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Pink Bongs & Smoking Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a pink bong, grinder, dab rig, pipe or bubbler, we’ve got a Pretty in Pink 420 collection that you’re sure to love.

Pretty in Pink Smoking Accessories

The thing about pink is that it will never go out of style, and that’s a fact especially in the puff puff pass community. Although many traditional folks think of pink as a “girl’s color,” what they don’t know is that up until the 1940s, pink was considered a masculine color and often associated with boys! But here at Everything for 420, we believe everyone, regardless of gender, age, or anything else, is welcome to the joys of the color pink. That’s why we are bringing you gorgeous pipes, bongs, bowls, dab rigs, vapes, and bubblers in your favorite color. Whether you’re a fan of a softer shade of peach, a hot pink aficionado, looking for more of a cotton-candy hue, or want just a pop of pink among some other colors, our Pink 420 collection has something perfectly pink for you.

Best Pink Bongs

Pink bongs are all the style so we’ve provided a curated list of our best pink bongs so you can get the perfect glass piece to add to your collection.

  • Pink Honeycomb Missile Bong – Just because you like the color pink doesn’t mean you can’t handle massive hits like the tough guys. This 35 inch beast of a bong isn’t for the faint of heart and will launch you to another dimension just one hit in. If you’re looking for a statement piece that you’re a stoner babe that doesn’t mess around, then this huge bong is just for you. Once you load your glass bowl this straight shooter will provide a direct yet smooth hit, filtering through it’s five gorgeous honeycomb percs.
  • Pink Coil Beaker Bong– Don’t underestimate the glycerin coil, especially a pink one. You may lean towards bongs with ice catchers but a glycerin coil actually performs better since you can detach and place it in a freezer. They also stay frozen much longer than ice cubes and this one just happens to beautiful hue of pink worth showing off the power of pink to all the homies. The wide beaker base also provides a stronger hit as the smoke accumulates at the bottom so you’ll be sure to find your buds glued to your couch when you host the next smoke sesh.
  • Pink Coil Inline Perc Rig – This large dual percolator bong is blown from transparent glass and has pops of pink on both percs, the mouthpiece, base, and glass bowl that are an elegant touch but also extremely functional, make cleaning a cinch. The percs provide enhanced filtration, removing impurities, while the glycerin coil cools down smoke for smooth, icy hits. This pink big bong will be sure to impress and bring many a stoner down to his knees with its powerful hits.

Beautiful Heart Bongs

  • From the Bottom of my Heart Bong – Available in sheer pink, this beautiful heart bong is for the stoner bae that’s stolen your heart and not giving it back! At 9 inches and made of high quality borosilicate glass this small bong is extremely durable and perfect for seshes on-the-go wherever your heart takes you.

Cute Pink Pipes

Are you looking for something a bit more portable than a bong? If so we’ve got a few pink pipes that will make you want to light up pronto.

  • Pink Stash Pipe– If you love 2-in-1 items that have a greater purpose, this pipe is perfect for you. You can stash your herb and smoke it too with this simple yet innovative stash pipe. Just 3.5 inches you get tons of functionality out of such a small glass piece.

Best Pink Vapes

Whether you are looking for a pink vape pen or pink vape mod you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be sure to fall in love with our best Pink Vape Mod, the Pink Airis Mystica II, a slick pink 510 battery that lasts longer than most relationships these days!

Glass for Stoner Chicks

Are you a stoner chick that loves some thick glass which a more feminine touch? If we’re on the money then you’ll love our Strawberry Silicone Ice Cream Cone Pipe, Pink Stash Pipe, or the Horton Glass Pipe . These are mega discreet fitting in the palm of your hand and super easy to stash in your purse for your next misadventure. The silicone pipe is especially useful if you happen to be a bit of a butterfingers or just want to stash this in your bag without a second thought!

Buy Pink Bongs, Vapes & Pipes Online

Whether you’re a ganja girl or boy, if you’re a sucker for pink we’re sure you’ll love to tap that pretty in pink glass. Everything for 420 ships discreetly to your doorstep so if you’re looking for that perfect pink bong for your stoner bae or yourself, we’ve got you covered!


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Girly Bongs

We have a variety of girly bongs to suit your style because we know that smoking is just as integral in some girls’ lives as their day-to-day makeup and hair routine. Not only do we understand how important it is for stoner princesses to take their daily toke, but also letting their favorite girly bong reflect their. Read more

We have a variety of girly bongs to suit your style because we know that smoking is just as integral in some girls’ lives as their day-to-day makeup and hair routine. Not only do we understand how important it is for stoner princesses to take their daily toke, but also letting their favorite girly bong reflect their fun, cute, and edgy personalities.

Pink Bongs for Sale

Shop Pink Bongs and Purple Bongs and just about anything cute. Whether you’re looking for a simple piece with a hint of color or a bougie designer piece, our Girly Bongs come in different shapes, sizes, and colors with a variety of features from pink honeycomb bongs to cute little beakers

Whatever your preference, BadAss Glass is sure to have a cute bong that is not only eye-catching but also a great value. Hand crafted with love our pieces are quality assured and will work great as long as you show your piece some love and care.

Don’t sleep on our great prices and get a cute bong for the girly girl in your life!

Shop our selection of girly bongs tailored for the feminine smoker, but anybody would love these pieces! Go subtle with an accented pink bong or purple bong, or look through our gold bongs to stand out. We have a variety of cute bongs to suit any style! Whatever your preference, Badass Glass has what you need!