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Best Grinder for the Pax 3

What’s the best grind for the Pax 2 or 3? Internet wisdom claims FINE grinds are best for all things conduction.

I’m not a big fan of swallowing information without evidence, so I decided to test.

Grind Comparison Test

To make things as scientific as possible, the grind consistency needed to be the ONLY variable.
I vaped 3 sessions, one for each grind. Each session consisted of thirteen 10-second draws at the 3rd temperature setting. The Pax 3 started fully charged. I used the Pax 3 in normal mode.


I believe the Pax 3 doesn’t require a powdery fine grind to produce good vapor. Tightly packed medium grind should perform just as well.

Materials Used:

  • Pax 3
  • Sunset Sherbert from Fyre Haus Irvine
  • Phoenician grinder (for coarse grind)
  • New Vape coarse grinder
  • Santa Cruz Shredder (for medium grind)
  • New Vape Fine (for fine grind)

Test Results

I scored the vapor quality and flavor of each hit on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the perfect hit that a Pax is capable of producing.

Pax 3 Coarse Grind

Phoenician and NewVape Grinder (Coarse Grind) – For this session I used both grinders and chose the chunkiest of nugs to load. Mediocre is the term that best sums up the results of the coarse grind for the Pax 3. The average bowl rating was 3.9 out of 10.

Looks like it had some life left to it. Not very well extracted, definitely the worst performing grind from the three. It was flavorful at first, but that declined quickly after the first few rips.

The entire coarse ground session took 13 hits. It started off okay. Flavorful, but not very satisfying. The flavor started to decrease each hit. The average score per hit came out to a whopping 3.9.

Pax 3 Medium Grind

Santa Cruz Shredder (Medium Grind) – This is my all time favorite grinder! It provides a grind that’s not too fine, not too coarse, it provides a nice fluffy grind that performs well with most vapes I use. After testing the bowl packed with the medium grind, it performed significantly better than the coarse grind. Although there was some reduced airflow, the flavor of each rip was definitely more robust!

The medium grind had almost as good vapor flavor as the fine grind, however it was much easier to extract rips from the Pax 3. For this reason I had a general better experience using the Pax 3 with a medium grind when compared to the fine grinder. This was the clear winner for me.

Pax 3 Fine Grind

New Vape (Fine Grind) – Rather than use up a new nug, I opted to recycle the unused weed from the coarse grind test. Looks just like the medium, little darker, nicely toasted. The fine grind performed best as far as vapor flavor goes, but added air resistance as a result of the fine grind made me appreciate the medium grind better.

With a fine grind, you can really pack more material into the Pax 3 oven, but the draw resistance is dramatically increased. Packing too tightly with a fine grind dramatically increases draw resistance. The vape quality per hit of the fine grind averaged out to 7.6.


Although the course grind started off very flavorful, it performed the worst out of the three. The fine grind produced the best vapor overall, but the added draw resistance made it the vaping experience less enjoyable.

My favorite is the medium grind with the Santa Cruz Shredder, as it provided the best balance between airflow and flavor.

Let us know which grind you prefer with your Pax 3 in a comment below. Thank you for checking out our guide.

Best Grinder for Pax 3 Video Transcript

– What’s the best grind for your Pax 3? We’re gonna find out in this video.

What’s up guys? It’s Troy with 420 Vape Zone. Today, I’m gonna take the Pax 3, and I’m gonna vape a bowl of fine, medium, and coarsely ground weed, and we’re gonna compare the results, and once and for all figure out how should you be grinding your weed with the Pax 3.

So what I’m gonna do for the test, is I’m gonna grind up some of the Sunset Sherbert that I got from one of my local dispensaries here in Orange County. For the coarse grind, I’m either gonna use the Phoenecian or the New Vape. Both of these produce a nice, coarse grind but I’m not sure which one I’m gonna like better. So, I’ll just take the coarser of the two.

For the medium grind I’m gonna use the Santa Cruz shredder. And for the fine grind I’m gonna use the New Vape Fine Grind. This is a two piece grinder. Both of the new vapes are two piece grinders. I’ll start out with the coarse and then I’ll vape a bowl of medium, and then a bowl of the fine. And I’ll keep track of the vapor quality along the way, just so we can kind of understand what the vapor feels like. I’ll take the first and the last few hits from each load directly from the mouth piece so I can really understand what the vapor is like. But the middle hits, I’m going to use a water pipe just so I can save my throat, because I’m going to be vaping three bowls here. Three of ’em. Let’s get started.

