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PAX LabsDebuts New PAX 3Color Collection

Best-in-Class Cannabis Vaporizer Now Available In Stylish Onyx, Sand, Burgundy and Sage


PAX Labs debuts new color collection for award winning PAX 3 cannabis vaporizer.

PAX Labs debuts new color collection for award winning PAX 3 cannabis vaporizer.

Best-in-class cannabis vaporizer now available In stylish Onyx, Sand, Burgundy and Sage. (Photo: Business Wire)

New PAX 3 colors are available for purchase on September 9, 2020 on and through selected retailers in the United States and Canada. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Today PAX Labs announced the launch of its award-winning PAX 3 cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates in a sleek and sophisticated new color palette that includes Onyx, Sand, Sage and Burgundy in a premium matte finish.

Portable and discreet, PAX 3 sets the standard for elegant design, simplicity, and ease of use while achieving unrivaled performance. Expertly crafted with the latest in vaporization technology, PAX 3 consistently provides an exceptional, highly personalized experience. The new colors are available in both the Basic Kit ($200) and the Complete Kit with concentrate insert ($250).

“Our new color palette is a beautiful range of modern, refined colors, hand selected to reflect a sophisticated, yet still discreet, design,” said Jesse Silver, PAX Labs’ Senior Vice President of Product. “These elevated color options were carefully chosen to be both on-trend and timeless and were tuned based on how they look in-person, wrapped around the satin aluminum body. These new colors and the performance personalization available through the mobile or desktop app deliver the ultimate vaping experience.”


Enhanced Battery Life
The long-lasting, built-in rechargeable battery comes with an extended life for up to 10 sessions and charging with the convenience of USB.

Temperature Control & Consistency
The PAX 3 gently heats cannabis in seconds, maximizing material efficiency and delivering a smooth and smokeless vapor. Consumers can control temperature to manage both flavor and vapor output, with four temperature settings and +/-1° temperature control.

Connected PAX® App
PAX 3™ gives consumers unprecedented control through the PAX Ⓡ App, available on mobile for Android and desktop for Mac users. The App includes full temperature range control by degree, LED light customization, device lock and haptic vibration feedback.

Leader in Quality
Boasting unparalleled design and made with high-grade materials, PAX 3 delivers performance from the inside out. Equipped with proprietary lipsense technology, the PAX 3 is also backed by a 10-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

Commitment to Safety
PAX is committed to achieving the highest safety standards in the industry. The Era Pro TM was the first cannabis-only vaporizer on the market to receive UL-certification, a voluntary global certification, for electrical, heating and battery system safety. PAX 3 uses a UL-certified battery and FDA food-grade materials for mouth-touching parts, and has undergone extensive testing in the areas of temperature stress, thermal cycling, durability, battery cycling, environmental exposure, continuous operation and electromagnetic/radio frequency compatibility. Unique locking technology stops PAX 3 from producing vapor to prevent unwanted use.


PAX 3 is more intelligent than other vaporizers. PAX 3 will cater the experience to your preferred style with its lip presence-based boosting, auto-cooling, and motion sensing technology. Find the mode to fit any mood.

Standard: The classic out-of-the-box PAX 3 experience. This mode balances consistent vapor production and flavor preservation. Temperature boosts when you draw and auto cools when you don’t.

Boost: Boost mode keeps PAX 3 in high gear for those who want more vapor at their preferred temperature setting. Temperature boosts aggressively and auto-cools slower.

Efficiency: Don’t waste a drop. The perfect session-style mode, Efficiency optimizes for consistent vapor production throughout your session. PAX 3 device’s temperature setting ramps up gradually in addition to Standard temp boost and auto-cooling features.

Stealth: The perfect mode for ultimate discretion. LEDs dim and PAX 3 auto-cools quickly. Reduced material usage means increased privacy.

Flavor: The most delicious mode. Highlight the subtleties of your material. Faster boosting and cooling parameters maintain a lower temperature throughout your session. PAX 3 device’s temperature boosts more during the draw and decreases quickly after.

PAX Labs announced the launch of its award-winning PAX 3 cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates in a sophisticated new color palette.

PAX Lights: What Do They Mean?

