoro che può fare un utente finale oppure richiede attrezzature/competenze specialistiche?

La batteria del Pax non e’ purtroppo sostituibile.

LadyinBlack 3-10-18 15:35 Hallo,hat der Vaporizer eine Temperaturanzeige? Danke

Direkt am Gerät gibt es kein Display die Temperatur wird jedoch in der App angezeigt, das Aufheizen / erreichen der eingestellten Temperatur wird am Gerät selbst über LED’s angezeigt.

PAX Labs is back with a brand new device, featuring the latest in vaporizer technology. With three inserts, the PAX 3 is ready for use with both conc… ]]>