If, at any point in time you like this video, give me a thumbs up. And if you like weed videos and weed vapes in general, subscribe because I make a video like this about once a week. Really appreciate it guys. Thank you. So we’re going to start out vaping some of this Sunset Sherbert that I got from The Firehouse in Orange County, California. Look at these beautiful nugs. So I’m gonna vape the same weed with all of ’em, and I’m gonna try to find some nugs that all look about the same and feel about the same. So there’s a nice one for there, and there. These two are a little bit bigger than this one, but they all have about the same size and they’re all about the same squishy-ness as well. I’m gonna chunk up half of this for the Phoenecian and the other half for the New Vape. Oh god. Going into the Phoenecian. I’m a big fan of this Phoenecian grinder.

[Troy Voiceover] And it was at this point in the video where I stopped talking. Was it awkward that I stated my enjoyment of the Phoenecian grinder? Oh god, someone on Reddit’s gonna tag this as Hail Corporate or some shit like that. I think the reality of it was I realized I was about to vape three frickin’ bowls of weed in the Pax 3. And of course I frickin’ hate two piece grinders and I didn’t know where to put the weed now because, the two piece grinder. Luckily, I had a piece of paper layin’ around with nothing personal on it. At least, I hope. Fuckin’ two piece grinders. I guess I’ll have to narrate since past tense me was a dickhead and didn’t actually say anything out loud. I wasn’t really sure if the Phoenecian grinder or the New Vape coarse grinder was going to produce the more coarse grind, so I just decided to use both then pick the chunkiest of the chunks when I had load the vape. So that’s from the New Vape, and that’s from the Phoenecian. This looks like a pretty coarse grind. Of course I could have just taken the chunks of the nug and just broken it off, but I’ve done that before in the Pax 3 and I know that it sucks already, so I’m not going to bother with that. So I’m using this little scooper from to scoop and load the weed. When I first got it actually, I didn’t like it. I think I unboxed it and pretty sure I called it worthless. I have to take that back. I’ve actually been using it, it works pretty well as long as the weed is not wet or sticky or super chunky. Alright, so the coarse one is nice and packed. I’ll be keeping track of the entire session length with the timer, and I’ll also accumulate all of the hits. So I’ll time all the hits and add them together and keep track of that as well.

[Troy Voiceover] I’m doing my best to make sure every hit is exactly ten seconds using the time stick here. I scored the vapor quality and flavor of each hit on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the perfect hit that a Pax is capable of. I did stop to stir half way, but by then the bowl was pretty much spent. Yeah, and even the bong hits were pretty mediocre here. The entire coarse ground session took 13 hits, and the average score per hit came out to a whopping three point nine. That’s really not very good. And at one point, I actually did turn the Pax off accidentally in the water pipe, but it really didn’t make a damn bit of difference. Okay, so I got about 13 hits out of the coarse grind. It started out okay, it was pretty flavorful, but not very satisfying. The flavor went down throughout the entire session. Let’s dump the ABV into this little coarse area. And then let’s pack up a medium grind.

For the medium grind, I’m going to use a Santa Cruz shredder, one of my absolute favorite grinders. Santa Cruz seems to work really well with pretty much all vapes. It just has a nice, consistent medium grind. It’s not too fine, not too coarse, and it’s a great build, lasts forever, and it’s super sharp. Here’s the grind from the Santa Cruz. It’s a nice, fluffy medium grind. And I’ll pack this with about point three or point four grams of this Sunset Sherbert. I have the Pax 3 all packed up with a medium grind from the Santa Cruz shredder. I’m gonna go ahead and vape this entire session and we’ll compare the ABV and the results afterwards. Cheers guys. ♪ Shut up and sit down ♪ Alright, so I’ve finished with the medium bowl.

