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How to Properly Fill Different Bong Bowls

The way you fill your bong bowl affects your smoking experience. Improper packing can waste your herb. You will also need much effort to light it up. Here are the different bong bowls and how to fill them up.

Single-hole or stock-bowl

  1. Take out the bowl from your bong.
  2. Tear out a small piece of nug. Size should be big enough to plug the hole, but not too big that it will block air flow
  3. Place it inside the bowl so that it sits on the hole. This is to prevent the ground herb from getting pulled through the hole.
  4. Fill it up with enough ground herb to reach either half-way full for a single rip.
  5. You can load the bowl up to the rim if you’re sharing or wish to hit more. Remember to lightly tap the surface from the edge to keep the herbs from falling. You can use your thumb or the edge of your lighter to pack the herb, so it sits below the rim.

Honeycomb or waffle bowls

Some bowls have a flat underside with six holes that around the bottom. Others, like the honeycomb bowls, have holes at that go around the edges.

  1. Place the bong bowl on a table.
  2. Rip you herb or nug to small pieces. If you wish to grind your herb, don’t grid them too much that they will fall through the holes.
  3. Place the herb inside the bowl and lightly pack with the edge of your lighter, going around the surface .
    If you’re using a honeycomb bowl, make sure not to pack at the edges to allow airflow.

Keif bowl

Kief bowls have a bigger hole at the bottom that you need to plug so that the kief won’t fall in.

  1. Start by ripping off some bud or nug into little bits about up to more than half of the bowl.
  2. Use the tip of your index finger to press the bud inside the bowl lightly. Use enough pressure so that it will cover the hole, but not enough that it will plug the airway.
  3. Fill the bowl with enough kief until it reaches up to the rim of the bowl.
  4. Lightly pack and level the kief on the surface.

Always consider the size and distribution of the holes in your bong bowl when packing your herbs. Big holes would require light grinding, while smaller holes allow for smaller bits of herb. Make sure to remove the stems before grinding. They don’t burn well and can block or fall inside your bong.

A properly filled bong creates a better smoking experience. By allowing good airflow, your herb will burn just right without wastage.

The hole in the bowl of my pipe got chipped, so the weed gets sucked in. What can I

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I just bought a really nice looking pipe last week. Today, I tried to clean the bowl with a knife, and accidentally chipped the hole in the bowl. Now the hole is too big, so when I inhale, little peices of good weed go into my mouth. I can’t smoke out of it until I fix it.

I want to keep this pipe and use it, since it cost me 75 dollars and I can’t find any others. The guy made it himself.

I’d post a pic, but my camera is dead and my webcam is missing.

I just bought a really nice looking pipe last week. Today, I tried to clean the bowl with a knife, and accidentally chipped the hole in the bowl. Now the…