phoenicians grinder

Phoenicians grinder

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    Small Aluminium Key.

    Phoenician Medium 2pc Herb Grinder

    Large Diameter: 63mm


    • Aerospace-grade anodized aluminium
    • Ergonomic ‘lobe’ design
    • Quick Notch Locking System is a Patent Pending revolutionary thread-less design
    • Diametrically cut teeth reduce friction and engage in a sheering like effect
    • N52 Neodymium Magnets
    • 2-Piece grinder
    • All-American made, from materials made and sourced in the US
    • Rigorous, multi-step decontamination/sterilization process
    • Sterile FDA approved Medical Grade packaging.

    All Phoenician grinders are precision CNC machined with the newest technology the industry has to offer. Every single grinder must pass a dimensional inspection, and every lot produced must pass a rigorous first article inspection.

    Everything from the material, the magnets, the screen, the screen screw, the pick, anodize, plating, and laser engraving are all made and sourced in the USA ensuring quality, traceability, and accountability.

    In lower-quality grinders, the user will typically find that some sharp edges have not been de-burred and in some cases little flakes of metal can break off and end up in the grind. Phoenicians control this by programming tools to specifically remove burrs in certain areas ensuring that 100% are removed and one is never missed. Additionally, they implement an AQL inspection of 100% post de-burr in the production process.

    About Phoenicians Grinders

    Phoenician Engineering Grinders are innovative in every aspect; they are re-engineered from a patient perspective not a product feature approach. From first glance, these grinders are clearly designed with the user in mind, specifically medicinal patients who may have weakened conditions and need a user-friendly design.

    While most grinders incorporate a knurl-style grip, the design inherently provides limited grip. Consequently, Phoenicians grinders use a new lobe-grip design to provide both superior grip during use but also increased comfort on the hands and structural support.

    The exterior of all Phoenicians grinders are hand lapped and finished, this creates an extremely fine surface finish and post-anodize creates a virtually scratch resistant and burr-free surface. This ensures that the form-function appeal of the grinder will endure regular and frequent use.

    The patent-pending grinding teeth have been completely redesigned and rigorously engineered to provide a combination of the perfect grind consistency and the greatest amount of friction reduction, resulting in ease of use.

    The standard methodology employed in most grinders is “the more teeth the better” which is counterintuitive to simple lessons in physics. Essentially, grinding involves friction; more teeth means more friction. Phoenicians removed approximately 50% of the teeth surface area a typical grinder would have, allowing the unground material to be placed inside without having to force the lid down and seat in place.

    Complementing this approach, the teeth themselves are diametrically cut which allows for a smoother cutting action, reduced friction, and increased strength. The diametrically-cut teeth are staggered in such a way that mimics how a pair of scissors would work in a shearing motion. This design results in the contacting teeth edges only engaging one at a time, reducing the frictional force required to grind.

    In most grinders, the teeth all contact simultaneously which greatly increases the force needed to grind and creates unnecessary wear on the user and the grinder itself. The dorsal side of the teeth top is also shaped to reduce friction and help eliminate drymaterial from getting stuck to the grinding surfaces by reducing the surface area contact points.

    Phoenician Engineering are more concerned with quality, innovation, and patient interface, which is why they took the additional time to redesign the fall through holes into a triangular shape. Not only does this add visual appeal to the grinders’ interior, it works in conjunction with the unique teeth design. This shape assists further in the grinding process as it ultimately results in the fewest possible lid rotations to completely grind your material.

    Buy the Phoenician Herb Grinder 2pc. – Medium in Australia at a great price. Same day dispatch and fast express shipping Australia wide.