The bowl with the medium grind was definitely more enjoyable than the bowl with the coarse grind. It had slightly less air flow, but the vapor was more robust and it was more there, it was more present. With the coarse, it always had a little bit of whispy-ness to it, although the first few hits of the coarse were very flavorful. The first few hits of the medium, or “mideum” as I spelled it on my paper. So let’s dump the ABV into our little medium thing here. Now, to grind the fine grind, rather than break up another nug, I’m just gonna use the leftover from the coarse grind. ‘Cause nugs are precious. There we go. Probably should have chosen a less purpley weed for doing ABV comparisons. That’s a lot of weed. I don’t know if this fine grinder can handle it. I’m not sure. This grinder is so smooth. I almost wish I used the fine grind more often, just because this grinder is such a pleasure to use. This is buttery, creamy, and it makes a fun sound. So let’s take a look. Alright, so here we have the grind from the fine grinder. I like that it’s still kind of in little cut up chunks rather than being all powdery, like the finishing grinder. Those electric things, ick. So I wanna see if I can load this into the Pax without making a giant mess. This feels so complicated right now. With a fine grind you can really pack a lot in there, but the more you pack in there, the less air flow you’re gonna have. Okay, so there’s the… There’s the tight pack with the fine grind.

Alright, the Pax 3 is loaded up with the fine grind and I am not ready for this, but I’m gonna do it anyway. So here we go, let’s start the session. See you guys on the other side. Woo, that’s really punchy. Alright, so I did that, all three. I don’t know why. Let’s get the ABV out and compare. Alright, real quick, let’s look at the ABV. The coarse grind here looks like there’s still some life left into it. I could probably grind it up and pack it back in there or put it into a different vape and still get some life out of it. Not very well extracted, in my opinion. The medium grind, nicely extracted, looks really even. There’s some light chunks. Those were the ones that were on top at the end. And then the fine looks just like the medium. Same color, maybe a little bit darker. Nicely toasted. So the coarse vapor wasn’t very nice. It was flavorful at the start. It declined halfway through the session, and by the end was, you know, it was meh.

The medium grind was really nice. The third hit was the best hit. The medium grind had a really good, enjoyable session right up until the stir point. So the fine grind performed best and had the highest quality vapor overall or the highest flavor vapor overall. But it also had the highest air resistance, and it was pretty difficult to pull vapor from. The medium grind had almost as good vapor quality and it was easier to draw from. I think, overall, medium grind performed better for me and I would prefer it with the medium grind, even though I didn’t get quite as much vapor as I did in the fine grind. Seems like the best grind is either a fine or a medium, closer to the fine, somewhere in between. I’m too high to finish the video. Thanks for watchin’. Thumbs up if you liked this video. Subscribe.

I try to make a video every week about weed vapes. And this is it. This is it, this is the video folks. I’m high as balls. I gotta go.

Pax Labs recommends a fine grind, but is that REALLY the best grind for the Pax 2 or Pax 3? It's not. In this experiment I compare the best grinders for Pax

Best Herb Grinder: 5 Most Popular in 2019

Cannabis flower takes a bit of work before it can be used in a joint or a portable vaporizer in legal markets. The buds need to be broken up before they are packed into a vaporizer chamber. Herb grinders improve the process, not only making it faster but also producing the right-size grind for consumption.

While choosing an herb grinder for your cannabis flower might seem like a straightforward prospect, there are nuances between models that can make them easier to use and more effective. Here’s a look at the different types of herb grinders on the market today, what they’re used for, and how they are made.

Why use a Herb Grinder?

Herb grinders serve to streamline the tedious process of breaking up cannabis flower by hand. Cannabis flower grows in dense buds, which need to be separated into smaller pieces before packing your vaporizer’s chamber. Finely ground flower is best for vaporizers, allowing air to pass through virtually unobstructed and supports even heating of all the material.

Some grinders also have separate chambers that serve to catch the extra-fine, dust-like substance often referred to as “kief.” Kief is essentially made up of the near-microscopic trichomes that fall off cannabis flower during the grinding process. It is a desirable part of the plant because trichomes are potent, containing the largest concentrations of the plant’s cannabinoids, including Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). When breaking up cannabis flower by hand, kief tends to fall off or stick to your fingers. Herb grinders instead gather the kief in a bottom compartment, where you can later collect it and consume it.

What are the Types of Herb Grinders?

