pink one hitter pipe

All in One Smokit 2 inch With Metal Pipe – Pink Case

Pink Smokit

If you’re tired of pipes covered in skulls and dragons, you’ll love our perfectly pink and girly one-hitter. This ultra-portable smoking kit gives you everything to light up on the go–just add a lighter and whatever you prefer to smoke. You can store, grind, and pack all in this 2” kit, so it’s easy to carry. Make sure you’re ready for a good smoke anytime, anyplace.

Pink Dugout Pipe

The color may be pink, but this girly one-hitter packs the same punch as the rest of our Smokit smoking kits.

  • Our custom-molded, 2-inch aluminum one-hitter is perfect for up to 5 draws.
  • Rubberized exterior is drop tested, looks great, and helps protect your kit from normal wear and tear.
  • The copper scooper/poker is the perfect size to keep your pipe clear, load material into your pipe, or use as a dab spoon.
  • Our stainless steel grinder card is removable and stores directly over the grinding chamber.
  • A food-grade silicone storage compartment keeps your smoking material fresh until it’s time to grind.
  • The outer cardboard box your Smokit arrives in is collapsible and makes for a great rolling tray.

Add a Pop of Bright Color to Your Next Smoke Session

It may seem like a girly one-hitter, but it’s made to the same high standards and of the same durable materials as the rest of our products. If you have any questions, contact our customer service department at (954) 790-9393. Order your pink smoking kit online from Smokit today.

Pretty, pink, and powerful, our all-in-one pink smoking kit looks good while giving you a great smoking experience. Order your pink dugout from Smokit today.