pipe jacks for sale

Pipe jacks for sale

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools is recognized as a leading manufacturer of industrial Pipe Jacks and Stands. We offer more head options and head types on our industrial pipe jacks and stands than any other manufacturer in the world. So, if you are looking for heavy-duty pipeline holding equipment, small diameter thin wall steel pipe holding, or anything in between, B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools has you covered. B&B is fast approaching our one millionth Pipe Jack made and sold. This is how B&B was started, and with hundreds of thousands of pipeline holding units in the field, our industrial pipe jacks and stands are made to last and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

B&B Pipe and Tools is recognized as a leading manufacturer of industrial pipe jacks, stands and pipeline holding equipment.


LJ’s pipe lifting jacks are a cost-effective way of installing pipe in tight working spaces. They are completely mechanical and do not rely on any power source for functionality.

LJ’s pipe lifting jacks, including BCPJS40-100, save time, are simple to set-up and use and don’t require a hoisting device. They are also corrosion-resistant and are designed for an illustrious, long working life. By using our rigging jack BCPJS40-100, inspecting of pipes or refurbishing and replacing of supports can be done in an inexpensive and easy way.

LJ’s rigging jack BCPJS40-100 has a pipe diameter ranging from 0 to 18″ OD, a loading capacity of 2 tons, and a height range of 12″ – 24″ and screw jack adjustable. Our BCPJS40-100 is used to lift and lower pipe on or off of pipe racks during installation and pipe removals. It helps to avoid a need for cumbersome slings, jacks, or chain hoists to set pipe on or lift-off of rollers.

Looking for a rigging jack with different specs? Make sure to check out our BCPJS15-100 with a loading capacity of 1,500 lbs.

These 2-ton pipe rigging jacks (pipe lifting jacks) are LJ’s answer to tricky pipe rigging installations where jacking pipe is necessary for pipe installations.