There are several types of grinders available, ranging from the extremely simple to the more complex. Manual herb grinders are commonly used, but electric herb grinders are gaining popularity, as they can quickly break down large amounts of cannabis flower with the touch of a button. Here’s a look at some of the most popular types of herb grinders on the market today:

  • Two-piece grinders: These are the most straightforward herb grinders available. They contain a top and bottom piece, typically held together with a magnet. Each half has interlocking teeth designed to tear through cannabis flower. To use a two-piece grinder, you sandwich a small amount of cannabis flower between the two pieces and twist until it is ground up.
  • Three-plus piece grinders: Grinders with three pieces or more have separate chambers into which finely ground herbs fall after they are broken down. Three-piece grinders feature a single chamber, where the flower and kief collect as one. Four-piece grinders feature the “kief catcher” that collects the trichomes that pass through a fine mesh screen, separating flower from kief and safely storing the latter. A five-piece grinder has four separate chambers, including two kief catchers with screens for ensuring that even the finest material is captured and collected.
  • Mill handle grinders: Mill handle grinders can have any number of pieces. What is distinctive about these grinders is the crank, which provides additional leverage for turning the lid when grinding up flower. These manual grinders further simplify the process by making it easier to quickly grind up cannabis with less effort.
  • Electric grinders: Electric grinders are the cream of the crop when it comes to herb grinders, offering a powerful, automatic way to grind cannabis flower with the touch of a button. These grinders are also, unsurprisingly, the most expensive models on the market.

The type of grinder you choose is important, but it’s not the only factor to consider when selecting a model. Grinders can also be constructed from a variety of materials, which determines their durability and effectiveness over time.

What are Herb Grinders Made of?

Herb grinders are most commonly made of metal, although there are models out there made from acrylic, plastic, or wood. When choosing a grinder based on construction material, you should consider its durability, longevity, and performance. In addition, aesthetic is important to many people who use grinders, so you should consider the finish of the device and its overall appearance.

  • Metals: Metal is one of the most popular materials for making herb grinders. Many are made with an anodized aluminum or zinc alloy, which provides significant durability at a relatively cost-effective price point. The more expensive models boast a stainless-steel construction, which is guaranteed to last for the long haul but comes with a heightened cost.
  • Wood: Wood grinders are less durable than metal but allow for beautiful aesthetic designs and a lighter weight. They are naturally more prone to wearing down, as wood is a soft material, but they can also be quite effective when grinding small amounts of cannabis flower.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic herb grinders are the lowest cost units on the market, as well as the least durable products. They are extremely lightweight, often small, and translucent, available at a fraction of the price of other herb grinders. While they are suitable for infrequent use or small amounts of cannabis flower, they tend to wear down quickly.

When trying to gauge if a grinder will be durable enough for you, keep in mind how frequently you will use it. You should also consider how much cannabis flower you intend to grind up at once, as larger amounts require a sturdier construction capable of tearing through the buds. Cost is also a significant factor when choosing a construction material. As a rule of thumb, the more durable the material, the more expensive the grinder.

How to Use a Herb Grinder

Using a manual herb grinder is relatively simple, regardless of how many pieces it is comprised of. Load a small amount of your cannabis flower into the first chamber and sandwich it between the two teeth-studded lids. Your device should easily close, almost completely. If it doesn’t, remove some of the cannabis flower until the teeth can interlock over the flower. Once loaded, twist the lid to begin grinding. If you have a multi-chamber device, the ground flower will fall into the next chamber ready for collection.

Once you’ve ground your flower, unscrew the main chamber of your herb grinder. This is generally the largest chamber and will contain the bulk of the ground material. If you have a three-piece grinder, it will also contain the kief as well. Four-piece and five-piece grinders will filter the kief through fine mesh screens, leaving only the larger pieces of flower in the main chamber.

With larger grinders, you can also unscrew a small, bottom chamber that contains the kief collected from your cannabis flower. Generally, kief collects in significant amounts over time, so you might have to grind up cannabis flower several times before you see much kief at all. Many grinders come with a small tool to help you shovel the kief out of this chamber, because it is often too fine to handle with your bare hands.

When you are finished removing the cannabis flower and kief you need for this session, screw each piece of the grinder back together. You can store ground cannabis flower in a grinder for a short time; however, it should be moved to an airtight container like a mason jar for long-term storage.

Why are a Herb Grinder’s Teeth Important?