The indicator light on every PAX portable vaporizer model serves as a window into how your device functions. Those four little LED petals, arranged in the shape of the PAX logo, will change color, blink, and fade to reflect your device’s mode and status. In this guide, we take you through the colors and functions of the LED indicator on the PAX 2 , PAX 3 , and PAX Era .

Reading the LED indicator on PAX 2 and PAX 3

The LED indicator light on PAX 2 and PAX 3 shares many of the same behaviors while the device is in use, while charging and indicating battery, and for setting temperature. Functionalities for PAX 2 and PAX 3 are the same unless otherwise noted.

  • Battery:
    • While checking the battery: The LED indicator will turn white while checking battery life. Each petal corresponds to the battery life in 25 percent increments. Four illuminated petals indicates 75% to 100% battery, for example.
    • Low battery (PAX 2): The LED indicator will blink red three times, and then the device will shut off.
    • Low battery (PAX 3): The upper-left petal will blink red three times.
      While charging: The LED indicator will pulse white while charging.
  • Temperature:
    • When changing the temperature on the device:
      • One green petal – 360°F (180°C)
      • Two yellow petals – 380°F (193°C)
      • Three orange petals – 400°F (204°C)
      • Four red petals – 420°F (215°C)
    • When changing the temperature through the PAX Mobile app (PAX 3 only):
      • The LEDs will blink to confirm the temperature selection.
  • In use:
    • While heating: Purple pulsing petals indicate the device is heating.
    • When the device is ready: The lights will change from purple to green.
    • While drawing: The LED indicator light will pulse green.
    • Entering standby mode: All four petals will turn blue.
  • Color themes (PAX 3 only):
    • Colors for select functions can be changed through the PAX Mobile app. Colors can be changed for LED indicator behavior during startup, which is set to a white swirl by default, heating, set to a fast purple up-wave by default, regulating, set to a green plasma by default, and standby, set to a slow blue down-wave by default.

Reading your PAX Era’s indicator light

PAX’s pod system vape has similar LED functionalities to PAX 2 and PAX 3. While this vape operates differently from PAX 2 and PAX 3, familiar basic functionalities such as battery charging and temperature settings remain unchanged.

  • Battery:
    • While charging: Each petal will pulse white while charging. The light turns solid white and the next petal begins to pulse as the device charges. Four solid white LEDs indicates that the battery is fully charged.
    • Battery level: The LED indicator will turn white. Each petal corresponds to the approximate battery life in 25 percent increments.
    • Low battery: The petals will turn red and blink three times before powering down.
  • Temperature:
    • One green petal – low (520°F, 270°C)
    • Two yellow petals – medium-low (610°F, 320°C)
    • Three orange petals – medium-high (700°F, 370°C)
    • Four red petals – high (790°F, 420°C)
    • Custom temperature via PAX Mobile: The temperature you select will be displayed on the LED indicator between the high default setting and the low default setting.
  • Pod insertion:
    • Inserting the pod: White LEDs sweep downward
    • Removing the pod: Blue LEDs sweep upward
  • In use:
    • While taking a draw: The LED indicator will be white and dim; brightness will increase as you reach the end of your draw.
    • Usage monitoring: The petals will cycle through green (one puff per lit petal), blue (two puffs per lit petal), and red (three puffs per lit petal) to indicate the number of puffs you’ve taken in a session. For example, six puffs are represented visually by two green petals, indicating one puff each, and two blue petals, indicating two puffs each.
    • Reset session usage: The LED light will turn green and swirl counter-clockwise.
    • Child lock: The LED indicator will turn red and make a counter-clockwise motion.

Getting the most out of your PAX portable vaporizer

Understanding your LED indicator is an important step as you master your portable vaporizer. With just a quick glance, you’ll know exactly what your vaporizer is doing or what it needs to operate at its best. For further reading, we’ve put together detailed how-to guides for the three models discussed here. Click on the guide that matches the device you have at home, and bookmark it so you can quickly access answers to all your PAX vaporizer questions!

PAX Lights: What Do They Mean? The indicator light on every PAX portable vaporizer model serves as a window into how your device functions. Those four little LED petals, arranged in the shape of ]]>