Among the most important components of an herb grinder are the teeth in the first chamber. The teeth are responsible for grinding your cannabis flower down to size, so it’s important that they are sharp and resistant to dulling over time. Whether you are using a manual two-piece grinder or an electric grinder, the teeth are responsible for doing the bulk of the work. As a result, they are subject to a great deal of wear and tear, making their construction of the utmost importance.

The best herb grinder teeth will be made of a highly durable material, such as stainless steel. High quality teeth also interlock closely and have bladed edges that are visually evident when looking from above. Less expensive models might have teeth made of a softer material or with a less razor-sharp design. While these are not necessarily bad traits, you should be aware that these teeth might be prone to dulling more quickly and might require more effort to grind your cannabis flower.

What Size Herb Grinder Should You Buy?

As you might expect, the size of an herb grinder correlates with the amount of cannabis flower you would like to grind up at any given time. You should also consider whether you want a portable grinder or a larger unit with a greater capacity. Large, ornate grinders designed to primarily remain at home can also serve as conversation pieces that draw the eye.

Most herb grinders vary in diameter from 1.5″ to 3″, although there are certainly outliers. Many acrylic herb grinders, for example, are roughly the size of a large coin; you can even find some metal grinders this small. For the most part, though, the standard range should be suitable to accommodate your needs. Consider your priorities when choosing the diameter. And not to worry: most models come in multiple sizes.

How to Clean a Herb Grinder

Cleaning an herb grinder is important, especially when you are regularly using it to grind up cannabis flower. Cannabis flower often leaves behind a sticky, resinous material that can clog your grinder and reduce its ability to operate smoothly. To clean, take apart your grinder and use a dry brush to knock loose any stuck material.

There are some instances where more thorough cleaning efforts might be needed. In these cases, dip your brush in a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and give the unit another brush. If it remains messy after this process, consider taking your grinder apart and submerging each piece in a container filled with isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will remove any resinous material left behind and a quick rinse should render your herb grinder immaculate. Not every grinder can be submerged in alcohol, so an alternative method such as dish soap and water or boiling may be required. Consult your device’s owner manual before cleaning.

Popular Herb Grinders on the Market in 2019

This list of 2019’s most popular grinders should give you an idea of your options. Each of these grinders offers unique features, and many are available in multiple diameters. They range from the extremely cost-effective to the pricier, high-quality grinders made from top-grade materials.

  • Iaso Four-Piece Grinder: This stainless-steel unit is outfitted with teeth designed to stay sharp and strong for the long haul. It also uses a patent-pending design to seal in cannabis flower after grinding, preventing it from drying out or sticking to the unit in between chambers. It is one of the more expensive models on the market.
  • Kingtop Three-Inch Grinder: The Kingtop Three-Inch Grinder offers a large chamber capacity of about 3.5 grams of material. It is a four-piece grinder that includes a kief catcher for collecting the potent trichomes that separate from your cannabis flower as you grind.
  • Chromium Crusher Four-Piece Grinder: The Chromium Crusher features a mill handle design, which offers additional leverage to quickly cut through large amounts of flower. It is made of a zinc alloy with a clear top, which allows you to watch your cannabis flower grind down into smaller pieces and fall through into the main chamber. It includes a lifetime warranty.
  • iRainy Five-Piece Grinder: The iRainy is a large five-piece grinder that contains to fine mesh screens for separating out kief from flower. It is 2.1″ in diameter and constructed from a zinc alloy. It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Mamba Battery-Powered Herb Grinder: The Mamba is a powerful, electric herb grinder that can easily break up a half gram of dried flower in a single go. The Mamba also comes with a funnel attachment that makes it easy to pack your vaporizer without picking out ground material by hand.

Choose a herb grinder that reflects your style

Herb grinders are a practical accessory that can improve your overall experience when vaporizing cannabis flower . They are also stylish accoutrements that reflect your aesthetic. It’s important to select a grinder that will perform well, but beyond that you should also pick one that you like to look at and enjoy using.

The ideal grinder varies from one person to the next, so investigate the market thoroughly until you find a model that calls to you. After all, an herb grinder is one of your closest companions when using cannabis flower. Choosing the right grinder means you will have a loyal sidekick for many sessions to come!

Best Herb Grinder: 5 Most Popular in 2019 Cannabis flower takes a bit of work before it can be used in a joint or a portable vaporizer in legal markets. The buds need to be broken up before they